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2024 Official DUP NaPoWriMo Challenge

Tyrant of Words
United States 63awards
Joined 22nd July 2019
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Lunar Gratitude

I watch the sun,
the moon
and the stars
do what nature has intended
for them to do.

I’ll never grasp
their true magnitude.
It feels too overwhelming
to contemplate their function
and yet, my heart will soar
and my head will swim
in euphoric dizziness
at their incomparable beauty.

I feel small and insignificant
by contrast.

And yet, nothing as devastating
as  betrayal but the grace received
from natures healing powers
elevated me while it left you
a speck of dust in the universe.

I’m eternally bound
and lifted by that gift.

71 u/w

Dangerous Mind
United States 28awards
Joined 30th June 2016
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Sand Drifts

Time's winds blow sand drifts aloft
even as monuments and smaller works
lie beneath the uncountable grains
on beaches and in deserts

all we tried to achieve in many lifetimes
barely touches the surface draft
but holds its secrets sovereign
and its whispers only convey neutrality

The sand contains the memory of it all
even as evaporated experience
how everything was fought for
and how it became dessicated

Those made rose to view everything
before the land lost its fertility
and buried all that was necessary
creating the doom loop of endless need

The years confirmed the great closure
and gave us no assurance or measure
that the past would succeed anything
or that things entombed would ever rise up

One hundred years is but a blink in history
and every heartbeat a faintest contribution
to the mountains which stay impervious
unmoved by the eons and their masses

Twisted Dreamer
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Echoes of a Fan

My gaze chases around an unkiltered fan;
She works, wholly, but with a warbling wobble.
Induce one to daze, those soft shrieks can
She shows me my self-deprecated reflection:
Was never a well oiled machine, in my lifespan
Full throttle or down for days, said it's bipolar  
Churning hard, but always back where I began
But, when it's all said and done, 'least I'm cool

Tyrant of Words
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The Dichotomy of Control

I cannot control that which is out of my reach
I can only sway my attitude and demeanor
Thus if I practice to remain calm and composed
I can focus my energy on thoughts, actions and goals

Whatever chaotic or tumultuous movements are near
I understand that my inner peace is guided by light
For I have power over my emotion and mindset
With a sense of determination and purpose

Embracing the things that are within my control
Is a paradigm shift that gives me tranquility
Searching for the words that elevate and uplift
Can help me attain balance and equanimity

70 Unique
101 Total

Fire of Insight
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Joined 12th July 2017
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Some Body

They teach them young
Like fledglings in a nest
Open up, taste the truth
Close, chew, keep it down
Somebody loves you

It’s an unspoken rule
Self reliance is a virtue
This I know
I failed that test
I’ve leaned on others
Til their arms snap, like branches

This reality eats us
Burrowing under the skin
Our psyche starts to cave in
Whatever was there

Somebody cares, somebody
Watches out
Watched you crumble alone
Somebody there for you
Until your final hour
Stop it, shut up
Teach me to love
My body
Let me own my skin
Look at that innocent child within
No somebody will ever do that
Is advocacy a sin?

Let me hold a hand, somebody listen
Hear me out, for once
Before I become
Some body.

Dangerous Mind
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Joined 18th Aug 2017
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Napo 2024 Day 1

No time like the present.
Sent distress signals:
Wrecking into a tailspin;
in my head again,
ending any control.
Whole systems shut down.

I drown in an ocean of letters.
I better hurry and gather my vowels.
I prowl for consonants.

Constant words begin to form,
storming my thoughts.
Caught myself a break,
taking away another poem.

Unique Words 54

Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
Joined 10th Apr 2020
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I Can't Do This

