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Fire of Insight
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Came in a dream

You came to me in a dream, just the other night
it's as if you did not recognize me, it did not feel right.
You sat upon a bench, confused and looking pensive
You looked at me with eyes, appearing apprehensive
The only thing I knew to do, I bent and whispered in your ear
"I love you Mom" and backed away, I am not sure that you could hear
I felt as If the dream was ending, and I was being pulled away
I turned around, very slowly, just in time to hear you say,
"What was that you said to me?" now her spirit was breaking through
Her countenance with an angelic look, she said, "I love you too"
You will always be my Angel

Written by TIG
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Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
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Ode to Glass

(This is an awful poem but it helped... With what, I don't know, it just helped).


Terrible, sinuous bottles. Terrible, vibrant
colors. Such shimmering, pretty lies.
Each one signifying something that will never be.
The only beauty, the sound of your name,
which would shatter and die.


My sculptured, silver throat.
Or at least, crystalline gate when flooded,
threaded shards pressed inward,
hungry, their sweet, delicate teeth.
My body under blankets, Venetian,
red and purple like a baby, fevered and heaving.

They always associated you with cold.
I wanted to make you warm but it was
breathing life into the dead. Still didn’t we always,
deep inside, want to be one with that purity,
frozen in sinlessness to nothing that will answer,
bodies grown acclimated to the most beautiful cruelties.

Inside a transparent coffin, the princess sleeps.


I forgot I died once before and I discovered
there was nothing to look forward to,
the road diverged but two paths led straight back
to Hades, the pain of slow afternoon light
and a frilly womb scented by lavender and stillness.

Or rather, a stopping and a starting
with no memory in between.

On the way I had grown lost, haunted by
slippers and fairies and the faintest traces of dust.
When he pressed me to the door,
a reflection exquisite, forced me to look him
in the eyes the whole way through.


If I looked into you I would see what I know,
the blotched skin, mismatched eyes,
face of an ogress.
Her heavy body that was also my body, the dancing hernia,
the word shock repeated over and over, another lovely word,
soft staccato rolling from my tongue.

I huddle in a house deplete of the world.
She has won in the end, even after the end,
fearful tyrant, beloved foe, I yearned
for her love like dew on apples.
Now fading, losing volume. Not quite a pinprick, no.
I know the treachery of the living,
I writhe with it. Loved ones unrecognizable now.
My feet cold and numb and clear as hers.

There is no love. There is only need.
There is no safety.
There is no point. There is only pointlessness.
Written by toniscales (Lost Girl)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Core Wound

Please talk to me Mommy!
Minutes drag on like hours
Please Mommy!!!
Don't turn a deaf ear to me!
Speak just one word! Please!!!
Screaming silence echoes from the walls

I will be a good girl! I promise!
Written by Sappho
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Fire of Insight
Jamaica 3awards
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My Mother, My Host and Friend

For Mary Valentine

I have a mother whose love is greater than all the stars above.
At a tender age, she hosted me from an embryo to maturity.
I became the apple of her eyes, her little teddy bear.
It pained her heart so much to see me cry.
She took me gently to her bosom and wiped the tears from my eyes.
The love of my mother I can’t find anywhere else.
How can I ever repay her for bringing me into this world?
She’s the reason I’m so happy, my mother, my host and friend.

Now she’s old and has lost some of her vigour and vim,
But the work of her hands still bears good fruits.
It’s been many years since I’ve seen the pretty smile on her face.
She resides somewhere in a foreign land far away.
And when she surrenders her life, may God remember her kindness.
The portrait of a beautiful woman will remain in my heart until I die.
And God, you know how much I love her.
She’s the most capable woman I know, my mother, my host and friend.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Tyrant of Words
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A Mother's Love

While a war was brewing in the near horizon
She made the most difficult decision of her life
Leave a young child behind to make a path
Risking it all by making such a sacrifice

And when the war began there was bloodshed
There was a great diaspora of my peoples
As my mother toiled I can only imagine the worry
Hell on earth had arrived while she was far away

