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Theme 2:  Elements of Life
april song 11—air

it invades my lungs to live me,
and expires but to give me
breath control o’er living plants,
for my wastes fulfil their wants.

men oft full of it come pumping
tales of mountains they are jumping,
but the moment one confronts them,
they dissolve like flailing huntsmen.

hot air takes balloons to heaven,
cold air sinks with moisture riven;
stagnant air the body sickens,
but fresh air the spirit quickens.

bach breathes air upon the g-string,
whose harmonics on the ear ring
for the healing of the nations
languishing for potent rations.

© cab♫

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Untitled XV: In response..

You indirectly asked,
how does that make you feel..
I would say before I talk of feeling,
That I've found the same.
In the darker holds,
Of life's throws and falls.
Between the well of the well wishing wisher,
And sorrowed brows,
Of those pained by our pains pain.
Exactly as you’ve said of,
“Intricate recipes”.
That our own hands ultimately,
are what make and serve our own tranquility.
So as for feeling,
It can be a cold meal at times,
Being humbled by our own fragility.
Still I feel,
Whatever has been the cause,
The burden and or, the loss.
The purpose,
Or the point of pain.
I'm grateful to eat my cold meal,
With my limbs stuttering and shaking in the winds.
For it too is tangible and real,
Being as much a part of those ,
higher heated treats and of such,
Very much,
A part,
Of their making.
Please no mistaking,
The place and warmth of well meaning love,
The encouragement of hope,
As one or other slowly chews,
The hardest gristle of life's bountiful thistles.
By that collapsing in upon ourselves,
And crumbling to our knees,
That we know,
What life means,
Or so I feel.
So I hope the strength is served,
In this spring arising,
For you to dish up, leap up
and shake off those
“Unsavory ripples..”

Tyrant of Words
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can we pretend not to be us {¿}  

the schism
grew too wide,
with time
{&} memories,
corpses of
our potential
that i pick clean ~
a scavenger
trying to
sate gnawing hunger
on nothing
but the bones
of you
between my synapses…
… i was
buried beneath
the parts of us
that tasted like joy,
a cairn of
own making,
where i
thought the pain
couldn't touch me

Dangerous Mind
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I have pondered as of late
The time we share in this space
How once so many years ago
Those memories have faded
But I used to know

You recall and tell the tales
Stories of our love unveiled
And I know I smoked too much dope
As the details blurred and I lost hope

I thought the day would never come
But to my surprise you told me first
Like a lost bird in stormy winds ablown
My broken wings wouldn’t bring me home

So you cleared the skies
With your glittering green eyes
To show me where I had lost my way

You asked me to stay
Don’t leave

The air in my lungs lifted
As I made the final decision
To make new memories with you
Of the brightest shades and hues

Fire of Insight
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Spiritual Living

Melodic voice whispering
promise of grace
sensing a higher entity  
ideals to embrace

With honest gratitude
reaching profound existence
held in high esteem
affording a moral sense

Becoming rooted in service
for the poor and indigent
secured in a spiritual faith
unbroken and benevolent

Small gestures offer us blessings
of compassion and humility
a noble and worthy virtue
with sincere authenticity

Lord Viddax
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If: Dyed, Then: Wool

Do electric sheep dream of beeps?
Or does the hub
dub all the hubbub
in binary beeps and boops.
And what of the four amp ion
lying with the email spam?
Is there a silicone heaven
for such things,
or are there no
ghosts in the machines,
so toasters just burn out
to a crummy end
their recycled
might be a microchip off the old block.

(Unique Words: 55)

Dangerous Mind
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Dropped from the eye
A tear in the page
Waters paper flowers
Words form a bouquet

Cracks grow in the dam
We’ve all spilled the ink
Flows carry us forward
And force us to think

Your presence and foresight
Have made my heart leak
Gave strength to a mind
That thought itself weak

I thank you Miss Eerie
For playing with me
In a garden of words
In a world of beauty

(57 uw)

Twisted Dreamer
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Machine Blood

Nearing the days departure
Upon streetlights awakening
Pumping such machineblood
Fast into her steel veins cold
Crystal gaze, formal camouflage
To everyone, she's unassuming
Ancient eyes, turning on, locking in
With her, prey will always be prey
They never fight or take flight
She waltzes between their rhythm
Two shots, no second shooter
In her hands they drop like flies

Dangerous Mind
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Exhaustion pt 5

it hurts, though, doesn’t it?
feeling like you somehow got cheated?
I can hear your pain howling
every time you enter the room,
you’ve tried everything
under the cloak of darkness
to numb the pain, nothing works
you’re angry, so damn angry

conformity breeds emotional depth
measured in primitive teaspoons,
its offspring are born into hatred,
willfully destructive and self-loathing
if you can’t have freedom,
you’ll take control,
repressed lust becomes
a hunger for power;
you are voracious,
your dogma relentless ~
if you can’t have what you want,
you’ll take everything you can get

