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2024 Official DUP NaPoWriMo Challenge

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Was about fruition,
The planting of a seed.
The framing of a picture,
Of picture of moment.
A moment,
Amongst a sea of moments.
The turning point,
A starting point,
A step,
Amongst the tide of steps.
An acknowledgement of,
Potential futures,
Of all the futures and their potentials.
Before today,
It was just another day on a board.
And now today stands,
As every other stands,
A memory added to the hoard.
Richer for it's planting,
Brighter for its lighting,
And better,
For what tomorrow will be of its making.

Lord Viddax
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Cutting it fine

Why exactly do we cut the grass?
and other such musings
run through my head
as I push the lawnmower around.
Doing a two step back shuffle
to avoid cutting the electric cable
and thereby cutting my lifeline.

it cant be for the earthy smell,
a nicely trimmed lawn looks nice
but it is somewhat short
on the natural enjoyment.

At least it is an excuse
to catch some Sun
and feel like a hard-working manual labourer for once.

(Unique words: 66)

Dangerous Mind
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History Repeating

and so the story goes,
an ancient tale of power;
the weak willingly bow down
to manufactured fear,
laying low before the men
in scary costumes;
the flashing emperor
wears his best new threads
while we all look away,
afraid to be the only one
who can see his rotted flesh;
we donít care what he stands for,
as if he stands for anything
except fear of the unknown;
we welcome the bit
in our nervous mouths,
embracing the control
of our handlers

Tyrant of Words
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Wastelands & Wonderlands

A reception of receipts
Having written on receipt/s
Notes by passenger/s

Having written
At outlets of: Underworlds

Having spilled overflowing cups: Instilled with thrill

Pillows of stone
Inscribed with vibes
Places where the sun goes
After weeping rose

Where scarlet becomes darkness

Where time

Points of meditation

Place of madness & genius
of: Whirling revelation
Defeating all in a mantra/heavenly call in heaven/ly-keys

There is the writing: That is all
lay-waste to the: Wasteland

With a: Wonderland

Guardian of Shadows
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Theme 2:  Elements of Life
april song 13ówater

splashing, dashing restless river,
to the thirsting land a giver
of the wetness of salvific
heritage, and all the civic

liberties of struggling neighbours.
you have softened all their labours;
for although the crops are not yet,
they are not betrayed by hard sweat.

life you give, yet take you burdens,
bearing peasants o'er high hurdles;
fisher folk dwell on your mud banks,
as do citizens of high ranks.

do you ever feel like resting?
there's a haven quite interesting!
mark you well the vast horizon,
where the sea drinks off life's poison.

© cab♫

UWC 74

Dangerous Mind
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There are safe people
And in them safe places

Angels who are houses
With the door left open

Step inside and make a fire
Slightly heavy air subsumes you

Live inside the art
Upon the walls

You are the flower
In the fragile vase

Your roots are steeped
In healthful water

Sunlight breathes upon you
From the skylight up above

You are the seasoned beckoning
You are the journey made

Iím sorry I wasnít there
When they tried to take you down

You can live inside me
Any time you like

(62 uw)

Garrett Asa Hughes
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Dead Truths

Roses are red
Violets are... purple
If every time I only had a nickel
Complex packages redefined as simple

In the chorus
...seems quite boring
Pumping meaning into nothing
Just to drive the story

Nothing new
Coach potatoes that think of exploring
They say it's blue
Just false allegory

Sticks and stones
For all they're said
Can break a man
You can tell me that they can't

In the moment
Just has you chasing circles
Back around again
Just to mention purple

Everything old
Start up capital to venture
To pay the prophets
So they can push narrative on the simple

Now these stones are painted red
Despite what was said

Even kings manipulated for tokens
Even words are broken

Twisted Dreamer
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The Forest's Wring

Raindrops bombing down on the tin roof
My shelter, alone, drowns in forest sea
And, no. No one would hear me if I fell
Or fired my gun, just for a quick exit
But, the show must go on though these
Legs urge to rust and decay in hunger
Stop! This! Spiraling! Deep breathes out
I proceed dialing in a stifling trance
That I learned when times were calmer
From a lady, Adrienne. On, rain pours
Visualizing technique, fight eyes shut
At first tongue in cheek, but it works

Back above neons, windows open as me
Curtains wafting in street noise freely
Everything in it's place, mine is here
Bedside, horizontal gazing at 'PREMIER'
Hustle. Bustle. Keeps mind decongested
In New York apartment parents protested

Among the downpour, single tear streams
Leaking my core. Vertical, gazing about
Raindrops bombing down on the tin roof
My shelter, alone, drowns in forest sea

Soon, back, I'll return as New York's king
In adventure's adjourn of forest's wring

