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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom 1awards
Joined 21st Feb 2024
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Places to be

Gotta find some positivity
Gotta find some love
All this negativity
Ain’t good in da hood

Gotta find a smile
Bring myself back to life
Climb out of this rut
Keep that door shut

Why am I so sensitive?
Why am I so fucked?
Why am I so fragile?
When it’s a blessing to be alive?

All these emotions
And commotions
Are doing in my head!

Where’s a girl gotta go
To bring pozzy vibez in tow
On this flow
You should know
I’ve got places to be..
and places to go…

Unique word count: 63

Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
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lucky number 13

Red blooms on the
Impossibly blue lake –
Untainted, no ticking to be heard,
For once.

A dream to two drifters, bloodied and wounded –
And I read once on a book they said was holy,
That the water is where you are born again.

Not much sound but the water, and
Pained hisses and groans and curses
For the men
(In costume older than the old world,
Like warriors older than the old world,
Ideals older than the old world,
Atrocities older than the old world)
Who were somehow still after us
Because of whom we protect and fight for.
Because of whom we call friends.

Got a nice cut from a throwing spear,
Big Dog a bullet wound on his shoulder,
For both – various bruises yet to bloom,
Little cuts and scrapes,
Hit limbs that later will ache.

I sink
Further into the water, get my head under –
Only to rise up to a scream, inhuman,
And I turn to see –
Big Dog with his gun aimed,
Screaming at me,
“Watch out!”
(What now?)

A shot rings out,
There in the water, red blooms once again –
This time,
Not from two people, one hairier than the other –
But from two slimy…scaly…monsters.

I’ve read about them once, too –
Holy texts.

“Thanks,” I tell Big Dog, “I guess that’s dinner,”
He laughed and shook his head.

“For the recipe, thank the courier.
For everything else, fuck Caesar.”

We’ll eventually get out of the water.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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My Saphenous veins

During many NAPO’S*  in the past
I drank the gods’ libations
assured I’d be spilling my guts
and thick spit on ancient
thought out upon
their parchment

Several past NAPO’S
downed beers, wine …..whiskey
for some odd reason today
libations not aiding me
with the spillage of

way too, TOO much
Goings on
in my linear line this year?

but I accept this
I can do

60 unique words

*NAPO = National Poetry Month

Dangerous Mind
United States 9awards
Joined 24th Sep 2017
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Major Depressive

Depression waits
Around the corner
Lurking in the dark unknown

Depression weights
Deep in my soul
Clawing when I’m all alone

When did the moon
Get so heavy
A burden of light and hope

Why does the moon
Cut me so
A crescent razor to cope

It may take years
To face my fears
And overcome this plight

The end isn’t near
But my eyes are clear
And I’ll never give up the fight

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 11awards
Joined 6th Jan 2019
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Yesterday While looking
At some reels
I hear a melody
That I've been humming to
In the previous months
But never knew the title
So I looked it up in  YouTube

I typed the only line
I knew from the song
" I'm feeling lonely"
And there it generated
The song with different titles
There is Cupid, Fifty Fifty
And I'm feeling Lonely
It was the same song

I learned the title was Cupid
By K-pop
It is a catchy song and I like the melody
So I played it over and over
It was a sad song about a girl
Who was a hopeless romantic
Looking for someone who would share
The same feeling with her

And every day she would wait and look
For Cupid's arrow but she never found it
And as I was listening to the song
I felt my eyes getting misty
And at the last part the girl realized
That she was "a fool for love"

The song resonated with most young people when I read the comments
And I guess even with old people
Especially with those who are looking for love and are feeling lonely in their life
And to realized that we are fools because of love at some point in our lives

Tyrant of Words
United States 151awards
Joined 11th July 2012
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Take Care of Yourself First

The days feel like they are shorter
    and we seem to be even busier
Constantly running from place to place
Moving from one task to another
    without having time to pause
And before we know it
    another day goes away

This ceaseless cycle can easily lead into a burnout
    Spinning out of control and into a precipice
And once at the bottom
Only then do we reflect
    Asking “how did I get here?”

