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RUNNERS-UP: Kou_Indigo and Northern_Soul

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Fear and Self-loathing in Poetryville

Thought Provoker
Norway 5awards
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lessons of the kernels

I seek the eye of each storm
becoming a womb  
formed by words
my pheromone unknown
lay your head against each canopy
my cloth is older than each pillar life rests upon
I celebrate all carvings
each mural etched in moors
in mud as dessert sand blows
stories of far ancestors
rebuilding each architecture
in patterns repeating
light particles
to purify content
I include all non defied beings
who are kept as vessels
may rain reign
I allow all loveless
dusk dust sweat swirls
rampage rust rot
each aspect octaves
from turpentine
turf cold coils
coaled silence
I grew
into life
attuned to offerings
and possibilities
Thank you\me for...
wishing you\me.....
granting you\me......
veiled vow
as I looked into
lapis lazuli
a 14th moon ago
copyrights © owned by Ri
Written by Anne-Ri999
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Dangerous Mind
United States 16awards
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blind spot

it never comes with a warning 
that fistcrushinglungs
skip of a...beat...choking feeling 
suddenly startled 
ghosts brushing spectral fingers across overly sensitive skin 
raising pained bumps that never seem to rub out 
unaware of danger's approach...
until it has you by the throat 

...did you know...? 

if surface is all you're seeing...
betrayal can be found in the conscious 
allowing you to naively believe you have any semblance of control 
simply because you will it so 
while behind the scenes...where you're not looking 
your subconscious carefully maneuvers 
trying to get your attention 
spreading the deck quietly 
tower in the upright position 
two sides of the same mind 
a silent battleground 
reality in the background...
while the forefront lies 
daylight delight 
horrors in the night 
...and you didn't see it coming 
but if you're not on constant alert...
...in tune & seeking balance...
...it serves you right 
or so I tell myself 

...mind over matter indeed... 

I ponder now...
all the hours spent on the couch 
spilling my secret pain 
drowning in the bile from years of silence 
as pulses rhythmically shocked 
palms tingling 
fingers locked 
eyes closed 
focused on the feeling 
as the drone goes on 
and on...and on...and on... 
words rusty from disuse 
stumbling over the truth 
all sound emanating from me 
until I said it all...
...without thought...
...out loud 
a thing I never expected to do 
trading ears for money 
temporary sanity 
mistaking numbness for healing
but gods how I craved that not-feeling

...how's that for honesty

but here's the thing 
conditioned to only believe what I  see 
...I was missing half of everything 
due diligence 
must be vigilant 
eyes open at all times 
especially on the inside
let down my guard & it's a dangerous fall
what if next time...
...I'm not strong enough...
Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Dangerous Mind
India 17awards
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The Unchecked

I sometimes wish I was like you.
Free and untethered to any conscience.
Void of external consequences.
Churning the internal maelstrom into my favour at will.
Scratching at the seams of a reality that everyone accepts but doesn’t realise.
Then I wouldn’t have the chance to feel so hopeless about it.
I wouldn’t trace my steps back into the past.
I wouldn’t be wearing the collar.
I wouldn’t be the one trapped in a cage probing the air outside it for clues or pleasures.
I wouldn’t be on the sidelines watching the world fuck away the last of its common sense.
I would be part of a greater machine enamouring, loss, pity, and guilt, in its various forms until all that remains is a mortal shell of a person without the heart or stomach for it.
Written by 13
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poet Anonymous

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I got out of bed around two  
And walked naked to the bathroom  
I turned on the shower too hot  
And underneath the stream  
My skin turned fiery  
I just didn’t want to be blue anymore
Written by Isgyppie_ (The_perpetual_journey_)
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Tyrant of Words
England 33awards
Joined 10th Jan 2021
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Tell It To The Bees

When I was eight, a bee stung my face.        
Tangled itself in my hair    
saw me as an enemy        
and shot hot venom into my skin.        
My Mother ran to her screaming kid        
as a moment of pure panic erupted        
on Sunday’s lawn,        
but the damage was done        
my head throbbing, numb        
where a bruise turned a vivid shade        
of violet, as bold as my new fear        
of small latching insects.          
Fast forward thirty years          
and I was laying half-naked on a table        
in front of a radiographer after my third        
failed spinal tap, feeling the pressure        
of a needle finally find the hallowed gap        
in a spine, while he waved a tiny bottle        
of clear fluid in front of my face          
to show me the eagle had landed        
and I lay there, my dark veins buzzing        
while a placid woman held my hand        
because she could see me shaking          
beneath amber spotlights          
full of adrenaline, and morphine,        
and a tempestuous swarm        
of unanswered questions        
you see—        
ask me what fear is, and I’d tell you        
it was the not knowing if that lesion was a tumour,        
or cancer, or a life I could not define        
it was sucking down government issue soup,        
watching an old woman in the bed opposite        
eat piss-pad broth as her last meal, waking        
in the faint glow of the nurse’s station        
to watch them close curtains as they wheeled        
her thinly-veiled corpse away        
it was watching doctors give you your news        
behind Covid-issue face masks, desperate        
to see the shape of mouths offer comfort        
that never came        
a stress induced nose bleed        
across rough, blue sheets—        
the same sheets used to exhibit        
bad Rorschach artworks to a ward        
on why you were there        
in that place        
in that bed        
in that room.        
When I was eight, a bee stung my face,        
and I remember the hurricane headache        
that followed, just like thirty years later        
when stings became needles        
and needles became terror        
and terror was a bruised spine        
that forgot to tell secrets to a hive     
while those bees stole back      
their blessings
in return.
Written by Northern_Soul (-Missy-)
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st Feb 2024
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A decaying soul

I’m down, I’m broken
I’m tattered, decayed
I’m worn, I’m tired
I’m lonely, concaved

I’m weak, I’m lurid
I’m cold, untamed
I’m empty, I’m tainted
I’m lost, delayed

I’m small, I’m malting
I’m taunted, afraid
I’m chained, I’m naked
soulless, depraved
Written by Kinkwizard_95
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Twisted Dreamer
Joined 26th Dec 2019
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The deed tree

From angles to tangled limbs  
It speaks to me  
Silhouetted and souless  
Half buried rusted iron at its feet  
By clay muddied waters  
Pooling brown - gray  
Sometimes it's pointing  
Other times beckons the rain  
Always with a ragged face  
Deed tree, I understand  
It happened  
I'm sorry
Written by Jezkeebs
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Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
United States 36awards
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Thank you so much to all the extremely talented poets who entered. Your words were utterly exquisite and breathtaking. I decided, in the end, that bluevelvete, Kou_Indigo, and Northern_Soul were the best examples of what I was looking for regarding the theme of the competition and they really reached into me and touched my soul with their visceral, evocative words. Bravo to all who submitted work, and thank you so much for giving me the chance to read such incredible writing. Love to all. :)

Tyrant of Words
England 33awards
Joined 10th Jan 2021
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Congrats to all 🥳

poet Anonymous

Oh, wow... Thank you, Toni-🌹  

🎉 Congratulations ,Kou_Indigo and Northern_Soul

and thanks for all the poems entered.. I sincerely love reading different styles and ideas centered around the same theme, it was a real pleasure.


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