Tyrant of Words
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Wax of Stars

Battalions of lights igniting skies of nights
Ionospheres vibrating in mantras of fire
Spiraling roots of deepest desires – Flames rising: Higher
Flames burning: Brighter

Brighter than the brightest white light

Alchemical secrets kept in vaults of secret keepers
Where we made wax from dark matter
For our magico-poetical seals, secretly keeping secrets of we dreamers
Perplexing to perception/fleshed out in a flash, shattering to scatter

Everything really matters





Dangerous Mind
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The Eerie Self

Somewhere inside
under this placid surface
she sinks to find herself.

A well of truths unnumerable
of which she knows most
if not all life requires of her.

The journey has held the books
out and the light up to see
and no details have been spared.

Every happy moment has lasted
enough to fill many lifetimes
the love has been hard but worth it.

The words have endured in writing
and were a joy to inscribe, were
shared in comradery.

Weaknesses melted away
as rough edges softened
demanding appreciation.

The her within rose to smile
into her face of doubt
and it became a joint resilience.

She is you exalted, and you
know now where to find her
know how to follow her home.

Tyrant of Words
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Metrology Of Life

Why measure one's success
by their financial solvency?
As age overtakes me
I've had a profound epiphany
That true happiness
is not found
in things pecuniary
but free to everybody
The sky's not blue and sunny, and gentle breezes do not caress
only for those with money
A smile, a touch, a kiss, a hug, a tender word, a bedtime song
Are slices of joy everlasting
with love given gratis
to the poor, the rich, and those in between
In the end what really counts
Is what we've given
how we've got along
Not what's in
our bank accounts.

Unique word count: 75

Fire of Insight
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please all me to intro--

some of you have heard
my voice recently
as i have begun
to emerge from
the shadow of
the Ogee of poetry

love him

he's a dear old dude
writes some pretty good poetry
now and when
and we say nice things
about him
and are amused
at his constantly
reminding us
of how many days
it is until he
turns 80.

as it turns out)

today the hospice rep came out
and tried to convince him
of the benefits of hospice care
which means
weekly visits
help bathing if needed

you do have a terminal illness
she reminded

and i'm saying,

you see what this bitch tryn' to say, mrd?
you need help bathin? you ain't at that point.

and i thought
i do i do most certainly do and thank you so very very
much for reminding me that death is just around the hospice
skulikng under a cliche
a murmuration of cliches
a murder of crows

but said,
yes i do.

more on this later.

Dangerous Mind
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Nathaniel Peter
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Freddy Krueger

(Inspired by the movie Dream Scenario)

Lost in derivative experiences comprised
A pseudo collective consciousness in a world behind our eyes

Picking up on hacked signals that swell beneath in stillness as we breathe
We dream in silence louder than a whisper as our hearts unsheathe

Imagination informants whistle blowing
Monsters in the closets of an un-event
Where is all of this going?
Torn between a life of struggle or suffering the pedestal spent

Side effects of a common threat of our own humanity
Striving to balance a sense of selflessness with the turbulence of vanity

What is the purpose of the nightmare we wake up to?
Repressed visions of our inclinations divided by instinct versus virtue
Self control is the taming of another’s will to hurt you

Routine tortures work out character in the pain
Rather than moving forward with manipulation as a passing lane

Love is the taper where by we gauge our will to restrain
Our wanting on the altar of the purpose that we gain

Finding the balance
What is priority and what is subject to refine
Rough draft lives revised to realign

Lacing true connection with the divine
In the structure of our thoughts we sort it out line by line

Igniting the discovery of the void that is our mind
Knots in the gray matter beginning to unbind

Playback memories and reshape as we rewind
Learning from history to destiny entwined

The future reset from places of uncertainty redefined
Transcendence of this shell breaking to find

Close encounters of the out of body in another kind
Ripened and rotten we bear fruits from divergent roots of two different vines

Concealed consequences in the haunting of this sight behind
Masquerading navigating, discerning or tripping on land mines

Do we know or are we just best guesses at reflections made of shadows
Desperation like a cypher when reaction is the tell

In suffering we know what we truly believe
It’s a matter of what we do, not what we say to ourselves
Palpitations beating and bleeding from the sleeve

Venturing into the void
What is life and what does it mean to die
We are all of us frail and fallible
Still we continue onward as we try

Compassions reservations for the lovely and those we deem deserving
Judges dealing wrath from broken gavels demonizing the unnerving

What’s to be said of stones bias to be cast
Designated for the civil pariah
Murdering the rights, the measuring rod of the wicked class
Tell me who you deem deniable or qualified for the Messiah…

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