I'm sorry, but I can't  
do this.  
I thought I could but  
I can't.  
Too much.  
Too much sleep deprivation,  
too much angst  
too much aloneness  
too much talking on the phone  
to call centers staffed  
with accents which challenge  
my old man lack of understanding  
Why do they make everything  
so ambiguous?    
Why does everyone  
hoard my data,  
my searches,  
my fumbling bumbling--  
and no one out there  
cares anymore  
because it's all machines  
Or voices from around the globe  
hungry people trying to feed their families  
working in low-paying call centers  
and yes I want to help,  
I send money I can't afford to send  
because it's too expensive not to,  
too expensive to lie there at night  
and you just can't sleep  
because you know that child  
in Gaza or Haiti or South Sudan  
is hungry because  
you couldn't afford another  
five bucks  
And so just to get some sleep  
you say, you promise,  
I will send it tomorrow  
and sometimes you do  
and sometimes you put it off  
another day  
which means more sleep deprivation  
because that is how your heart works  
and on top of this  
to agree to write a decent poem  
today and tomorrow and the day after that  
when I can barely drag  
myself out of bed  
in the morning  
with my cat Miss Behavin'  
misbehaving bigtime  
wanting out  
clean my box  
water please  
food--and you  
presume to call yourself  
my valet?  
Walking away  
tail in air  
me crestfallen  
poem unwritten  
angst roiling  
And how am I supposed  
to count unique words--  
50, no less--with only  
twenty fingers and toes  
with me in socks  
and bedroom slippers  
at 2:09 in the afternoon?  
And some little doo-hickey  
just popped up all smart-ass  
on my screen  
informing me that I have  
4 outdated drivers  
for apps I never use  
with "outdated" italicized  
as if demanding immediate attention  
lest my world come crashing down  
like the bridge the other day  
which still is running on  
a perpetual loop in my head  
and those poor gawddamn workers  
coming however many miles  
across borders  
and deserts and walls  
and razor wire  
and finally finally  
getting a job  
a food-on-the-table-job  
fixing potholes on a bridge,  
the Francis Scott Key bridge,  
the essence of America bridge,  
yearning to be free bridge,  
teeming refuse of the southern border  
grateful as hell to fill some potholes  
on the National Anthem bridge  
with conspiracy theories  
appended to their truncated lives  
like footnotes  
to the MAGA theocracy  
of darkness bridge.  
Jobs the rest of us  
good Americans don't want  
but cite as evidence  
they're stealing our jobs.  
only to have their worlds  
suddenly implode  
as the America Dream  
rips off its mask  
to reveal its dark  
nightmare dream face  
and it's MTG with her  
gashly mocking face  
smiling with delight  
as i sit here,  
197 days shy of my 80th birthday  
bathing in self-pity  
putting one impotent word  
in front of the other.  
Privileged me  
99% white me  
1% survived the middle passage me  
with slave-owners in my genetic woodpile  
and--am I there yet?  
Have we crossed over Jordan  
or the Rio Grande yet?  
I'm sorry.  
I have until 11:59 tonight.  
Perhaps I'll come up with something.  

Nathaniel Peter
Twisted Dreamer
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The New Hate

Versed against desire
What words in motion to sate the thirst for fire
Crucifixion before resurrection
The cross is not just an escapists will to survive
Dying to self is the means by which we truly come alive

The lost art of sacrifice
It’s like we’re falling in every way but love
Pulled apart by the divided grips of gravity
Starving and feeding
The scarcity of hope is the feast of our depravity

It’s not a question of the truth Your heart will tell
But the replies of bloodthirsty compatibility or the unrequited hell

Damnation to a dull roar for the promise of wrath that utters to offend
The controversy of divine judgements in denial of the Godsend

Oh gift of this, this death a conduit to resurrect
Bond servants we are, the indentured servitude of cancelled debts

Pioneer hard hearts back to the beaten path
Holiness transcribed by virtue of renewed points of view
Redemption and resurrection in step with obedience in the aftermath
Faith refined through the lens of You

Groaning hopes grate against the friction of hypocrisy
Irritations of routine and traditions of a ritualized lobotomy

Morals relegated to the politics of what the world is yearning to avoid
Unity forged of a liars silence for all that is ignored
Tolerated into ruts of lips out of alignment with our feet
Filing edges down to take the bite off the sword
False peace to keep us quiet for the sake of easy street

The new hate is the rod neglected for the idol of the will to accept
Unified as we endorse the order of this world’s will to excommunicate the truth that they reject

Perverse apologetics of our pleas
Enablers of our sick and twisted mercies

Penances forfeited makes a lie of salvation’s invitation
Pandering to the corrupt with condescension and placation

Enamored by secret sins that blackmail consciences of self infatuation
Cases of unspoken accusation
Subtle whispers of a guilty implication

Sell outs of cowardice bargain souls with lives of liquidation
Auctioning our freedoms through doctrines on the black market of a mortgaged generation

Godlessness of this permeation
Divided ever further, the fractures of a broken nation

Suicide by way of double sided stones
I’m just as guilty of sitting upon self righteous and self indulgent thrones

