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Poem of the Month - February 2024

Lost Thinker
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True Steps

I seek to find an authentic place
where I may wear my truest face
revealing the real me
no longer conceal what I see

For the page is a field of snow
the only place I dare to go
leaving drops of my bled ink
right up to its very brink

Not marginalizing the edge
as I again keep my pledge
to be true to myself
leave others’ books on their shelf

Never dazzled by the sheen
of all that I have seen
but relish what has begun
with each new rising sun

Now setting off on foot
I dust off all of this soot
from all those funeral pyres
every single lie that still conspires
Written by LilDragonFly
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I would like to nominate the following poem

Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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youthful remembrance

my youthful days flowed
like a river into summer,
while sweet fragrances danced on warm air,
hope carried within
a trusting vessel,
unknown to wandering expectations.

silhouettes of another
passed within reach,
connecting two souls,
an unintentional blaze
consumes both.

times change, their paths woven
with different threads,
still believing as one, again.
yet days passed,
days into nights, nights into years,
continuing on.

youthful remembrance
of soft caresses,
words spoken and unspoken,
dreams still growing
as eternal optimism,
memories kept well attended.

still strong and unyielding,
the memories still fueled
a flame,
each flame withstanding
distance and loss.

only to grow stronger
and enduring,
two souls carried onward, separate,
even when the last day
has slipped from time,
the ashes will still be
hot enough to burn.
Written by wolfatthedoor1966
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Dangerous Mind
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God in the Sky    
Is the same as the God in Eye    
My Covenant is Clear    
I Hear beyond Purgatory's Pond    
The Bond is Solidified    
Through the Ancient Pillars    
Of Humility and Respect    
The building blocks of Wizdom  
Thus is the Journey of Divine Intelligence
Reconciling the Human Experience    
Eye am the Risen from the Mud    
The Cosmically Driven    
The 3-D Chess Player looking at His End Game    
The Reveler...the Leveler    
Squaring Loose Ends    
The Reliever of Lucy's Noose    
The Maker of Amends with Demons    
As-salamu alaykum    
Eye am the Direct Line    
Between Two Points    
Eye am the Forest after the Trees    
Seeking Heaven's Sake    
Eye am The Clarity    
With Bared Feet planted in Hallowed Ground    
Following Footprints...Blueprints    
From The Lost to The Found    
Eye am at last...    
Written by Naajir
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Tyrant of Words
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I will write you in caricature

because to me
that's all you are;

perfectly placed
in a grand abode

all arranged
on a pristine
coffee table,

the book you
wrote sat on
a pedestal

left untouched

because no
other fingertips
have any value
to flip through
every one of
your pages,

as I say this

I contemplate
if this world has
become your

if this is the way
you can breathe
without shame
or clarification

doesn't excuse
the annihilation,

one voice isn't
the universe;

not even the sun
not even the moon
tolerates that flavour
of riddled up bollocks,

I still write you
in caricature

because nobody
here understands

why you do
what you do

or keep insisting
on everything you
must cry out to do,

I still write you
in caricature

because you
are caricature

upon caricature
upon caricature
upon caricature

doesn't that shit
ever exhaust you?

don't you ever
want to unravel

say something
that rightfully
belongs to you,

to you
Written by neves
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Fire of Insight
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The Green Black Chair

I wander the outskirts of sanity
an odd one out to humanity
I don't fit with the normals

it hurts this feeling of isolation
I have friends in nature feeling connected to the sky
to the earth below me

I hear her voice

people view me as strange, disconnected, dangerous
though I've never harmed anyone

I talk to the air
I talk to my green black chair
it listens to me not saying a word
I imagine one of the long-deceased psychiatrists is sitting there

talking about my mommy issues
it seems I hate her
for passing me the gene that would outcast me

the happiness that keeps me going is all that is natural
the animals, the sky, the flowers, and the trees around me
they vibrate on another level and I can hear them

they comfort my soul
lending credence to my thoughts
the spirits are willing to talk
if you are willing to listen

they will lead you somewhere off the beaten path
if you don't show respect Mother Earth will kill you

I've learned the universe gives back what you give it

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Chloe A. Harper-Ashton
Twisted Dreamer
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A Villain's Wisdom

- A Villain's Wisdom -

What sort of world is this, that these words,
   ring more true with each and every passing hour?
Hate has become more common than is love,
   and one is called evil because they are different!
My only crime is that I am unusual and unique,
   whilst for that there are those who wish me dead.
In society today, there is much that is absurd,
   a society that robs the marginalized of their power.
Good balance is lost; no as below as is above,
   whilst the world burns beneath the very firmament!
Too many hands seeking to cause me to break,
   making me long to fill their hearts all with dread.

