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Said the poet at confession

Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
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She's run out of things to live for.
Teacups and shoes,
a hint of collarbone
through his shirt.

All day, the taste of longing
in her mouth.
Waiting for him to pass,
to giggle hot like a schoolgirl.

By midnight the world's diminished
to lights caressing the tollway.
Signposts that sing of a desperate paradise,
his cologne scraping the car's interior.

How she yearns in places
her body cannot reach.
Desire crackling the dash,
slicing the night like a scar.

The skyline sutured and frayed,
his textbook she drowned at the lake.
How every moon on a bracelet
corresponds with a bruise.
Written by toniscales (Lost Girl)
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Tyrant of Words
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Thanks for your entries Mel44 and ToniScales! Lovely stuff.

(íll be honest, ToniScales I thought you had long gone from this place so pleasantly surprised to see you around the gaff! 😄👍🏻)

Fire of Insight
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Audacity of a seed

She said seedy †

believing my sheets  
belong behind closed  
doors in hotel rooms  

on half gnawed streets  
marrying occupied beds  
lights dimmed in red,  

I sit back a moment  
allowing white hot  
rage to pass over  

I think of seeds;  

how each root  
burrows further  
underground †

hoping to keep †  
plants anchored †
in all of it's ways,  

how every shoot †
desires reaching  
for a burning star  

in broad daylight  
regardless what  
season it faces,  

how you grow †
allowing wind †
to command  

each direction †
your stem must †
sway towards,  

how I grow in †
every direction  

that brings me  
joy & warmth.
Written by _feral
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Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

Camilla Beatriz Flores
Twisted Dreamer
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Laughter at My Father's Passing

My father told me, on his death bed,
My child you are more evil than was I.
Not because you fill people with dread!
And not because you have the Devil's eye.
Oh no, it is because you are a lot like me,
Only you do not regret the things you do.
As I breathe my last, you weep not I see!
Is it because you and I both always knew?
That one day you would eclipse me fully.
Congratulations, daughter... and farewell...
And after that, no more did Father breathe!
I can only assume, his soul went unto Hell.
 † † † Oh what am I, sometimes I ask, so awful!
How could I weep for a man so wicked?
Despised by those whom he victimized,
Cruelest even when he was at his kindest.
Yes, he and I both more than ever realized!
That his many sins came swift to visit him.
I could not tell him that I knew it was time,
Because I am the incarnation of life's ending.
I show mercy on all whose hearts are kind!
For him there was no mercy that he earned,
And so at his end I could not give him ease.
If that makes me evil then I shall be burned,
In the fire that awaits in the darkness for me.
 † † † Oh what am I, sometimes I ask, nervously!
But I never burn, even when universes die,
Because I am Death, and as such I endure.
My father did not even look me in the eye,
Because, he was afraid, even as I was sure.
I felt his fear, I knew his sins, and I laughed,
While our maid thought that I'd gone crazy.
A great evil was gone, and all of his wrath,
And at last I could live my life with dignity.
In this body, I was the daughter of a monster,
But even Death cannot choose her parentage.
Within me, no evil is there to ever truly stir,
Even when something stirs me near to a rage.
 † † † Oh what am I, sometimes I ask, at this age!
I am at peace with my father's swift passing,
Swifter than he deserved, one smallest mercy.
I regret that I had stood there, coldly, laughing!
Because I am not like him after all, not fully.
 † † † Never again shall he tell me the old stories,
 † † † Of our ancestors and of their terrible glories.
Written by LaBrujaOscura_75 (Camilla Beatriz Flores)
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Tyrant of Words
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Iceberg Ahead

Itís the visible portion of the iceberg ahead that Iím not worried about.
That part is easy to maneuver around. But what lies underneath is the
scary part, that portion is bigger and it goes deep. Above the surface I
watch my mouth, I keep to my decorum. I was taught to be respectful
because if I donít have anything nice to say, then donít say anything at
all. So I suppress and suppress and to my surprise I bury it deep, but in
my sleep I hear the words I want to say. By day I keep to my etiquette,
but at night thereís a dark silhouette urging to spout like itís Touretteís.
The restraints are hard to keep in check, the meds, the threads are
unraveling slowly, like the icebergís underwater portion, itís trying
to flip and come up to the surface. Then I feel the fuel, itís inviting
me, itís exciting to let loose and lose all control. My soul feels the
tear at the foundation, breaking right down the middle, and I teeter
on the edge with anticipation wanting to see it turnover, over and over.
I gave it a voice, a twin, an antonym to help me deal like another eye
in the Gemini, but the battle between him and I is steadily tearing apart
at the seams.
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
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Feral, DaisyGrace, Labrujaoscura, Wallyroo - Oof. Thanks for these entries. Some proper weight here!