Harboring truths in vain and trampling true grace
Making currency of our souls in the economy of the will to save our face

Minutes and warning signs away
They’ll never hear us beyond what our actions say
In these last of the last days just how are we supposed to play
In this game we’ve made of war complacency robs power from every word we pray…

Tyrant of Words
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Joined 7th Mar 2021
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Days of Rain

A texture of Easter-candy
coloring tongue
budding tastebuds
exploding suns
Exemplary to forms of dimensions
descended from
forms-from which/memory should be formed

Such formations of form
Each speaking
speeches reaching in speech
as a reach

Connected in nexus of genesis where beauty teaches one to become: Genius

Views imbued, exigencies of review


Study/where I studied & reviewed: You

There was no vision – Until there was


Tyrant of Words
Scotland 30awards
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Patchwork Sanity

lips sttched
together tightly
gloriously gagged
from speach
can no longer
sharp resolution
of darkness
its all a facade
i don't really
exist here

eeyes bulging
out sockets
finely tuned
screw slowly
turns tighter
worry knows
my frequency
that song plays
so violently
seems on
permanent repeat

name has been
taken again
identity worthless
digitally deleted
deflated like
useless currency
who's to blame
for confusion
when instructions
were never written
just splashed
illiterate graffiti

Unique words 76

Dangerous Mind
India 3awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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A piece of sun fell from the sky
and the land was dividing itself

Man hid in a nest of fear
the birds were looking for their place

The sea was showing its fierce form
As like the rivers went out for a walk

Nature started showing the trailer of devastation
the glow of cruelty began to shine

Mountains of dead bodies started forming everywhere.
Walls, bed, ceiling and kitchen turned into screams

Children died and started swimming on the sea shore.
Pain shops started opening everywhere

The rotating world seemed to have stopped due to destruction.
struck fear into the hearts of the living

When remember that time and  get goosebumps.
I explained to myself but that this is an unnecessary fear, death is inevitable along with birth.

When you start living a free life, contrary to nature,
Then it is nature's duty to shake your consciousness...

Dangerous Mind
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2 of 30

scales of life

I'm tired of giving standard answers
to impertinent questions
then watching their faces
as they struggle to hide how they're assessing my worth
based on their one dimensional judgment
determining themselves to be better whatever
the next time I'm asked
how much do you weigh
I'm simply going to say
I bear the weight of 20,367 days
a thousand & 1 stupid queries
countless empty smiles
when eyes show a different story
I bear the burden of so many mistakes
...the sheer volume is hard to fathom
& the pressure of stresses
caused by judging me harshly
{not always externally}
I shudder under the bulk pinning me down
of a million cruel remarks
& abuses I'd rather you not try to imagine
it's my load to carry
& I do
I'll ask...if I need help...
...though probably not from you
never from someone who sets a bar so high
it's humanly impossible
America said it perfectly in her Barbie monolog
there is no description for this
mere pounds don't amount to shit
so trust me...
that dial on the scale...
is nothing in comparison

Dangerous Mind
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The Wholeness of Being

I am ten thousand things alive
hiding from impending death,
my labels carefully contained
inside one cracked vessel;
I am filled to bursting
with classifications
and characteristics,
each gifted to me
every new season
by the woefully color-blind
or deliberately misinformed;
I am ten thousand things alive
but you see only
a small dead man few;
those who seek
the truth in whole need only
shake the contents together
and pour them into a glass,
then drink it down,
reveling in the complimentary flavors

Dangerous Mind
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Why I Write

People write because no one listens
But see words on paper how they glisten

The comfort of the pen in my hand
Helps me write to better understand

The chaos I keep locked inside
The darkness in my mind’s eye

Writing is an emotional journey for me
Peering behind veils so that I may see

There is more to me than just my darkness
Bright seething truths I find and confess

But truly past all of that mess
Are the dear connections that we get

From others in the deep underground
Treasured friendships here are found

UWC = 74

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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Infinitely inherent

Lately, i feel quite fatigued
spiritually weak and tired

drowning in personal sweat
all to consuming
eating away day in, night out

immanently opposite
lusting to break free

from the gravitational pull
of Gaia’s keep

. . . . .

i am more than ready
for the transcendent
we all will gain

( Releasing
that which a higher plane
of enlightened energies
enveloped all
before birth
Imprisoning our souls -
prismatically, speaking )

when we shed
our corporeal


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