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Poem of the Month - February 2024

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Three weeks to nominate your favorite poems!
You have THREE weeks to nominate no more than THREE of your favorite poems from another DUP poet!

Please note the following guidelines when making nominations:
The voting for this competition is anonymous; therefore,spoken word nominations will be disqualified. You may nominate Spoken Word pieces in the competition below.

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1. Self nominations are not accepted. The great majority of the competitions here are about spotlighting one's own work on a particular topic or theme.  This is a chance to nominate that poem that you wish you had written but some other great talent here beat you to it.

2. You may nominate only THREE poems from THREE different DU members.

3. No DUPLICATE NOMINATIONS. If you nominate a poem that has already been nominated you will be asked to replace the nomination.

4. Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  

5. Any member who is banned or disables their account PRIOR to winning will be automatically disqualified.

6. One win per member per calendar year, beginning with the month they win.

7. Please notify your nominee they have been nominated.

Nomination Duration is three weeks followed by a week of site voting!

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September - _SHADOE_
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December - AHAVATI

Fire of Insight
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Chaotic Nature

tall green and tan prairie grass
beauty multiplied
by movement
blowing winds
made visible

broad trees
altering  their forms
each different from the next
in branchings
and contortions of its boughs

thinking we love
steady and regular
there must be
a corresponding loathing
of chaos

but waves beating
against rocks of coast
beating against it now
though no one is watching
possesses a kind of chaos

more proper
waves wildly thrashing
against stones
flinging themselves
into the air

life has wildness
and irregularity
without coming to pieces
without reverting to chaos
as we fear it would

disorder manifested
a different nature
dread chaos

© 2024 Raibeart Bruis
Written by Kinkpoet
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Fire of Insight
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At the Dock

standing alone at the dock of River Styx
watching where  Soul departed those many eons ago
there's something waiting to be shown
movement from beyond the misty veil
shadows moved  where life and death meets
through the thick air eternity whispers  
invisible hands reaching through the gloom
souls move around yearning for passage
there's timeless no clock times the endlessness
souls shuffle playing the waiting game
Ferryman Charon steers the vessel  
oars flapping on the cold waters of Styx
the lamp as if hope flickering gangrenous spark  
illuminate faces waiting for absolution
I stand watching though I have no coins for fare yet
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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Tyrant of Words
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Haunting Magic

The veiled moon emits
the strangest obscure light.
Silently awakening
the secret world
of my dark delights.
Yet the tide twinkles,
blinding bright,
on the ancient shore
of my mind tonight.
Mysterious memories swirl
that have haunted me before.
As a dark euphoria sedates my core.
In the center of the soul
exists a vaulted door,
where the ghosts of the heart reside.
To go inside exposes
every secret you ache to confide.
Whoever told me there is no magic
lied to my seeking, searching eyes.
The night is silent, can you hear it....
The world's dark veined ecstasies
sustain my sparkling startled spirit...  
Written by deliabear (Debbie)
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Tyrant of Words
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Second Hand Daughter

The problem was
You only tried to find me
In places that I’d already been  
Collecting pieces of my shed skin
to prove  
That you know who I am
Always chasing me down  
With past versions of myself  
A second hand daughter  
Rummaged up only through thrifted stories  
I’m not composed of anymore
Written by Isgyppie_ (The_perpetual_journey_)
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Fire of Insight
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Aurora Borealis

swirling my fingers  
in the Arora borealis  
of our hallowed moments  
to feel familiar fire spread anew  
fevered blush staining my haunted countenance  
I watch  
as bursts of pulsar  
shooting stars  
and the heat of us suffuse  
infusing my musing  
with decadence  
do you remember  
how we shared oxygen  
brewed intoxicating potions  
such heady concoctions  
we imbibed like the dying  
desperate for peace  
and healing  
defiantly daring the unknown  
making it our home  
the space of we two  
climbing mountains  
to touch the moon  
reaching the pinnacle we flew  
no stopping us  
and I wonder...  
do these flights  
still move & delight  
Yes indeed  
I've been enlightened by the  
many flights of us  
enjoying and engorging  
on the heights...and the depths of us  
how we stabbed at the ether  
encapsulating oxygen  
sharing scars  
superimposed as stars of  
our own melodrama  
staged... uncaged  
....even uncouth at times  
submerged in our own holy truth  
wholly in motion  
it's amazing how we drown  
while giving each other breathing room  
for sovereignty  
a lover like no other  
we still move like cozmic particles  
swirling milky ways  
Fibonacci in sequence  
our mountain and moon never left  
all has been stilled in place  
as providence intended  
steeled and distilled through nature  
like fine wine  
damn baby...i love  
how you make me spill  
the taste of us is so much  
more richer...refined  
solidifying the irrefutable  
self-evidence of how  
our Soul's Richters will forever quake  
in unison to the movement  
of our scales
Written by Confluence
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Fire of Insight
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I thought you knew my heart.
You certainly should have, because
I handed it over, piece by piece,
in return for crumbs from your table,
trusting they were your best offering.

"I don't want to think badly of anyone,"
I told her.

But after opening so many doors,
choosing vulnerability over and over
until I was powerless...
to then be so grossly misjudged?
It hurts.
I'm embarrassed by how much.

