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Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
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things that go boom

We ended up in between nowhere and the next town –
Dehydrated and slightly irradiated,
Though not as bloody as we thought
We would be.

Singing along to the lady and the band,
Him, a little off-key and it sure as hell was funny until
I heard
Something that’s not so human,
“Was that you?,” I had to ask,
“No,” he said, pulling me down to a crouch –
A few dozen steps more,
And there we found the answer –

A group of ferals – could be twenty
Around two cars (one intact, one not) in a puddle
Of irradiated water,
Making their own ghoulish chorus
To the sound of my panicking Geiger counter –
Beyond them, though –
A glimpse of an abandoned store.

“Well, fuck,” he said,
And “well, fuck” indeed.
We aren’t exactly low on ammo, but
We have a ways to go,
And unsure about what’s in store
In the freaking store.

“Fuck it, I’m using Thump-Thump,” he tells me,
“What do you mean?”
“I mean this,” he pulled out a rifle –
An arrow pointing to the muzzle drawn on it –
On the stock,
A red-eyed angry beaver.
“What the fuck?”

“Back up, Birdie,”
And so I did.
He got into position,
Aimed, pulled the trigger –
A few breaths, a few seconds,


Bright orange, hot metal, and burning bodies
Before our eyes,
A grand mushroom cloud to embers –
“I -” tried to speak, but nothing came out.

“Come on, Birdie,”
And so I did.
Closer, his grin seemed to be as big
As the explosion
He had caused.

“I missed that,” he said to me.
“What did you miss?”
“Making things go boom,” he dropped then
Winked at me.
I think another thing went boom.

Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
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you forgot the sadness
of the nests made of grass
which we used to visit in our sad days
and while returning we used to decide
that we will return the warmth of the birds

to these nests someday
look...how much we have
forgotten everything,, alaaas!!
we have forgotten ourselves

We are thirsty
and we don't remember the well
we are moving towards a stone
with complete restlessness...
from our eyes
even from our cameras
the screams of the innocent
will become very silent

in the bottom of the heart
with every breath we will fill
with something else in the heart
leaving every necessary breath

to be able to feel the restlessness of the night
we will not leave a single open window in the rooms, and we had closed the ventilators,

everyone will be safe in the houses
when the proceedings will start
in the court of faith

No one will come

everyone will be seeing dreams
still you do not be disappointed....
To testify in the dock,
the setting sun will come
in the same color
in which it was drenched

blooded by the
splashes of the blood of the innocent...

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#12 of 30

M'haps the plague?

A little tickle on the tonsils,
a slight dry gust in the mouth,
and a heavy ball in the throat,
Gods I hope its not a blasted cold.
I hope it is just the need
to drink more water
and not pestilence's fetid fingers
tickling in testing out my defences
before squatting
as uninvited pest in my head,
Either way,
Summon the forges for a brew
and raise a mug to good health,

(Unique words: 55)

Dangerous Mind
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One dark night on a bright, sunny day,
just before Christmas in the month of May,
I decided to plan a spontaneous trip
and crossed through the desert on a sailing ship.
As we sailed along, the waves grew small;
it seemed we had entered a peaceful squall.
The view from the ship was awfully good
but I didn't enjoy the inedible food.
Soon, I came to a rural city;
its many buildings were terribly pretty.
My ship was greeted by a very small crowd;
They waved politely as I stood tall and bowed.
Although I'd had so much serious fun,
it was time to return, by the midnight sun.
For my next evening in, I might swim to the moon,
or even drive there in my lead balloon.

Dangerous Mind
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I saw a shooting star
before the sun had risen
I wished for us, near or far
to holdfast our intuition

I closed my eyes and saw
upon that inhaled moment
contentment of our hearts
a vulnerable exposure

and dreary days consoled
snuggled up under blankets
our hands together fold
into cashed-in rain checks

for that’s how love becomes
while the birds pluck the worm
and the bees dutifully buzz
I’ll be your only girl

Guardian of Shadows
Jamaica 14awards
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Theme 2:  Elements of Life
april song 12—water

splashing, dashing, restless river,
to the thirsting land a giver
of the wetness of salvific
heritage, and all the civic

liberties of struggling neighbours.
you have softened all their labours;
for although the crops are not yet,
they are not betrayed by hard sweat.

life you give, yet take you burdens,
bearing peasants o'er high hurdles;
fisher folk dwell on your mud banks,
as do citizens of high ranks.

do you ever feel like resting?
there's a haven quite interesting!
mark you well the vast horizon,
where the sea drinks all life's poison.

