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Tyrant of Words
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The Resilience of a Poet

The resilience of a poet comes from the heart
From the deepest part of the human soul
And yet there is a strength from this poetess
It’s something that can’t be expressed in words

But there is a profound sense of understanding
Something that takes time and tide and time again
It goes beyond the realm of our comprehension
Something this poetess sees and feels and tells

With every breath poetry pours with calmness
Illuminating like a beacon beckoning a smile
Reckoning the intricate webs and nuances of life
In admiration of stars that serve as guiding lights

If you listen closely, you can hear her heart whisper
Her journey is a testament of uplifted gifted verse
So, we sincerely send vibes of love and healing
As the resilient poetess speaks to the universe

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Tyrant of Words
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love is a summer garden
wildly but delicately blooming
woven tapestry of emotions
swirling symphony in tune

it's wildfire spreading
burning bright and fiercely
then  gentle breezes
softly sincerely felt

river flowing endlessly
mountain standing mightyly tall
an imperfect fit
no longer puzzling

shooting stars see lovers
sweet moments never forgotten
they become sunrise
bringing new hope

moonbeam silhouettes
guided through each night

eternal  journey
every path explored
treasures shared together
hearts bonded forever

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Garrett Asa Hughes
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Clay on my fingertips
Dirt under my nails
As I stand before my creation
Failed revelation

Delicately sculpted
Precise and fixated
But I can't help to ball a fist
Perfection met with spit

My masterpiece
Of excrement
Formed by it's master
What a disaster

Plastered and slaved away
I made it
Slathered and washed away
I hate it

Molded from emotion
With mathematical detail
Paved in penitence
Good riddance

Destroy and start anew
Repeated pattern
A new idea takes place
Fingerprints in clay

Fire of Insight
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He tucked a bairn in his cradle
Softly sweet, yes.
On noir sheets for his guest
Rock rock, swing swing
She falls into a lucid dream

He holds her so, in this cradle built
Of finest cedar, lined with silk
She tries to sleep, she begs for rest
As arms invade her secret nest
Whispers ever softly
In his cradle swinging fast
“Rockabye rockabye”
Like mothers soothe their babies
Now, where is that nurtured hold?
His body here, but bitter cold
She cries, she fights, and kicks the crib
Green eyes locked behind blonde lashes
Blink in startled stare
Still swaddled in the rockabye cradle
So spitefully destroyed, so she recalled
He held her, so she remembers
He placed her, so she thought
She crawled inside, she wonders
No matter the circumstances, she knows
With undeniable certainty
She is sick, and could never climb into that rockabye cradle
So weak, so wasted still
She is very, very sick.

Joshua Bond
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When the moon folds, the sun cools,
the stars do their supernova thing
or implode into a black-hole
swallowing even the last worms,
and everybody thinks
“that’s it, this is the end, there is no more…”

… astonishing the many but not the few who knew,
words of long-forgotten poets
will sail on through the cosmos
bringing new life to the eternal adventure
we call Universal Consciousness

Don’t be surprised;
The Way always been this way.

Dangerous Mind
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I'd like to speak to someone at the top
put in a personal request
could we please get an option for a premium subscription
I'd like to have access to retrospectevision...

the ability to look forward to the past
assess where things are eventually coming
making more informed decisions
determine better how to move forward
or at least see how we would potentially react
so we're not always blindsided by our own actions

let's face it...in the heat of the moment...
it's usually the emotion that leads us...our passion

but to be able to see before it's a done deed
understand not only what happened...
...but why we chose that specific option
because it seems like so often we're not being honest...
...with ourselves
just knee jerking our way into the future
telling ourselves it's this...when it's really that
...for whatever reason
and we choose to believe it

I want to look into the outcome before it happened
and honestly know...what...where...why...& when...
...what was I really thinking
...where was the destination I was intending
...why did I truly choose that particular path
...when did I really make up my mind
...or...did I just act

like watching an autobiographical documentary
maybe I'll learn more about me
my individual playbook of life lessons
which department do I contact to make this suggestion...

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Sister, removed

I wish I had known you better.
I wish I could say I tried.
But I – buried under small bodies
and schedules and needs,
 with just enough distance between us to be
  inconvenient –
I just thought we’d have more time.
And you – for so long you seemed obscured,
 my lifelong tyrant between us.

Eclipsed by his tortured shadow
 of bluster and opinions and judgement,
she tossed out colourful sparkles
 of beauty and care into our family,
touching us all with a thoughtfulness
 much deeper than we ever returned.
As final darkness approached
    --far too early--
she stepped out into her convictions,
(his cynicism be damned)
blazing diamond-ring bright,
 steadily shining compassion;
a sudden sunrise of faith
surrendering to the wholeness of peace,
 before sinking below life’s horizon.

Two years have passed
since you left us,
 and it’s the third time we’ve marked your birthday
  without you.
How perfectly fitting that the sun and moon
danced your beautiful story
 on that day.