Dangerous Mind
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Nathaniel Peter
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Double Cross

Disturb my fragile sensibility
Disrupt the expectations of my wanting
When I chase temporal things to a fault
I fall pray in my humility to the Holy Ghost haunting
Answering the warning signs with replies of faith imbued by the call

What if there is something to it
When we dismiss the claims for broken records on repeat
Discerning truth amid the chaos of anotherís source of vain conceit

The word is alive and Iím dead to rights
When I live subject to something divine
Shadows cast of unseen lights
The end doesnít answer to my timeline

When blood is oil to fuel the everlasting burn
We are all of us kindling for various fires
Whether passion or damnations urn
Our ashes are of grace or carnal desires

Blueprints for legacies to make reality the dream
When God bled to draw us into the purpose of it all
Spark the match in the light of the beam
Rays of heaven supersedes the fall

I keep running this race in circles
Learning to make believe
When itís more than just something in my mind
Am I playing alive or dead?
Starving the ways that sins deceive
When all I see is how Iím blind
I only have vision when my eyes adjust to what You said

Calibrating hopes to the status of truth
When all Iíve done is fail myself
Bring me back to the innocence of my youth
Liberate me from my self made hell

When my humanity is its own cancer and decay
God save the monsters, when the unlovely are outcast
My heart is a bookie my conscience cannot pay
When my soul is in the collections of my past

All bets are off when Iím desperate for some compensation
True righteousness at odds with the echoes of this condemnation

You bore Yours, I bare mine
When love is a matter of imitation in this double cross
When everything is a matter of time
All my gains to be recounted loss

On which side of it all will I stand
As I reach out with a broken hand
Redemption and justice, of judgements and unfailing grace
Two edges of the same sword
Two facets of the Fatherís faceÖ

Fire of Insight
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My Love, My Darling

My love, my darling
All around me
For if I am a hill, my love is the
Smokey fog cascading over my body
My love, my darling
Holding me, like a single petal can hold dew
though I evaporate, my love will wait for morning
At dawn, I fall upon my loverís lonely leaf
We talk about how perfectly precious
This moment is
My love and I are competing with time
Itís a sorry game to play
Because I know this feeling will blow away
It always does for me
I wish I could keep my love, my darling
In a locket around my kissed neck
So I can look back on an oil masterpiece
To see if the paint is still drying
Agonizing, but better than nothing
I couldnít forget him, or her
But my empty heart canít hold the past inside
Itís a dreary feeling, to succumb to the pain of losing another
ďMy love, my darlingĒ
For that angel in skin will soon become another story of mine
One thatís sorely missed.

Tyrant of Words
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Rammed Fist

abyss awaiting
old dark friend
whisper poison
rejoin the conversation

paranoia never far away
persecution stabs deeper
insignificant ant scurry along
we are killers incorporated  
ants our specialty
causing mayhem
in your once peaceful mind

feel wires burning
circuit board melting
thought process tangled mess
up all night overthinking
each scenario builds darker walls
imprisoning light

fist rammed down throat
muffling coming screams
dont worry insanity passes
just bleed a little
nothing better than open wounds
or picking scabs

unique word count 81

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My Castle in the Aire

When I am in the mood to ponder
Iíve discovered
in the absence of everyday din
at dusk
at dawn

no highway traffic
no owls hooting
or javelinas playful grunts

no orange cardinal
calling out to mate
or howling coyotes

no computers on
or streaming news

for me,
zazen comes easily

also, it is a boon
when I canít remember
what I had for supper
the day before

56 unique words

Joshua Bond
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Iíd like to confess, I miss Johnny Blaze
injustice is how the world is run
Iím prayiní itís merely an interim phase

There are eight clever planets around our sun
since Plutoís dismissed in mysterious ways
injustice is how the third planetís run

Weird stuff, unchecked, wonít cease to amaze
as futures crumble when ends are done ó
they orbit far-out in mysterious ways

From the rich manís table there falls a crumb
with dog-eat-dog a dysfunctional craze
as futures crumble when the end is done

Ugly supremacyís pitiless ways
spike the creatives who fade as they come
in dog-eat-dogís dysfunctional craze

Before the tyrants, the lightning was fun
Iím prayiní the gapís an interim phase
creative gestures may fade as they come
I have to admit, I miss Johnny Blaze.

Tyrant of Words
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Heaven Sent

Mercifully youíre always there
Fore I could not go forward
Without you behind me

Comforting and supporting
Even my dumbest notions
Shaking your head in amusement

Gratitude wouldnít satisfy
The debt owed and unfortunately  
The only humanly thing offered

There is divinity involved
How else to explain the bonds
There is no other available definition

A guardian angel is in play here
I wonít deny your existence

50 u/w

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