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Thought Provoker
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I do not the mourn the falling of the leaves,
The melting of the snow.
The clouds as they bank twist and roll.
For all the steps,
Their finds,
The airs we've shared,
Are carried on in the holds of grain,
The layers of mud
The carvery,
Of stone.
All the weathered stories,
Find a place of sense,
Amongst a sense of being.
Through the rivers course of shifting steps,
And the wind cropped, stance of trees.
These ever changing scenes
In which nature stores every breath of life
Its endless bounds of depth,
Of strength,
Of light.
All are a piece of the past
Of it,
Of me,
All of which, make here,
Make now.

Thought Provoker
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You make me feel like death

You make me feel like death
End of the road
Out of breath

You make me wanna scream
Hating myself
Killing all my dreams

You make me feel so angsty
Feathers all ruffled
Frustrated and angry

You make me wanna kill
Lost all my hopes
Passed out on a hill

You make me wanna cry
Who the fuck are you
And why canít you go and die

I canít believe youíve done this
Are you really this much of a bitch
I canít believe youíre this abusive
Iím just trying to survive

Just leave me alone
Let me just be
Weíre all just struggling
Why are you doing this to me!?

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Tyrant of Words
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lying to myself about you because I am afraid
placing you above all others
locking myself away

you made me feel special once
but that was just your game
once my newness wore off
you ditched me to go harlot hunting anew

you don't wear a wedding ring
it's a symbol of commitment
it tells all the women I'm not that special to you

the way you go out of your way for them
the way you leave me in your shadow
it's the small things that tell me I don't really matter

yet you string me along
I survive on scraps of affection you throw me
only after you feed the big dog, yourself

your ego knows no bounds
it's not bad enough you're unfaithful
you taunt and torment me
throwing it in my face

I don't how to leave
because I carry a broken heart
it will hurt no matter where I go

you kick me when I am down
I'm just trying to get to my feet
just leave me alone
do what you're going to do
leave me out of your game

I'll leave you with this, think twice about her
her only turn on is your cruelty to me

Dangerous Mind
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Exhaustion pt 4

but now, boy donít you feel screwed;
itís impossible to ignore
the diversity of humankind;
once again decision comes knocking
offering a path to liberation,  
but itís a hard and humbling
so you double down and
dig in, being ever-bound for sainthood
in a perfect life beyond;
maybe itíll suck less
than stuffing it all down, down
maybe itíll have that freedom
you traded this life for

Dangerous Mind
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Tempered Zeal IV

Strewn the bricks all mortar gone
in dissolution histories songs
the transient must move along
abandoning many for no one

buried deep the remnants cry
if forsaken tell them why
only the bounds within to die
given the sounds yet unreplied

rising cloud of cities fare
hangs above the sullen air
yesterdays still linger strong
and penetrate the deepest bond

         54 uw

Tyrant of Words
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One hateful,
derogatory word
said with anger, prejudice, or spite,
can alter the course
of ones life
Weaving threads of
shame, resentment, and vindictiveness into the fabric of
our populace
ever weakening,
word by word by word
any hope for peace.
Take time to ponder
the short and
long term consequence
if tempted, perchance,
to hurt or bring low
another soul with a word
Better to replace a malignant utterance
With words of brotherhood, understanding,
and kindness.

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Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
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Falling hourglass
Pieces scattered
Picking up the grains individually

In the palm of my hand
All it took was time

Took time away
Night turned to day
Bright turned to grey

Time now reclaimed
All that remains
To sift life away

Repaired hourglass
Sands to be treasured
Now, not eventually

Now it is mine
All that it took

Granted for granted
Future re-imagined
Remains every worth

All that has happened
Cascades fantastic
Realized rebirth

Twisted Dreamer
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Hands to the Grave

Keep calm on inhale
Hidden, shades curtail, bloodshot eyed deprave
Felt their sinister emotions in braille
And though critics did try best to enslave
We caught them, greyscale, withdrawing to crave
Shred the limiter, our love raised from veil
Your hand to the grave, death naught finisher
Survived to exhale

Heart's dissection, ran deep as strongest roots
Let's breathe again, sun shinning to our fruits

Dangerous Mind
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Tyrant of Words
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Sharpen the Saw

If we nourish our bodies every day during our lives
Then why not our minds too?
Why not strive for wisdom
    searching for a better version of ourselves

The endeavor of personal growth
Is like cognitive evolution
Itís a commitment
An intimate pact we can make in order to fulfill our potential
Because in this journey
The treasures of knowledge awaits
    even if barriers may try to block our way

The universe is always expanding
And so should our intellect
Self-improvement should be like having a thirst
A never ending hunger
To go on a quest to understand
    and learn something new

