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RUNNERS-UP: crimsin and Adelphina

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Said the poet at confession

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Any more for any more? The train is close to departing 🚂

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Superdaddies with Racks and Screws?

or † †
† †  
You Do Not Do, You Dodos You! † †
† †  
* † † †  
† †  
I must confess I hope to die with dignity sans pain † †
assisted by an empathetic medic qualified † †
along with an enlightened species sensibly humane † †
which prides itself upon a bedside manner edified † †
by logic's truth that namely not one reasoned, thinking brain † †
prefers the tortured death all sinful "souls" inane abide. † †
† †  
* † † †
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Fire of Insight
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The mystery of morning

Thick socks fall in loops over ankles †
displayed like the slipped towel of a naked back††
pushed further down by a bashful hand, †
innocent of the artists eye. †

Pale hairy soleus protrude to †
shuffle across cold cracked tiles †
all silent but a hiss of burning gas, †
the frightened kettle screeches a warning †
and I appear outside in heavy frost. †

Thick white mascara brushed onto cobwebs †
that cantilever wooden slats. †
This is where my spider goes †
cold toes, cold toes, cold toes! †
† †
A bird has laid eggs in my hair †
so I should probably eat them,††
will they be breakfast fried †
or boiled for lunch, maybe †
scrambled for supper?††

This page is reaching out †
beyond the blank fields †
the only sound, an ink blot hare †
trapped in a snare, †
the kettle is still screeching. †

Good morning!†
you shout, to bring my spider out †
making my toes turn to watch †
your hands move over tea and toast. †

I sit next to you †
staring at two empty places.††
"Youíre quiet today" you say,
I wait and walk around the white fields††
"I thought we might have eggs for supper" †
I say it softly and see the hare run free. †
† †
Written by Razzerleaf
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Thank you for your entries, Jordan & Razzerleaf. Wonderful :)

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Last writes

My words will eventually devour me: Father
I hold the tool within my mind
it poisions and cannot be confined
my prayer they fall through heavens floor
the devil waits and sweeps them towards
the caldrons roar
the tempest churn within my all
self harm its eating like zombie worms
the empty ear, departed care
pages with a bloody tear
and bleed without pubicity
love so close, hate to choke
my own ode, a last discorse
Written by slipalong
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Hi Slipalong. Iím afraid thereís a 50 word minimum for this contest in the guidelines. If you would like to increase your word count for your entry, you would be very welcome. Thank you kindly 🙂

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hope this is a welcomed try

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slipalong said:hope this is a welcomed try

Fab. Thank you!

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Foxes & Wolves

I wondered back then
A long time ago
At fourteen in middle school
A year before the quinceanera I never had
Where Iíd be later in life

Everyone my age left middle school
and their teens early
My girlz grew up way too fast

String bikinis
Hickeys on tummies
Laughing in detention
Fights in the restroom
at school or the movie theater

Wasnít my thing though, never was

I wasnít scared of fighting
but my mother was a different story
And my friends knew it
They didnít have to answer to her
I did
But makeup was okay
So Iíd help reapply
black eyeliner afterwards
The red pencil one
Weíd melt the tip with a lighter
cause it was cool as fuck

God I missed them in high school

We were all baby foxes
back then just living
until it was time
to go home

To our dens

And once there
Iíd daydream
If Iíd survive my neighborhood
Itís dark side
How it perseveres
Like a beastís underbelly
Always wanting to be fed with a rumble

So many raids
I remember Lenny telling me once
"When they come theyíre
going to earn their paycheck"
And they did
It took three to drag him
handcuffed into the cop car

He howled with fearless
adrenaline the whole time
Like a handcuffed wolf
He came from a family of them
The runt that grew into the alpha

Itís odd watching neighbors
you used to play hide and seek
with grow into dangerous people

And I know now
Years later
Why it never appealed to me
That loop
That chaos
The inside of it

I realized I was too smart for it
Iíd learned my surroundings well
Much more the observer
on the outside of it

Always learning what not to do
I outsmarted the echoes
Refusing to be a sad story
In shades of red
Like a fox
Written by Adelphina
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Twisted Dreamer
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Makeshift Abortion In A McDonaldís Bathroom

Her name was June
We were young
I had yet to discover
My self
I was experimenting around
With Penises in my mouth
When suddenly it hit me
I swing both ways
And mostly towards cock

But she rang me on the telephone and said
ďJermaine, youíre gonna be a daddyĒ
I said I didnít want that kind of responsibility
That kids are too expensive
And they smell bad
Because they constantly shitting
And canít clean up after themselves

After a few weeks, I wore her down
She agreed to have an abortion if I would pay for half
But I was young and had recently been fired
For jacking off into a fried shrimp platter
At a fancy ass restaurant

I didnít have more than 20 bucks to my name
We agreed to meet and figure shit out

The local McDonalds was a nice central location
Words were exchanged
Tears were dabbed off each otherís faces
Until finally she said ďfuck thisĒ
Got up to go to the bathroom
And took care of it herself
She brought an extra pair of pants and everything
I couldnít believe it

I bought us lunch
I figured if I didnít have to save up for the operation
It was the least I could do
She said she wasnít hungry, which I guess was understandable
But I love me some nuggets and so I ate hers too
I made a joke about how I was eating for two and she slapped me and stormed
off leaving a blood stain on the chair

As I sat there finishing my chicken nuggets with a side of Barbecue sauce I stared out the window
Thinking on what it must be like to be a father
I never saw June again
And not a day goes by that I donít regret
Eating her nuggets
Written by Jermainesplain
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Thanks for the entry Adelphina. Jermainesplain, itís new writes only Iím afraid.

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Thank you so much for a comp that was so difficult to judge, and for embracing confessional poetry.

Congrats to DaisyGrace on first place. Your poem really embraced that first person narrative and encapsulated the spirit of this comp perfectly.

Runners up go to Adelphina, who slipped in at the edge there with her beautiful use of metaphor in the narrative, and Crimsin who wrote a piece that was both touching in terms of contents and fit that first person brief well.

Thank you to everybody. Until next time

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congratulations lovely Daisy and Adelphina I feel honored to be a runner-up in this comp. Missy thank you 💕

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Congratulations Winners!:)

Dangerous Mind
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Well! Look at me, all pleased with myself! There were lots of good poems in this competition and it's an honor to be among them. Thanks for the comp, Missy. Always a pleasure.

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