How is it that adults never truly understand me,
   yet in the company of a child, I can find my peace?
Humanity has lost its' capacity for good reason,
   and one bad day has become a series of sufferings.
I once longed to save mankind, to lead it bright,
   into a future where no more pain could be known.
But humanity rejects me, destroying its' destiny,
   too many are enslaved, only few desire to be free!
Only in the children is there hope most pleasing,
   and something beautiful within hearts glimmering.
Too few adults who have that same perfect light,
   the way is harsher than ever, true paths overgrown.

Walk with me if you can, understand if possible,
   the things that I say, and the things that are unsaid.
Know the reason for my every madness, be wise,
   enough to realize that what I do is for fair purpose.
I speak only the things that carry in them wisdom,
   even when my words are angry, they are still truth.
What must I become to survive a world so hostile,
   that because of others' malice I have bitterly bled?
She gazes up at me, as I see love in her soft eyes,
   and I remain her champion, as she is all my bliss.
For this child, I would raze a thousand kingdoms,
   until all pain from this world was at last removed!

Every villain begins as a hero seeking what is best...
   until the path diverges, and the darkness makes sense.
My nightmares are many, and infrequent is my rest...
   my pain is great, and my fire must be allowed to vent.
For her, I shall be even as the night itself if I must be,
   and bathe the universe in flame, to restore its' dignity!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
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Dangerous Mind
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We need to get the voting done for February.  And when possible, update November and December '23 on the total list.
We should keep this folder relevant.  So when able, let's get some votes going in here.

Dangerous Mind
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Styxian said:We need to get the voting done for February.  And when possible, update November and December '23 on the total list.
We should keep this folder relevant.  So when able, let's get some votes going in here.

The competition is listed as going until March 5. I think. Voting can’t start until it closes.

Dangerous Mind
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Okay cool. Usually it's three weeks of noms, then the last week of the month for votes?  
Thanks for the heads up.

Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
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you brought me to life -
brought my heart blood,
my lungs oxygen,
my mind consciousness.

so naturally, everything i do,
i can do because of you
and i ask:
“what would i be without you?“

so you say:
“you are you, even without me
you’d be everything you are right now
and everything you will be in the future.“

that’s not true, i think
i owe you everything.

and every night
when i‘m asleep
you save my life

and in the morning,
when you softly wake me
you let the light shine in my room
but i yell at you
i don’t know
i don’t really know.

is there rage in my bloodline
and did you bring me some?
or am i the one
failing to not get drunk on it, like on cheap vine?
Written by copingwithwords__
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
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Poetic Delight

poetic delight  
when the sun shines, then i delight  
from behind the hills,floods my sight  
and the fragrant perfume of the dawn  
smells like blissful Eden's incense  
i can't but be in an ecstatic height  
when the sunset throws a fading light  
when tall Eucalyptus stand in the twilight  
guardian of sweet dreams of the night  
where the beaten pathways bend  
up around the steep rocky mound  
and the far off small town surges  
into my view, then like a child i smile  
when delightful bee for juicy nectar spins  
around a fragrant vernal flower, it sucks  
smart maid of May of the sunny season  
my heart wings a flight of a thousand beats  
where a joyous grasshopper in the field skips  
a nimble critter that sizzles like a fresh drizzle  
on a slender reed, it rests to prob the green lands  
and give the poet a spell for a poetic delight  
when tiny rain drops on my roof, stings  
they tingle the caves of the darkened heart  
like a melody they penetrate into the night  
and awake the childhood dormant souvenirs

Written by poeticdelight (SilentlySpoken)
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States 21awards
Joined 25th Jan 2020
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8th Dimension Celestial Rebirth (COTS-Eclipsed)