Yousef Alfil
Lost Thinker
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I owe myself an apology for not recognizing the sweetness that resides within me,
 For giving it all to someone who sought only to deplete it all in me.
Am sorry myself for the thick skin, I tried too hard, searching for a wrong shoulder to lean.
In the process, I buried something in me that had not yet blossomed , a dormant seed to sprout.

I was just a saint, and they? Snakes not heavenly sent.
I said I am searching, but I was just learning.
Learning not to give up too fast, for nothing beautiful is easy getting.

I owe myself an apology for not finding you sooner; perhaps I could rewrite my future.
I was a fool; for thinking my first heartbreak was the end, yet the beginning, the journey ext_end.
For not realizing a loser can still be winning.
For saying a king was never akin to a slave, yet I was to my queen.

I owe myself an apology for loving the wrong ones.
For burying this gem in shadows, i was unaware of its brilliance
For not realizing every setback was a lesson in disguise, they were steps to my perfection
But before I apologize myself, You owe me an apology first for not meeting me sooner than now, for making me pass and see the unforeseeable, yet controllable.
Written by Yousef_Alfil (Yousef Alfil)
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Tyrant of Words
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Hi Yousef. Thanks for your entry, but unfortunately this contest is for new writes only. You are welcome to write a new entry if you would like to. 🙂

Dangerous Mind
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Indecent indifference

(If you're looking for porn, GTFO)
There are no rules that bind my imagination
It worries her, how easily I snap in and out of it
The nauseating fear of encountering something unholy
Numbs her emotions and closes her legs
I am famished and ravenous
Disconnected from reality for the sake of ecstasy
Even if it's just momentarily, the spiritual adultery is no joke
Especially not in the face of love bespoke
She excites more than my senses can tame
Makes me squeal like a pig and writhe like a snake
But I'm a victim of habit, mindless and automatic
Seeking satisfaction in the arms of misery instead
A familiar countenance, a beautiful bass, leather and lace
Prying eyes, clothes, and memories; imagined fakes
No reason to hold a candle to any of it, not for me
In my dreamworld, I'll still grab their hair and fuck their face
They're people I know, I meet, I see
Drawing their curves and mapping their frames
To later be used for something mundane
Rip and fuck and ravage the visions I create
I want to blame everyone else for the way I am
And forget that I have any thing to do with my past
Every time we fell apart I'd wander these awful landscapes
I'd rather be castrated than lose her over this.
Written by 13
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Tyrant of Words
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Thanks for the entry 13. Wonderful. 🙂

Thought Provoker
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Never mind! Didnít see the word limit 🫣

Tyrant of Words
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Isgyppie_ said:Never mind! Didnít see the word limit 🫣

Aww, you are welcome to enter something over 50 if you would like to. It would be lovely to see you in the comp. 👌🏻

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Northern youthÖ

Iím nostalgic for a time that I never knew
Iím lost in memories that simply arenít true
Colours fade, and the days change
The sun doesnít rise anymore

I canít escape, my footís on the break
Time gets lost around me
I can see the smiles and rides that once used to be
But they were never known to me

Thinking, drinking, talking, weeping
I canít really remember my youth
I look up to the sky and I just want to cry
All of those things I let them do to me

All of the drugs, all the assaults
Why did I let it be so?
Friends stealing from my bag, driving me mad
Why did they want me addicted?

I used to lie in the alleyís, passed out and unafraid
I didnít care what anyone would do to me
I befriended the rapists, the paedoís, smack addicts
Iíd hang out with anyone just to have a friend

Knife threats on the daily, people calling me crazy
None of it mattered to me
If I could just get my hit, the rest would be bliss
We could go and rob the shop later

Psychological manipulation, rumours shouted aítop the table
I knew I didnít really have syphilis or clap
Yet I let them all in my head, I believed what they said
Iíd become exactly what they wanted

Thieving money from my parents
Deranged and degraded, oh what did it matter anymore
Being trapped inside houses with men who despised me
The end felt near by that point

The girl I once knew was no longer there
And I certainly hadnít become a woman
Dreams shattered, hopes lost, upset and ashamed
I lay in a mess of my own making
Written by Kinkwizard_95
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Tyrant of Words
England 33awards
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Thank you for your entry, kinkwizard_95. Also, hello from another northern UK town 👋

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