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Tyrant of Words
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Best In Hue - Swatch 1

A mixture
of bright, sunny yellow
and every shade of blue.
Green, is the color of the spectrum
that best describes my moods.
A fanfare of green
ushers in Spring
Signaling “GO,”
you plants can grow
after languishing
in long Winter's dormancy.
The color of memories
of cutting grass,
picking weeds, planting annuals
comforting scent of soil
grounding my peace,
globs of cool earth
caking my knees.

The love of Gaia
envelopes me
when walking in forests
of evergreens
unconditional love
is exemplified
in their constancy of color
captured in
an eponymous song
Barbara Streisand sings.

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Dangerous Mind
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I used to think
I’d want to be with you
When this is done
And somehow
We would re-emerge
Together and as one
But now that I am on my own
I’ve got a new idea
Of something that I’d like to try
And work myself toward via
This love that I have found for music
But never made center
I’ve known the muse
I’ve written for—
My soul at times I’ve lent her—
But never have I found a group
With which I just could jam
So when I die
Please universe
Just put me in a band

(71 uw)

Tyrant of Words
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The Value of Time

I can hear some of my watches on my nightstand ticking away
As I lay in bed waiting for sleep in the quiet and dark of night
Wondering how many minutes I’ve wasted on that particular day
Or the years I treated time as infinite but forgetting my time is finite

And then I remember all those lazy days and unproductive hours
All that precious time gifted as it now drifts into the blackness of space
The moments I made something of them while others were wasted
Postponing dreams and aspirations that I always wanted to chase

Now as I approach a half century there’s a perfunctory memory
The gears in those timepieces remind me and keep me in check
Time is the most precious resource we have and it must be managed
I haven’t been stirring this vessel I’ve just been scrubbing the poop deck

I am the captain of my ship and I must sail right for the rest of my time
Prioritizing my personal life otherwise I’m doing myself a disservice
I shall focus on what matters most and stop being so wasteful
Understanding I have to act accordingly with urgency and purpose

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Twisted Dreamer
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Among lingering chill through the bones
Can't fading summer heat even night quell
As fine crystal bleeds past the main course
Each sip compliments the proir, insatiable
Drowning, with desperation, out the dessert
Craving sweetness that time has passed by
Residing to quarters, hungry, lost in vertigo
Numb to the feel of Italian cotton percale
With close, the mind brings not one dream

Dangerous Mind
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Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
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Walking along
Stumbling upon an old coin
Seems centuries old
But alas, it's on 'tails'
I think I'll move along

Moments I treasure
Stuffed away in a box
Like secrets I only hide from myself

A dazzling display of yesterday
With deja-vu to ensue

I've had so many moments
So many moments-
Aware that what I was experiencing was special
Rarity and privilege encased in lace
Topped with powdered sugar euphoria

Through it, stone-faced
Mind buzzing with electrical impulse
Hands still with contemplation

A practice of inaction
Yet magic as it happens

Each time unique
Yet bundled together to create a collection
Like fireflies in a jar
Each stranded together individually with tiny ribbon

It makes me breathe
Makes me sing
If not aloud
It makes me see
Makes my existing
If not allowed

To know that each blessing came
Most likely on whim with mere observation
Wrapped in thought after thought
As I humbly know of existence

Existence tucked away
Folded neatly though with bent corners
Time and time again
To be cherished and hidden in their troves

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Speak your narrative
Following in patterns of sensationalized sign language
Make it say what you want it to
When everybody’s sky is falling

Seasons of our relative apocalyptic delusions
I won’t doubt a wonder but I’ll call it what it is

Stretch the facts into the mold of what you want to see
What speaks to you may not say a word to me
But it’s “your truth”, it’s your cypher, it’s your “prophecy”

Loose translations, contorted interpretations
Twist the words just right to harbor the impact
Looking for incidental events
Selling fictions in the scope of a pitch to auction fear in tact

Are we under paranoia or attack
When all we see is moving shadows the light of all things is going black

When everything is a prop on the stage of another’s glory
You play the roles in which you cast yourself to tell the story

Scripted after perceptions of manipulated sways
Giving ammunition to the scoffers
When every generation makes its claim
We’re living in the end of days
Torn between liars and mockers
Anything to make a name

Unspecified dead lines
Doubtless are the true signs
But you’re reading into everything
Dancing beneath the spotlight
The limelight shadow of the eclipse

Crowing dawns at midnight
Deceptive it seems
Beat the heavens to the punch
Play for me your greatest hits
Till we’re living in your dreams
Passing off future telling on a hunch

I guess you’ll get it right one day
When roulette spins to gamble
Eventually the chamber will be loaded with a slug
When it’s the grand entrance of the ends preamble
Everyone is getting high on the lows of fabricated panic
Market the news like it’s a drug
Civil insomnia, the restlessness of a trending manic

Naked fashion statements
Recycling stylish ways to cry lamb like wolf as lion when wrath is the witching hour
Burning the world at the stake of the self righteous outpour
All for the lust of the drama and the power
Disbelief breeding in the grounds of reasons to doubt more

Hold your peace when your mouth is war, crusader
You’ve got an arsenal without any fire just weapons made of stones
As violence scores the orchestra of this world sick with groans…