I really thought I was tougher than this.
The thrill of connection was worth
dancing with flames --
burns and blisters be damned.
At least the ache is familiar, I thought,
But this -- this went deeper.
And sometimes I manage to get angry,
but mostly I'm just
sad and broken.

"So, you'd rather think badly of yourself?" she replied,
and the question still has me speechless.

Written by brokentitanium (k.)
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Fire of Insight
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You have my heart in your hands

And I'm screaming

But you won't let go

Because you can't hear me

You have me on noise-cancellation
Written by moony_
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Tyrant of Words
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n.1: when the poems
shy from the bright
trophy-glint limelight

turn in on themselves
eat their own
scrape, gulp. chew
the entrails
we worked so hard to strew.

the resultant style
may be called
all DNA swabs and
trace chemicals
(what the hell happened here)

just another
artistic casualty
death penalty poem
(do not ask for whom
the bell tolls;
it tolls for you)
Written by 010101110110100101 (053927598376y93870873109)
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Tyrant of Words
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Things My Wife Says > Thirsty Twitter DM

 I don’t want you to sing to me,
I want to be the song.
I want you to fill your lungs with my flame
and breathe out a melody
to spool around my rib cage.
I want my right hand to shake
as you spill your soul into mine
with perfect meter and rhythm.
I want your lyrics branded into my skin,
so if there are any that follow,
they can run their fingers over the raised flesh
and know where you have been.
They will know your mark and never
forget your name
     I want to be your poem,
fuck being your muse. That’s for Holly Housewife
who spends too much time on Twitter,
only fucks her husband on Wednesdays,
but keeps the nightstand drawer full
with daydreams of a savage,
a man born of passion,
who with a fistful of hair,
curves her spine like the earth,
and then writes a haiku across
the small of her back.  
     No, I need you to pierce me
with your pen and use my blood
as your ink. Watch my artery spill
onto your page, pump by steady pump,
and taste the beads of salt that shower the paper.
Curl my body into letters of verse
that bring me to the brink of death,
leaving me scarred and clawed
and hemorrhaging onto your pillow.
Use me until I am your own
design, a piece of perfect art,
a creation that would murder
lesser men
Written by solbluesol
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Dangerous Mind
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I hope I did the following nominations correctly.  
They are deserving.

Dangerous Mind
United States 15awards
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seismic activity

I told myself I wouldn't think about it
moments best left in the shadows
but the images seep into my mind
flashbacks collapsing my will
no longer able to deny it space in my here & now
how my world once existed as a slow burn
an ember never going out
waiting for his oxygen
his breath against my neck
the necessary element causing instant ignition
merest touch fanning it quickly into combustion
as fingers teased deceptively gently
shooting sparks off the arc of me
anticipation of the unknown
flickers of flame licking my entirety
tongue of desire avidly lapping
always left wondering...
when will that tender caress become more demanding
tightening into a grip
holding me at a perpetual fever pitch
arching & aching
begging for more
as hand roved slowly
cupping generous swell of my derriere
causing a quiver…a hope
when a pause caused breath to hitch
uncertain what was coming next
as salted honey pooled
nectar affected by his aggressive moods
awaiting that exquisite moment
when he suddenly made his move
and without warning raised palm would descend
leaving his beauty mark
his personal signature
before caress became grasp
spreading & securing his position
full force of his solidity poised & ready for invasion
urgency braced at my burning nexus
oooh...how I immediately acquiesced
greedily greeting the ravishment
as he confidently took his place
knees braced hard against stretch of my thighs
forcing my hunger into availability
this was what we both required
I...ever his eager prisoner
anxious for the breadth of his need
plunging into the weeping depths of me
weight pressed against my back
fist wrapped in silken tresses
as our blaze raged across time
his desperation overpowering mine
claws shredding vents in the sheets
and his deep rasp in my ear
growling words I thought only I'd ever hear
sending us both into furious inferno
as my shiver turned into quake
that was the most it would ever take
all sight & sound ceasing
full body fusion containing our mutual shudder
one eruption giving way to another
his face buried in my hair
while we both waited
for earth to return to its axis

Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Dangerous Mind
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Coastal navigation

 Gigantic sea of ​​forgotten
 silent sea that does not bring
 your voice in the turbulent waves
 sea ​​of ​​island eyes on fire
 that doesn't imitate the sound of your voice
 sea ​​that limits the roof of your mouth
 and swallow your voice mythologically
 like a desert island lighthouse
 human marks of desert sonar
 quasar pulse and virus analysis
 sea ​​that salts the throat
 sea ​​that stretches the rope
 chained from anchored boats
 in the deep brown
 from the beloved shores
 volcanoes and currents and coves
 your smiling river mouth
 voice of river-sea eldorado
 your voice is the salt of ​​one's
 lost forgotten lust paradise.
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Dangerous Mind
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The Never

Some memories of you
are mental wildflowers.
Where I lay for hours
in the intoxicating deception
of a sickly sweet perfume.
But really my heart,
was a haggard yard,
rigor mortis roots of dead truth.
Truth that dies can be
worse than lies.
False memories of you and I.
I remember how I desired it to be,
In denial of the nuances,
as they silently scream,
that you would never love me.
The never, with the hazel eyes of forever.
Written by deliabear (Debbie)
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Dangerous Mind
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