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Tyrant of Words
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Don’t Touch

That isn’t
where that goes
Moving that object
from its spot
my very core

It’s arrangement
holds a place
that only
my heart
is aware
It’ll never
be understood
by anyone
on the outside

How could it
I won’t have it
so it won’t happen
hard as you try

My few
are sacrosanct
and I don’t want
them disturbed  

It’s where
they were
when you left
Where I’ll relive
those moments
over again-
unable to release
myself from
those mental
moving picture

And you
visited today
I’d give you

70 u/w

Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
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crawl out

I looked up at the vast door in front of me
And think about everything I've ever known –
The fear
Is in the things I do not know –

See I have a habit of knowing,
Staying quiet and observing –
Store every morsel of this and that and yet –
What have I experienced?

And now –
Here's the door.
I grip the straps of my bag,
Heavy on my shoulder,
Breath in,
Breath out,
Close my eyes,

I know –
This moment
Is a mark
Of the before.

And after will come when the door slides open,
When the outside air hits my skin,
When the real sunlight illuminates this home, this tomb, this vault –
When I step outside and
Crawl out of this past to
Whatever could come with the future.

The fallout of decisions made centuries before –
Maybe the fate set by our set of faulty stars –
Maybe the power of me, the power of you –
In keys and clicks and make believe dreams,
In old tunes and blind courage,
Shooting your shot,
For the love of god,
For the love of whatever had come and
Whatever is to come.

Dangerous Mind
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Ode to Louise the Larger

She slinks against the garden wall,
slipping slowly between the shivering
nodding thistle and sunshine dandelions.
I watch her glittering body curve
and curl in the sun, her red tongue
tasting the air for danger.

We are an unlikely duo,
Lousie and I –
cursed woman and cursed serpent.

I have my monthly menstruation, body-ripping
pain in childbirth, and men lording
their maleness over my head.
She has her belly crawling, dust eating,
and being the symbol of sin.

Plus, there is supposed to be heel
bruising and head crushing.

But here we are.
She hibernates under my feet through the winter
and I watch for her shinning head
when spring has finally shone
through the clouds.

I leave her an egg or two,
she keeps the mice under control.
I don’t chase her from our porch,
she stays and keeps the copperheads at bay.

Symbiosis between supposed enemies,
Curse breakers and friends.
There is probably something to be said
about this strange relationship,
but I’d hate to strike you with it.  

poet Anonymous


A Poem Written In Five Minutes In An Attempt To Help Out An Uninspired DaisyGrace That She Scornfully Flung Back In My Face With Language Unbecoming Of A Lady


Ode To Louis The Larger

Louis the Larger is my name
and I'm a massive snake.
I like to eat up rats and mice,
and love a slice of cake.

I live beneath a little house
and come out in the sun
then go back underneath again
when dark the night has come.

Two softshells live upon my lawn,
whose names are Fred and Myrtle,
but those two I leave safe alone
because I like a turtle,

and DaisyGrace lives over me,
I hear her pretty feet.
She is so very kind to me,
she is so very sweet,

and her I love so very much
and dream about her nightly
when snug I wrap her in my coils
then – er – squeeze her very tightly,

but now my rhyme comes to a close
the end of my poor verse,
I think that I can safely say
you won't read any worse.

Tyrant of Words
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Not Subtle

no subtle reflections
more in your face hurricane
realising hell fire has form

honesty carries its own suffering
collective shadows bring waves of pain
so much confusion afrisesfrom darkness

addressing my worthiness to life
battles constantly fought hard
this invisible war never ending

counting against me social rules
understanding very little raises stress
buiding pressures that wont release

unique word count 58

Tyrant of Words
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“What symptoms are you noticing?” he asks.

And I fumble with words,
trying to shove the frayed thread of them
through the needle’s eye
of all the awkward ways that I am
dissatisfied and
confused and
just generally itchy
in both my psyche and
in parts he can’t comprehend

And clear as day I can read his thoughts
as they float in a massive midair speech bubble:
“please let her mention something
that I can order tests for…”

But there is no test for the way
my soul has stopped fitting in this body,
like I’ve become
an octopus or
a tricycle or
a grasshopper
trying to fit in a human-shaped skin.

So, I agree to track and record my
so-called symptoms
(which we know I won’t),
and we both walk away
frustrated and
just to try the conversation again
in three months’ time.

Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
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Who am I

I'm not any poet's imagination
I am a playful butterfly

I laugh in various forms
I am a purple shadow

I am not the tears stuck in the eyes
I am the stream of a white flowing river

I am not the fragrant flower
I am the warmth that can feel
in the palm of your hand

I am not the golden ray of the afternoon
I am the coordination of night and morning

I am not the one who gets shy after seeing someone
I'm the one who speaks boldly

I pull the reins of scattered words,
decorate them with stars
and put them on paper

I tie my passion in the hair
I satisfy my hunger on the bed

I am fickle by nature
I wander here and there like a deer

No one could bind me, I welcome such a relationship
I am the one who has been searching
for my home for centuries, who sees myself established and exiled in dreams

I am that grammar which
is difficult to understand and easy to see
whose definition is beautiful and solitude is delightful

I am not an artificial image
I share my existence with the mirror every day

I am not a star
I am a lamp twinkling in the night...

Guardian of Shadows
Jamaica 14awards
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10 of 30
april song 10—interment (finale)

for the head, when bowed and hoary,
and the bones, when brittle-bent,
are preparing for your glory,
where there’s no impediment.

dust to dust, the earth returning
to the Hand that formed the clay,
and the breath no longer burning
in the realm of night and day.

yet, the soul knows no interment,
for its breath and dust are gone;
nor the grave, the last denouement,
where the body sleeps alone.

precepts of a Mighty Father,
Whose ways, higher than our ways,
are the ways of justice, rather,
in a universe of praise.

tell me not in mournful numbers
that His justice ever slumbers.

© cab♫

UWC 76

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 11awards
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Colorful Muknas on Eid

I saw a sea of colors
When I looked around me
Colorful muknas and abayas
Worn by female congregants
During Eid prayer yesterday

Some were made of silk
Others were of cotton
While the rest were made
Of Chiffon, eyelet, lace and rayon

The sight is the same
Every Eid prayer
A display of colorful muknas
That covers our head and body
A feast for the eyes

I prefer silk mukna
With lace trimmings
It gives a classy look and nice feel
When worn but a little heavy
Because of the thick laces on the hem

Eid is a day for celebration
A joyous occasion
That is celebrated twice a year
Wearing our best clothes
Our colorful muknas and abayas
Is our way of celebrating
And expressing our joy
On this special day

Dangerous Mind
United States 9awards
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Secrets kept
Now unfold
The stories told
Shaping the mold

Here I’ve wept
Never known
Knowledge withhold
Resentment grown

Cannot forget
The truth controlled
Not consoled
Deceit threefold

I confess
Mercy sold
For price unknown
For glittering gold

Words of regret
To behold
Guile foretold
I was scold’

Wisdom inept
Cowards not bold
Shaking cold
I’m all alone

Tyrant of Words
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Hoist the Colors

Smoke on the water, mesmerizing mermaids
A surface invite to the light of dawn: Whispering song
All along
the horizon

In the mirror, an adjustment of: Black
A black hat
A brow

No going back
So if
be: That

Then hoist the colors high

Hoist them


Skull of bones


Beauty: Beautiful

Hoist the colors high

At the helm & command to a land where we were: Born



Fire of Insight
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Such is Suffering

Troubled, distressed
trauma and woe
unwavering discomfort
enduring sorrow

Feelings of anguish
consumed by despair
unfortunate hardships
a heavy cross to bear

Amid charred ashes
of loss and tragedy
existence, not living
bounded, unfree

Such is suffering
this human condition
seemingly endless
with no remission

Twilight of death
a wretched place
ultimately necessary
that I may find my grace

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
Australia 4awards
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Lessons in Nature

You do not see the flowers
Turn away the bees
Nor do you see the birds
Being banished by the trees

There are no bounds in nature
Every little thing takes what it needs
And provides sustainability for
Nourishment and peace

We have falsely learned
Possession is the way
And as long as we continue to hoard
Our consciousness will not awake

{50 unique words}

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#10 of 30

One fish, Two Fish

Inside me are
one fish, two fish

at the least,

The dreamiest goldfish
daydreaming away
into obliviousness
you have ever known
so out of touch
they forget the previous moment
in favour of naive fondness
eager to look on the positive
and the golden lining.

And a surprise Shark
snarling and snapping away
in sudden savage attack
with a grinning quip
of deepest blue
to flush blood into the water
and a sharp erect fin
that will hardly finish anytime soon,
slapping some colour into those cheeks.

Round and round they go
which one it'll be,
nobody knows
And there's plenty more fish to see...

(Unique Words: 80)

Tyrant of Words
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on printing missing posters for my spine:

in the
peony belly,
a handful
of pink leaves
leaching into
the steam ~
cannot scry
sense from the
warm flowering
roses wilt
& hibiscus
& the water
offers no more answers
the mute tongue
with which i
honeyed lies
into my lungs….
… comfort
is sweet but
from the
hand thrown hive
while i
lose myself
between one cup
then the next

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