Black Tourmaline    
Black Candle    
Palo Santo Incense
In essence, of the zodiacs you have been introduced pertaining to the history of astrology, which traces back to ancient times, where humans looked to the celestial bodies for guidance and meaning.    
Let’s delve into its fascinating history. The people who were of West Eurasian peoples, the earliest evidence for astrology is recorded during the third millennium (BC).    
During that reign, calendars were utilized to forecast seasonal shifts and manifest celestial as signs of divine communications, to chart the seas, the forces of Mother Nature is such a soft innate throughout the ages, given to man as a gift to enjoy from the trees that deliver oxygen, the water to quench thirst and soil to fertilize and bring forth the sweet bearings from her womb.    
The Beautiful Solar System    
That which holds the chromosomes the nucleus of our creation. The stardust from which His nostrils breathed the breath of life. Our voice for which we speak, our aura as we present the reflection of our soul to the world.    
To be at one with civilization and at peace with self, you have to give humble appreciation to Mother Nature, respect the animal kingdom, at best, try to presence the endangered species withing the depth of Aquatic Life.    
During this Total Solar Eclipse as the earth witnessing the passing of Moon and Sun, during that shift, make sure you pray, in some cultures such as mine this is a reflective time for transformation and rebirth.    
Once that embracement of Father, Sun, and the Holy Spirit moment is taking place. The darkness during that period is about discarding our older perspective, giving your persona a boast, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and I will always pray for you and your loved ones to see better days, financially.      
Please keep in mind during such a blessed solstice occurrence once the eclipse subsides and the light returns, it symbolizes rebirth, for any Spiritual Seer, or an Indigo Child a rewarding time to build your spiritual makeshift altar, prayer rooms, or sacred space you may use to elevate your mind spiritual.  
Incorporate your divine space with offerings found in Mother Nature's favor, sacred items to replenish her purpose, strengthen her offerings unto mankind, and renew your faith in all subject matters you deemed not possible for you complete, make that oath to yourself during this eclipse.    
During that time, it is best to pay close attention to your universal/spiritual offerings they must be balanced like Ying and Yang, it draws in that esoteric cosmic vibe flow.  
The Awakening    
In some religions not just the benefit of culture, but there is a sense of honor and during that spiritual mental connection, there has to alliance of heart, mind, remember you are opening up your soul to the world, and if it is found not to be pure in the offering for which you are given to be manifested in return, from what gifts you are seeking it will not manifest.  
A meek heart speaks with a whisper.  
 Celebrate The Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
I will not elaborate due in part, is a sacred, but your choice, therefore, however, you use this universal gateway to give you mental clarity to the world, bring you peace as you assist others, and find ways to propel you mission of existence celebrating its new beginning during the divine passing of the Moon and Sun.    
In my culture our resonating incantations are the elements to reach the other side of this realm, make sure you always spiritual fast, pray and meditate before entering any realm of uncharted sidereal planes in a field of celestial untamed energy in any magnetic field.      
Always know what spirits you are praying to or attracting. The energy shift during an eclipse amplifies intentions and manifestations.    
What I will add is to be positive, with spiritual energies and use that cognitive awareness of enlightenment to amplify your footsteps in life for the greater good of self.    
Thank you all for reding this three part series. I love it when I can give credence to my passion and that is Astrology, Numerology, or Reflexology, the essential for an overall being.    
Our Mystique Energies Dancing In The Majestic Sky For All To See (We Are Here)    
The Earth is our planet, and the Moon softly orbits our planet.    
And the Moon is known to manipulate the tides    
The Sun    
The Sun is known as a dwarf star.    
Its source provides heat, energy to our solar system.    
The Sun’s core undergoes nuclear fusion, converting hydrogen into helium.    
The duality of that power that will be passing in the realm of time, and the energy is imaginable, make sure you capitalize, and reach inside your vessel, unlock the door to your lagging potential, replace those setback, with some sparling energy to get those dreams fulfilled, this is the New Age of Aquarius uprise and show your true purpose, now, therefore, when that Total Solar Eclipse is occurring and have occurred your accomplished will be in the midst of happening.    
And this year, smile more, relax your mind, unwind yourself. You are the navigator of your soul, rather you are sitting, or doing nothing with time. Your destiny is to learn to stand and take one day at a time.    
You have enough information to approve the evolution of your energy in any era of time, from the Vedic, Western, Egyptian, China, and the Themes Zodiac, in addition, the Ophiuchus constellation.    
May our minds come together to ascend to seek the truth and may your journey through life always be filled with love, peace, and a quiet sense of direction.    
“Assalamu Alaikum”
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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inner child

Sweet dreams    
And Live    
I can now    
Be   who    you    need    
and    not    leave    
Dormant youth    
I don’t loathe you

Mad girl    
Fuck up this page and pattern like you’ve always tried to do    
Because you were always told to march    
When all you wanted was to dance    
Dance wild child dance    
 And feel what you must    
You’ve always seen through the bullshit    
And I can now learn from you
Written by Isgyppie_ (The_perpetual_journey_)
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Tyrant of Words
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For Those Who’ve Never Been Beautiful

There may be a place
for faces like ours,
even if not on a television screen.
The boys and girls born to be seen
are not our milieu,

but in the wafting grasses of the night
a flower grows that’s just for us,
the petals prised apart
by careful hands of rain,
its scent dispersed like new gossip.

I’ve always been an ugly one.
Legs like tree trunks, chipped tooth,
a fleshy and amorphous face.

But in the sprawling human race
we are at least unique.
Written by Casted_Runes (Mr Karswell)
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