Fire of Insight
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The Calm in Crisis

In the midst of chaos
I am at peace
holding my hand
on the valve release

Always the mediator
for any crisis afloat
in need of saving
I am the life boat

Akin to disturbance
our lives interlace
tell me your troubles
I will hold your space

Traumatic events
I know them well
your secrets kept
not meant to tell

Truly belonging
in the heart of the storm
normal for me
where I was born

In turbulent times
I am at home
here I am calm
my place is known

Dangerous Mind
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Ode for a Carpenter’s Shop

Do you think,
for just a moment,
Jesus, a carpenter’s son,
smelled the wood of his cross
– probably cedar or cypress –
and was comforted by home?

Comforted by thoughts of Joseph who taught
him when to go with the grain
and when to go against it
and how to make flush seams
and how to smooth everything so splinters
didn’t torment fingers and catch on fabric.

Do you think that once the Father turned his face away
that Jesus let his thoughts travel to his earthly father,
the man who took him to the temple and cared
for his mother when everyone started whispering?

And if he did,
in those very last moments,
conjure up memories of sawdust
and hammers and not singing angels
and paradise and God the Father,

what does that say about Heaven?

poet Anonymous


Surely Ahavati Wouldn't Give Me A Sandworm If I Put An Emoji In Me Title. Would She? Would She?

A Comrade at the barricades, a friend
when fighting mad Republicans, would she
forget all that, against an ally send
a monstrous Sandworm, cause such grief for me
in NaPo Twenty-Four? Beside my name
that fearsome Beast would she stick on the board,
that loathsome Worm the source of so much pain
for NaPo poets and by all abhorred?
Would she? Would she? No! No! Her gentle heart
so kind would not allow her hand that trick
so foul, so mean, so cruel, that deed apart
from her sweet nature. It would make her sick!
She'll smile to see emojis in my title,
then laugh and tell the Team no Sandworm's vital.

Tyrant of Words
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We inhale happiness
hold it in our lungs
for the fleeting moment
it graces, then release
its dandelion heart
to the sudden zypher

Evanescent as a flower
confined in a second’s measure
hosting a pollinating bee
drunk on its florid labyrinth
of purity, resin, and time

Soft as chiffon it drifts
leisurely as a Sunday nap
by its own airy fate
within the breath of spring
seeking the perfect plot
of earth to root

We linger, tarry
until the sun sets
star-ward aspirations
glimmering in irises
like specks of lighting
bugs heralding summer
another season
vanishing too soon

We rise in the morning
to the faintest of memory
asking ourselves. . .

‘What cast those halos
over sleeping vulnerability—
tell me. . .

‘. . .was it Poetry’

Fire of Insight
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Rockabilly Rebel Reprise

From the toe heal tap
of your crimplene soul,
the suits never really
fitted your frame.

Behind the chrome bars
of a Bonneville,
a teddy boy character
swapped for a family car.

Cigarettes and switch blades,
burnt carvings of an only child,
missing teeth and smoke plumes
that cloud the old wedding album.

We tried to live on one
conversation a week,
no diagnosis in those days.
just frustration and my hormones'.

Food was repeated
on blue gas rings
everything cooked the same
to avoid an explosion.

I wish now, I could share a smoke,
catch you outside your stage door,
run a comb through that grease
and trace a finger on your tattoo.

Tell those bright grey eyes
that it's ok not to look at me
and explain it all with a gesture
you wouldn't understand,

but I do, and each
passed down moment,
each confused memory
makes so much more sense
when I get to talk to you
through my child.

Dangerous Mind
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You've endured pains
You went through many challenges
That most people cannot handle
You're a fighter who never gives up

No matter what life throws at you
You take it head on
Courageously fighting without fear
A resilient spirit lives in your soul

As you find yourself in another battle
Always keep that zeal and courage to fight
Never lose that hope of victory
You are stronger than you think

L.C. McQuillen
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Living in a land that has
A different language than I know
Has been humbling
And frustrating
And sometime I feel alone

When you cannot communicate
There becomes a barrier
And each new word you learn
Is like a sledgehammer

But the wall is thick and stern
And my memory is not
And sometimes when I’m sleeping
The wall gets built back up

I’m afraid I’ve spent my days
Alone behind the wall
Believing my presence
Is a nuisance
Holding no patience
For myself

So today I’ll try again
Remembering every journey
Has to begin
And maybe in a year
I’ll translate this poem to French

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Tyrant of Words
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I've been traversing heaven and hell trying to find a fit
my soul has wandered as far as I dare go
with great pains I travailed

losing myself though tethered to the mortal realm
while personalities rose and fell within me
weeping to the celestial I implore

relieving of the growing pains
my fear relieved
delusions set about outside my door
blocking them out I refuse them entry

medication does not fight the spiritual
spirits camped outside my door
My father sent them to test my will

placing a mortal man above him I sin
provoking my Father's jealousy
the Golden Kingdom shimmers in the background

fighting off demons I cried out
Father, please save my heart
but he would not turn back his wrath

until I admitted once again I find myself
too inexperienced in the ways of love

thanking him for the mortal husband he gave me
so I could grow into the woman he desired
a companion of hope lest I forget

he reserves me for he himself
a beautiful flower in his garden vision
little one don't be mystified by passing dreams
I've set you into motion I will reclaim you

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