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
Palestine 41awards
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It’s a thing, this search for an opening line
which inspires “yes, that’s it! … oh yay…
I’m cruisin’ down the poem — all is fine”

Full of confidence you sing “hey, that’s mine
can do this all by myself, any day,
it’s a breeze, writing line after line”

And then it stops — panic — by what design
has flow been gutted, kept at bay?
you ain’t cruisin’ no more, and nothing’s fine

The Muse says “Hah! I’ve got you this time …
ahem … humility? … shall we just say?”
deflated … searching for a following line

You stop, sit calmly, pour glass of wine
as thoughts re-arrange in a beautiful way
and you’re cruisin’ again like all is fine

But of course you didn’t plant it; the vine
offering fruit with which you can play —
it gives you that thing, that follow-up line …
and you’re cruisin’ the poem, like all is fine.

Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
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setting sun of love

a bird was flying
In a world of different colors

she had to reach the moon
she was flying through the clouds

she found a companion in the middle of the journey
that bird got mesmerized after seeing him

she started forgetting her goal
she started drowning in his ove so much

she forgot to love herself
she put the reins of life in the hands of her partner

Athe companion turned out to be an impostor, due to some greed he ran away somewhere
the bird's life stopped, she started crying and mourning

sshe lost her mental balance and started getting drenched in the rain of depression
she reached a time where there was no season, no message, no color

threads of dense black confusion started forming in her mind
the red roses that grew in the heart, suffered and turned into salty drops

promises made in love turned out to be fake
ears started hurting due to inaudible whispering

fountains of shameless laughter started flying from the deceitful sky
the wind of infinite regrets started hitting the body

unstable waves sank all the ships
of hope and went away

her own survival came into question
hanging corpses started jumping on the eye-white floor...

Tyrant of Words
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Best In Hue - Swatch 2

British racing green
was the color of dad's
beloved roadster
a 1950 MG TD
Recalling with what glee
he'd navigate our town.
Tweed racing cap worn
like a crown
the cars black top down
his crew of
pint-sized mechanics
perched on red
Upolstered rumble seat.
with wide grins
all the onlookers we'd greet.
The car long since
and papa's recent demise.
forces me to see
through fond recollection's eyes.

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Tyrant of Words
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those worthy
of tenderness
heart's song
on soft breezes

our souls
where love's
hushed connection
gets us

we speak
a known
desires owh tongue

sacred hallowed
words unspoken
but truly felt
from the ether
new hope
springs forth

within grasp
shared music
secret vulnerabilities
unfurled for
deeper understanding

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Tyrant of Words
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The Poem

a terrifying
Owning feelings
I may have
I hate it

a universally
foreign action
May find
an allowance
between reader
and write
I don’t care

to a pointless
In activity
an overwhelming
I can’t partake

a course
will flatten me
I’m already dead
I won’t subscribe

now there’s hope
So much
in denial
I can partake

54 u/w

Tyrant of Words
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It sings water words
and fire song  
tremolos as birds  
warbling in the rain  

Its rhythm lifts itself
through a tribal ritual
and passage of rite  

Its strength builds  
within the height  
of its solar eclipse

Growing wider
casting shadows  
across the plain  
from extended wings  

We are oblivious  
as foraging squirrels
mining our own territories
or contented fish
swimming listlessly  

That Mother bird above us
hovering, waiting  
to dive and strike  
when least expected

And that’s how it is
this writer’s life  
a spectral decent  
from an unseen space

Its claws latch
piercing us bloody  
'til we’re so drunk  
with the glory of possibility  

we submit willingly—
sacrifice our ego
to be reborn as poetry  

. . .

Dangerous Mind
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13 of 30

lucky 13

she was born on the 13th day
of the 3rd month
the most Pisces spirit you've ever seen
it's all that water...you understand
she swims in it
& me a solid Cancer
our home can be quite turbulent...
saturated in emotion
...as I'm sure you can well imagine

but she's the purest heart
with a penchant for mischief
{I tell her she gets it from my father
a man for whom she says she weeps
though she never met him
...not strictly true...she was just too young to remember...

graced with a steely strong sense of justice
that girl is a cherry bomb
...disguised as a sparkler
think twice before you ignite her
when she sees a wrong...
her instinct is to right it

perhaps that's why she's my lucky number
I love her more than anything
...it goes without saying
every time I felt my world fall out from under
my daughter reached out
...& saved me

Tyrant of Words
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Water Me

letting things go isn't easy
feeling second in your heart for the moment hurts
but sadly I realize I don't want to leave you
you're more than my man you're my friend

grieving in the sleepy rain
if we parted on a bad note it would kill me
I've turned a blind eye before
focusing our easy happiness
ignoring your eyes shine with lust for someone else

a woman of age I've just peaked sexually
as an older man it's not as easy for you
this I understand
but don't withhold affections from me
to satisfy a younger very confused individual

denying me isn't fair to us
this girl looks to dominate you
and you're letting her call the shots over you

my thoughts are, feed your sexual greed
but realize it's just an infatuation
don't confuse lust with love

you're very capable
of making a woman feel special
don't forget the lady who has backed you

come hell or high water

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