76 Unique
102 Total

Dangerous Mind
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My eyes are focused
On the road
But stray glances
Catch things
Thru the day
Blush of poppy
On the hill
Flash of sunlight
Off a peacock tail
And finally
This sliver of a moon
The world teases me
I put the car in park
Step outside
Take off my shoes
And find the nearest
Patch of dirt
To dance
And tickle
Her back

(50 uw)

Fire of Insight
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Daffodil Daze

The tug of spring washed over us
For what a dusty world it is to see
A monotonous place to be
A pattern of routines that dissolve in time
The art of renewal on display, in gardens
We have foliage too
Rains came, we weathered it
We were diseased by debt, we paid it
And this is our testimony
To dance in weeds, where daffodils grow
Let our tongues catch snow
Take a walk, take notice of every little detail that remains
It will vanish with the season
With this information, we choose to cherish.

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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My Heart Is A Bonfire

I voyage onward
Somewhere between the wreckage and the destination
Trying to decipher it all in the analytics of a fractured observation

Overshadowed by the light of days coinciding
The thunder of these moments, memories fighting
Trying to find my spotlight in the sun

Get me over my self
When the heart beat is heavy for ego driven reflections
In these broken record serenades of acceptance cravings for the damages of rejections

My thoughts betray me to heartache
Overdosing on overrated highs
Thereís blood on my hands without any alibis

Guilt like salt, thirsty for attentions to compensate for my dissatisfaction
Choking on my voices retention
Melodramatic obsessions projection of overreaction

I think too much and youíre so quick to remind me what it is I lack
The universal messages of gunpoint eyes, held hostage by, what wonít cut me any slack

Cut me like a diamond conformed to the shape that you make of me
When whatís best is always a matter of what everyone else wants me to be

Weak willed is my defense when I am clothed by the nakedness of stains
When for all the pleasures of our secrets, itís only regret that remains

Under-lying are my motives poisoned by the toxins of vainglory
Accomplishments to rubble in the debris of my anticlimactic life story

Musing like a vulture of contemplating a way
To reinvent the art of bleeding in the pseudo sacred things I say

Selling loss for comforts to bait affections against all that I hide
Cashing in on the absence for the significance I fake to fill the crater

When my world is under the fire of this self made hell of whatís inside
Brokenness as a way of life, I think Iíll get better later

Affliction, my addiction, lusts and comfort foods
Vulnerability of self exploitation of these words like verbal nudes

Learning to love in the shadows as an afterthought of family ties
Inadequacies indoctrinate me with emotions made of lies

Jealously yearning for what Iíll never have this side of heaven again
When love is conditioned by perceptions of what I feel I must earn
Jumping through the hoops for a sense of self redemption
When pain is a lesson that I just canít seem to learn

Comparison of the limelights that shine brighter than my own
I speak but if no one hears me, my voice is as good as silence, and self deprecation is my throne

Confessions of inverted narcissistic repose
Concealing selfishness in the act of how I want you to see me for the reality that no one knows

Weighing my worth by material milestones made of bread
Good performances are the only way I feel Iím seen
No one cares for your heart when your locked inside your head
Just another cog native to the dissonance of the machine
For cognitive spirals climbing mountains to live the temporal dream

Dates kept of hindsight love letters to the dead and better said intentions of desire
The message lost in the aftermath of it all when my heart is a bonfire

I canít keep it straight, all the things Iím torn between
I fall apart like demolition in the recklessness of reoccurring kindling

Obsessions weaved together of common thread anxiety
Fake it till you make it as they say, as I act in my aim to authenticate
true piety

Bring substance out of the rant
For all the ways I canít
When everything is broken
All but the empty fix of the ways I am well spokenÖ

Tyrant of Words
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in fluid
you are here
warmly over
my shore

a gentle
ebb and flow
of our souls

upon lips
knowing desires
begin with
soft kisses

seeking heat
aknowledged fire
twin flame
sacred rite
within breaths

red tinged glow

unique word count 51

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
Palestine 41awards
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Sometimes Iím full of existential dread
I get up in the morning Ö it is so
I wonder whatís the demons I have fed

And all the many books that I have read
have scrumbled up discerning Ďyesí from Ďnoí Ö
sometimes Iím full of existential dread

Iíve missed the point of life when all is said
so say the stories in this earthy show
I wonder whatís the demons I have fed

The battle rages hard inside my head
I search for ways of peace that I can know ó
sometimes Iím full of existential dread

I wish there was a simple plain Ďinsteadí
to which Iíd switch to ease a kinder flow Ö
I wonder whatís the demons I have fed

I lie there tussled on my comfy bed
and argue with the mind which brings me low ó
sometimes Iím full of existential dread
I wonder whatís the demons I have fed.

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