We should look inward now
    And start taking care of ourselves first
Body and mind
    And this will steer us to a stronger heart and soul
Re-energize and re-fuel
   Re-discovering what drives your passion
Because in the endless hustle and bustle of a busy life
   Taking care of yourself first is not selfish
It is a necessity
Which can give you inner peace

101 Unique
137 Total

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 10awards
Joined 3rd Mar 2017
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Eternally Bound

I will walk beside you
when we’re old and grey
together forever
neither leading the way

Holding your hand
our fingers intertwine
tethered to you
for the rest of time

Butterflies in my stomach
when you touch my skin
my soulmate for life
you have always been

Becoming one
over these years
through our laughter
and sometimes tears

Carrying each other
held in high esteem
mutual respect
a lover’s dream

Our passion, endless
eternally bound
grateful for you
and the love we found

Dangerous Mind
United States 29awards
Joined 30th June 2016
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Tempered Zeal VI

Unto grace they need not fall
for every fate to them recalls
some hidden coronary scheme
to rise above the destined mien

Who need pray for these besotten realms
them that stay hear forgotten bells
as none is left but choking ash
dried of all its humid cast

Wearing on the dust recalls
if only within abandoned walls
framing echoes of family life
holding fast with every strife

      60 uw

Tyrant of Words
Canada 12awards
Joined 18th Nov 2015
Forum Posts: 1203


To see love win

I cannot change the system from within,
so why stay here, stuck in the status quo?
I know I might not live to see love win.

When frightened minds see human love as sin
and power players change rules as they go,
it’s risky changing systems from within.

I feel the judgement even from my kin,
who feel that change is moving far too slow
and don’t have time to wait to see love win.

But change by force will only change the spin,
as new oppressors rise up from below.
To end the cycle, hearts must change within.

So with these tiny acts I will begin
to build ties that let understanding flow,
so hearts and systems thirst for change within,
and work together ‘til we see love win.

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
Australia 4awards
Joined 17th Dec 2015
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Gravity holds my body down to earth
And you are the gravity to my soul
Without your love I’m afraid I would be
Aloof to the physical world

Without your arms around me
And your kind, protective ways
I would be lost in lucid dreams
While life passes by disengaged

I live in this present because you do
And I want our existence to ravel
In each day, each form, each dimension
As my muse, my mate and deepest friend

{57 unique words}

Dangerous Mind
United States 18awards
Joined 29th Mar 2017
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Ode to Springtime Bouquet


Sleep with honeysuckle under your pillow
to dream of your true love -my granny

Have a sip, my love. Let me
help you taste the nectar, clean
heaven on your tongue. Stay here,
happy in my arms, with your
hands holding the blooming vine.
Hum your sweet pleasure while I
hasten to find the next drop.


Dogwoods have faith, my girl. -my granny

Don’t give up now. We need time
dedicated to growing
delicate balance in us.
Dew will wash us new, and if
devotion rings true, we will
delve the depths of lasting love –
dare to join me forever.

poet Anonymous


One For TS, Ezra And The Buk

Pound and Eliot, I despise!
That poison pair I'd love to kick!
They ruined poetry for years!
The gruesome twosome make me sick!

The Waste Land's rubbish, utter tripe!
The Cantos? Well, they're even worse!
I don't think I have ever read
a bigger load of awful verse!

Oh, wait a minute! Yes, I have!
That time I had such rotten luck
to pick up – most unfortunately!
and read a Charles Bukowski book.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 27awards
Joined 15th Sep 2019
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When the thunder comes

There's a place where only locals go
I'll take you down to a late night show.
We'll go dancing in the pouring rain,
watch as the lightning writes your name.

and if you start to lose control
just let the music fill your soul.
There's loud guitars and heavy drums,
its a place to hide when the thunder comes

Your spotlight burns a hole in me
gonna let your music set me free
when the storms come and the sky goes black
and my mind feels I'm under attack.

and If I start to lose control
I'll let the music fill my soul.
There's loud guitars and heavy drums,
its a place to hide when the thunder comes.

When the wind dies down and all is still,
drink until you've had your fill.
The morning sun will blind our eyes
and we can drift across the skies.

Remember how to find it again
for every-time it starts to rain.
There's loud guitars and heavy drums
its a place to hide when the thunder comes

Here comes the thunder.......

