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2024 Official DUP NaPoWriMo Challenge

Tyrant of Words
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Forcing a poem is a little like forcing a fartÖ

Uh-oh, oh crap, today is gonna be one of those days!
Iíve tried to kickstart poetry in many different ways.
My time is running out now, with obligations looming,
and still thereís nothing written on the page.

I thought Iíd write about the pretty sunrise on my walk,
but ďblah-blah pinkĒ and ďblah-blah birdsĒ Ė the muse just wouldnít talk.
I searched the room for hints, but I just see the same old junk.
The vault of inspiration wonít unlock!

I asked my husband for a prompt Ė that didnít push me through.
So then I asked my phone for help, and all my time it blew!
That was a huge mistake, Ďcause now my tasks are calling me;
this stinking heap of words will have to do.

Dangerous Mind
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beautifully Eerie...
as sunlight caresses ripples
stirred by a single launched pebble
gilded at the edges
golden in accentuation
like the rings of an ancient tree
highlighting inner beauty...
...of each step along life's journey
spreading ever outward
& that intrusion...
...tossed so unexpected...
...into a mirror still surface
changes the reflection
tis the nature of liquid-essence
you see...
water does not break upon stone...as they claim
ending right there...
...at the obstruction
its very existence is movement
tides cannot be stopped
...by a mere rock
no...it reforms...reborn...
settling once more...into calm
...& carries on

Dangerous Mind
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Musical Mayhem

Not long ago, on one fine day,
some musical folk went out to play.
They all found different ways to travel
and lots of fun began to unravel.
By submarine, although submersed,
the string quartet arrived there first.
As if by magic, with a hubble and bubble,
they suddenly saw their numbers double!
A wind octet then joined on foot,
playing while walking - toot, toot, toot!
Rumbling along, as chilled as you like,
some trumpeters on a tandem bike!
Racing each other - get ready, set...
a cor anglais and a bass clarinet.
Not wanting to be late for the race,
behind them panted Miss Double Bass.
Off the train jumped Miss Trombone,
Mr Timpani, Miss Xylophone.
They hurriedly then joined the throng,
with five French horns now following on.
A helicopter, looking sharp,
delivered a lady with her harp.
They all joined in a great procession
to the town hall, for their session.
One string player got a bee sting
and accidentally broke his E string!
A piano trio, looking smart,
told them it was time to start.
I could not wait to hear their emissions;
can you count up how many musicians?
And for those of you who like these things:
can you find how many strings?

Fire of Insight
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Caught in the mizzle

You can keep your fine dining
and the poshest of grub,
some French foie gras
or an old English pub.

I don't need a sunset
to sip the best wine,
or the scent of a Riesling
over-looking the Rhein.

Just give me a shelter
that flaps in the rain,
let the beach run empty
and the gulls call our name.

Then waft me a pasty,
a Cornish delight,
to steam up my glasses
and laugh at our plight.

Tyrant of Words
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You're 1/3 of the way there, NaPoets! You've got this!

Tyrant of Words
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Lithes of penetrating light
through vivid imagery
and unconstrained imaginings
become wooded sprites
freely frolicking
amid the dark yearning
for deep magic

So nimble their pirouettes
in arabesque design
each spiritís luminescent  
otherwise unseen presence
going barely noticed
by hikers and tourists
eager to shop and dine

But those who know
the Dryads lurk, watching
human maneuvers
tread with respect
to receive the reward
of a glimpse, a face
through the bush

We extend reverence
for the sacred forest's heart
sit calmly to await the blessing
of their ancient alchemy
and unborn poetry
. . .

Tyrant of Words
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Spiritual Assiduousness

Iíve met many a wonder-worker
Prophetesses & counterparts
many of which buried their own

Latter pieces of time, 2018,
I met You and felt You andÖÖ.

I knew before I knew
and it caused my face to be wet

an ever argument / lament of
an empath, right?

You ARE so / too strong Ė
Stronger than me.  
a Shared strength, I believe,
with many who have transformed
into beautiful warm loving
energy Ė light

Shared with each trigger (person)
whose memory causes pain
But I endure and endure to
keep being KIND

Is this not the ONLY GOAL,
My Beautiful, Sister?!

All that glitters IS NOT GOLD
& when You felt the wither of
the cloak,
I saw no make-up, no glitter
Only You

in aural fluid new

91 unique words

Dangerous Mind
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Every Breath a Wish

Emily says ďor help one fainting
robin unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.Ē

And I wish I could scoop your
precious heart into my hands,
hold it close to my lips and whisper
words that heal all wounds,
cool all pains, stop it from breaking.

But I donít know the right phrases
and every word is more cliche
than your standard discounted greeting card.

When I was a little girl, my granny told me
she didnít always know how to pray.
When she didnít know the words to say,
sheíd sing her favorite songs.
Loud and beating her chest, sometimes
quiet and wiping away tears.

Paul says ďand in my hour of darkness
she is standing right in front of me,Ē
and I wish I could stand in front of you,
tuck you into the crook of my arm
and make things better,
but I donít have words of wisdom.