© cab♫

UWC 73

Fire of Insight
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the latest f/u

today I have already
fucked up even before
getting up at 2:32
in the afternoon:

slept through my
bone-density scan.
phone was turned off
alarm throttled
dragged into the alley
of later, dood, later

I had not meant to do that
but at least the mail came,
five books of
The Best American Poetry

which i began leafing
through and it was
good, sweet, delicious
and very depressing

to glance ever so
fleetingly through
with the poems shaking
their hips to the
steel guitar doing
its thing there
with my mind
slowly coming to life

slowly coming unglued
from yesterday
when i chained  my heart
to valadimir kara-murza's
arrest two years ago
to the day

and navalnay's murder
not even two months ago
february 24th

i am like lee harvey oswald's mother
chaining herself to the gates
of the pentagon
(how foolish we thought her then!)
to protest
in the only way she knew
the forever murder of her son lee

not long ago
I saw a young man
who looked just like
lee harvey oswald
the very last in his class
as irrelevant
to his game
as i am to mine
and yet he was holding
a football
rather than a weapon
of mass destruction
or five magic beans
of poetry

so who, really,
can read the face of time
or calculate
which butterfly
flapping its wings
may prove to be
or not.

not me.

Dangerous Mind
United States 19awards
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and I’m just so tired of you,
out of patience, out of time,
out of any hope that you’ll break free
from the soft and supple grip
of self-made manipulation;
your cage door is wide open
and the keeper is away -
he’s busy practicing his trumpet,
and yet, encumbered you remain;
so, here is where you and I end,
I’ll check on you from time to time,
from my perch above the fray,
in the expanse of my freedom  

Tyrant of Words
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The Written Word

The page is blank to the naked eye
To mine it’s covered in scribbles

Notes and thoughts, ideas and stories
Somehow all connected to each other

Within that tangled mess of words
There’s a bridge of how we came to be

I can’t seem to link the arcs
For their movement eludes me

Maybe I’m blinded by love, no
Perhaps I’m engulfed in rage, more like

Can’t put my finger on the pulse
I need to make this plausible

Everything feels so relevant
But none so meaningful as our story

70 u/w

Thought Provoker
Scotland 6awards
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Slowing, steadying,
That's what the unease needs.
A bridge, to the charge carried underfoot.
Wet grass,
Watering the reclamation of senses.
The balance of osmosis.
The gradual assimilation it's,
Rejoining the rejoicing dusks chorus.
An abutments arc built,
From the wellspring of water,
From the water of life.
Raising awareness,
Of permeable being.
Of the connected rivers seeming stream.
Streaming through all directions,
Their unveiling of being.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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Ostentatious Caducity

Fifty shots  (last year) in November
Cemented future move in May
Last year this year
My only Family is moving away.

Relocated because I love
added Bonus, my ancient Mom
Sister & Brother-in-Law,
as well

HAVE NO IDEA how I’m gonna
live without a Family
I never KNEW for near
three decades!

My Mom’s Dementia Deception
Is backfiring
but at this point in time
She doesn’t see
very well.

All I can do now
Is continue to cause Her to laugh
Promise to write
and wish Her well.*

*She believes this move will be Her final move – She’s 90, but not yet dead!

81 unique words

Thought Provoker
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Depression is like a wave
Some days the waves crash so hard
It feels like I’m drowning
Or worse
As though I’m already dead

Can’t keep afloat
Ain’t got a boat
No life jacket can save me now

The saltwater fills my lungs
I’m choking, gasping for air
Yet I don’t even care
I don’t care if I sink and drown

I don’t care about anything
Life’s too unbearable
I don’t want to go on
I don’t want to hold on

Unique word count: 62

Tyrant of Words
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This ink comes from a darkness
Into which
Few dare to embark

The sheer: Starkness

Senses submerged/with suddenness
An order of fortitude
Layers of magnitude - An order of depth as: Altitude
Floating & flying


Shifting windows


Fantastic rotations in phantasms
Beyond all


Levitation as presentation of depths of: Meditation

Reflection: Reflected in projection

Fire of Insight
United States 15awards
Joined 12th July 2017
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The Girl Made of Moonlight

The world could not hold her
No, not one ever could
She didn’t trap herself in Little boxes
they tried to shove her in
Never liked her dueling grin
A smile, a sword, and both hurt
With Scarlet lipped edge
So she took her life
And threw it in the ocean
That screamed back at her
Diving in, with a crystal ball
Her magic held it all
Leaving traces in the sand
And nothing else
Hair ablaze in tidal bliss
Five minutes, that was all!
A new body, mind, and soul
From toe to head, another being
Blood replaced with passion
True colors and identity
Golden skin, emerald eyes
Ruby hair, and that sacred smile
She was not flesh and blood
She was made of moonlight
At last, it was well.

Dangerous Mind
United States 29awards
Joined 30th June 2016
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Tempered Zeal V

And to what end the futile rein
all collaboration lost in vain
unseeded in such shrill refrain
that begs an end to entertain

For how long and in what way
will time beget our every dismay
hope seems evanescent there
where the feet so follow bare

To where it leads the pilgrimage
away from remnants of an age
the home that was a yesterday
tommorows sun portends the grey

         55 uw

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