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 20awards
Joined 1st Aug 2021
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Astral Gibbon Cub
(for National Scrabble Day)

I'm stuck in a game of Scrabble
and I don't know how to get out!
The game just isn't going well
and so I'm scrabbling about,
trying to find a winning word
without committing fouls,
but that is pretty hard to do
because I've got no vowels!
Do you think VRCX would do,
or FXGG would count?
I know that they're not valid words,
but they'd score a nice amount!
Wait - there are two letter words
that also score quite well.
Maybe EX or XI or XU
will get me out of this hell.
Oh no. Just when I thought that things
could not get any worse,
I've only gone and picked the Q;
oh consonants, disperse!
Right, that's it... now I'm chucking in
and scoring big fat zero.
I have no U, but that's OK,
these words could be my hero:
there's qaid, qat, qin, faqir and qoph;
the last one is a saviour,
to help me catch up quite a bit;
such devious behaviour!
Oh yes! I've now got AEINRST
which is THE best combination,
for making loads of bingos
and for point accumulation.
are there, and plenty more,
to help me with my score.
Well, NOW the game is looking up
and feeling more like fun.
And, suddenly, no letters left—
I've only gone and won!!

Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
Joined 10th Apr 2020
Forum Posts: 74


Magdalene in the Dust

When he knelt and wrote in the dust
it was nothing unusual
he was always doing
stuff like that

we had no post-it notes then
so we had to make-do
with what we had

papyrus when available
a wax tablet now and then
parchment? far too dear
try dirt in the land of lack

but that day was special
and i understand why they
thought it worthy of remembrance

it was the day they busted me,
me who they called, behind their
hands, of course

an emissary
of the Great Whore of Babylon
which was Ishtar
daughter, some say sibling,
of Inanna

I was the compassionate one, yes,
the whore with the heart of gold
as your cliche would have it

nonetheless there i was
busted like your
stormy daniels
an enemy of the state
and the law required--
let's get real--

what say you, master?
caught her in the very act,
we did

which is when he stooped
and wrote in the dust
in chaldean
which i understood
and he knew i understood:

here we go again.

that's what he wrote,
swear to god
nothing godlike
but weariness

then after the thing about the stones
which didn't happen quite that way
but close enough

they slunk away
and he took me
as his own
and I followed him
like the poor girls
who followed your
General Hooker's army
in the 1860s

after it was all over,
after I had been released
from the seven delusions
he urged me to keep the 8th
which was my gift of the scry

the reading of entrails
haruscopy they call it
that which will be
that no one will understand
nor believe
but he at least

cassandra's musings,
he would laugh,
tell us more

he loved when i traveled
to and fro and up and down
through time
bringing back trinket memories
of what i had seen
but did not understand

once: huge contraptions
flying through the air
made of roman metal
filled with the roar
of a noah's ark of
hungry wounded things
boarding assault ramps

and two of each
binary except where
it wasn't

and he laughed
he loved how i spoke
when the words and visions
wrapped themselves
about my throat
the python of delphi
choking anguished poetry
from my gut.

i was the first to witness
his resurrection
it was in the garden
and i was savaged
by despair
and the drunkenness
of knowing i would never
see him again
and there was the gardener
trying to calm me down

and suddenly there he was
right there
standing in front of me
and it was the gardener
only it wasn't

saying, Mary, Mary--
how could i not
recognize such tenderness
in his voice

and I knew, I knew
as one knows when
something holy has ripped
through the fabric of time
woven into the holy veil
of the temple:

he was not dead
he was living
and had taken
temporary possession
of this gardener's body
with his thickened hands
and missing teeth
but what of that?

he knew the words
of magic

and was glorious
and beautiful

just as he had taken
possession of mine
and spoke
as he is speaking now
through me

and we were both
glorious and beautiful

but that was a long
long time ago, ages ago

and now i am an old woman
breasts fallen from their youth
thick about the middle
hair as white as a special
sacrificial lamb.

still patient
out of time
yet in the thick of it.

even so
i bend over this
cauldron of boiling time
stirring shredded incantations

we cannot save ourselves
from ourselves
come truth, come love,
here is a shaker of dust

come, take your finger,
write again, on the floor
of my heart how to do--
not what we must.


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