So know that I am singing, Friend.
I donít know the words to pray,
or even if you want my prayers.
So, I will sing.
For you.

Every note a hope,
every breath a wish.

poet Anonymous


One For Eerie

Dear Eerie,

This poem
knows where it's going.
It needs no passport
no luggage
no transportation,
it just moves

it crosses oceans
soars over mountains
laughs at borders
and stupid rules
and regulations
of immigration control
in inexorable progress towards you

to wherever you are in America
then it finds you, stands by you
and wraps its arms round you
and squeezes you tight
in a great big Hug full of English love
from me today Ė and every day Ė to you.

Get well soon, Eerie, my dear,
and come back as quick as you can.

ajay xx

Lost Thinker
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(sleepy draft) through the fallout

Out of the sky,
And down to the ground Ė
Through the air Ė

He and I walked through the ruins
Of what was and what couldíve been.
Thereís still a little
Of naive left in me,
We agreed.

Hope in the hopeless,
From somebody fighting so hard
To be jaded,
Heart hurt so much before
Still staying open Ė

To love,
To new dreams and believing,
Rebuilding Ė from whatís left
Of this battered, tattered mess.

He holds me up,
And I hold him up Ė
Make each other sick with
Sticking together.

Sleepless and saddled with
The weight of the
End of the world
As we knew it Ė

The stories crossing over,
Falling down holes,
Swept away, rewritten Ė
So we share a pen
Of our own, and ink
New pages.

Made up and true,
He told me I looked good in blue.

Tyrant of Words
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once again I fall for you
falling deeper into your eyes
our love rose and it failed
to be reborn anew

you awaken my reverie and my desire
revealing to me who you truly are
aching epiphany my sorrow swells
with the realization I can't escape it
my love for you blooms

you push and pull on me equally
your hard resolve reminds me of the man I once knew
but this time it's a different view of you

my affections flourish
I'm at my best when I show you my honesty
hurting in the storm that is you and me

painful redemption my Father joined us
let no one put assunder
thinking I was err I asked this love be taken from me
He answered no it would not be

we are joined in fate's glow
you need me, our love will continue to grow
evolving from lust becoming much more

it is with a loyal soul I tell you again
I won't let the world rip us apart

Tyrant of Words
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How I struggle
to interpret
the words of
another when
the heart
is involved

Is there
absolute truth
In what
is said
versus what
is acted

So badly
I want to
believe what
I hear
itís what
I wanted
to hear

from another
I hear my story
and in frenzied
I donít know
what to believe

how I wish
I never prayed
so hard for this
The uncertainty
is slowly
eating away
my sanity
and more,
my heart

51 u/w

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
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When I was eleven my mother
Was diagnosed with breast cancer

I was too young to understand
What my mother needed

But as I observed family and friends
It seemed like they too
didnít have a clue what to do

The doctor gave her prescriptions
And a treatment plan
That stripped away her energy

My aunt would bring over big casseroles
My mom would be too sick to eat

My grandma made knitted caps
That mom thought were too itchy

The pastor prayed over her like a
Thanksgiving dinner
About to be consumed by sin and disease  

My dad gave her distance
Not to disturb her sleep

My brother would leave crocodile tears
On the outside of her locked door

Ms. Kay brought her a padded insert
To slip into the left cup of her bra

And cancer gave her a reason to
Finally take care of herself

And I, still do not know what to say

But I hope the divine energy within
Heals your body and soul
Awakening the lessons of this lifetime
And turning something so hostile
Into a journey of love and light

But maybe if I was in similar shoes
Iíd tell everyone to just f*** off

{129 unique words}

Dangerous Mind
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The way of living changed
when someone entered life,
and stress entered life
when the same person left...

n I learnt from the incident
no matter what the weather is,
It is important to have a smile on your face...

to live life to the fullest
change in inner sorrow is necessary
to know a pain well
a deep wound is necessary...

the pearls of life keep
scattering in every direction
to preserve them, it is necessary
to tie them in a strong knot...

life gets frustrating sometimes
n you don't know the person
but knowing the frustration, naaah. !!!
it is important to help...

although incompleteness is hidden
here and there everywhere,
well there are many such flowers
which do not spread fragrance,
which spread incompleteness
in the air, still they bloom...

the sun that rises
in the morning will set in the evening
will give sleep to the eyelids while leaving
yet every morning it rises bathing from the sea...

nests of worry and stress
keep forming in the mind
scatter those nests
which make life worse...

Thought Provoker
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Will someone be my stomach
So I donít have to eat

Will someone be my eyes
So I donít have to see

Will someone be my mind
So I donít have to think

Will someone be my ears
So I donít have to hear

Will someone be my smile
So I donít have to laugh

Will someone be my heart
So I donít have to feel

Will someone be my nose
So I donít have to smell

Will someone be my voice
So I donít have to speak

Will someone be my arms
So I donít have to hug

Can someone, anyone, be my everything
So I can have a well deserved rest

Iím close to giving up
My legs are dangling off the edge
Just a few more inches
And Iíll be gone

Iím being pushed to my limit
Canít cope for another single minute

Iíve got nowhere to run
And nowhere to hide
Pressures coming at me from all sides

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