See, as the war was waged in those early days
Many mothers left their homeland seeking asylum
They went in search of a future and opportunity
Then to reunite the family in a safer place

While the war was being fought in different fronts
Some mothers lost their children to the violence
Some children lost their mothers in the warfare
And my mother worked hard to get me out of there

As the war continued a mother’s love never gave up
Some stayed behind sending their children away
Praying, hoping against all odds that this cruel world
Would not harm their babies
Especially for those who stayed

A mother’s love is unfathomable
It is the connection of life in the universe
It crosses the vastness of time and distance
Because no matter what war is fought
A mother’s love is the strongest bond in human existence
Shout out to my grandma as well
She was there to protect me from the hell
Because during in the war of those days in the past
My abuelita was badass
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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she doesn't do well with absolutes...

they told her when I was born
you need to prepare yourself
her hips aren't formed
your daughter's never going to walk

she listened respectfully
a little sad & a lot afraid
then took me home & for the second time in her life...
...flexed her titanium spine
if you knew my mother the way I do
you'd know how rarely that happens
she's usually very compliant
keeps her head down...quietly toeing the line
but she heard his words & decided to ignore them
registered their meaning
saying to herself...
never, huh...watch me
defiantly doing her own thing
when she took me to the doctor 2 months later
...he was shocked
what did you do to this child
it's like nothing was ever wrong

and she looked him dead in the eye
I did what I had to do
I'm her mother

I don't know where she found the courage
or acquired the knowledge
but I'm eternally grateful
8 months later this baby girl took her very first steps
been moving like a wild thing ever since
which to me...seems a far cry from never
don't tell my timid little mother no
you just might find yourself on the losing end of a fighting stick
she's a force to be reckoned with...
Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Twisted Dreamer
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A Terrible Time For An Erection

We all gathered there
To say our goodbyes  
Father Lewis said you were with Jesus now
There were sniffles and red eyes and the sound of people full on ugly crying
You were so loved
You’d be so missed
As I approached your casket
I reached in to touch your icy face
So cold to the touch
I imagined the stillness of your perfect body
The state of rest you mastered
The flower dress that in life was your favorite
And your winter nipples poking through  
Cutting through my heart’s brick wall
I imagined climbing inside with you
Spooning and feeling you up
Cupping your tits as I slid inside you
I was startled when Dad grabbed me
My hard on was on display for everyone to see
He pulled me out of the service
I thought he’d chastise me
Or beat me
But instead. he whispered...
“There’s no wrong way to process your emotions, son”
I miss you mom.
Written by Jermainesplain
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Twisted Dreamer
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My Mother’s Tramp Stamp

My mom had my name tattooed
Right above her ass crack
On the small of her back
She loved me like no other
That was my mother

She was sentimental about her body modifications
And yet when I make the suggestion
That one of my bitches do the same
And go downtown to tattoo my name
Somewhere on their body
They look at my oddly

You act like I didn’t spend the whole of last week
Eating your ass out
What’s that about?
Too soon?
Bitch, you was little spoon
Just this morning
I brought you breakfast in bed
You gave me toothy head
We familiar, hon
Get it done

My mother’s tramp stamp
Showed me she cared
Enough to put my name right there
Directly below the names
Of a few rowdy sailors that came before
They don’t make them like my mom no more
Written by Jermainesplain
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Fire of Insight
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Hi everyone, thank you for participating in this Mom competition. It's beautiful feeling to know many came to share their emotions about their mom each being unique and loving in their own flower petal way. All are so strong and amazing. I value them all and my mom is definitely one of a kind that is hard to comprehend for her way of thinking is very old fashion and very relic. She is only loving when she feels it and I try valuing that when she shows it but when it's dark and seems demons are there, I just go and hide and yes sometimes draws to an argument with words of not meant. Many here have had me also reflect and yet I know there's only three that can be chosen but above the three winners, I'll choose manually winners I felt also deserve in writing. I'll put all five separately.  Thank all for participating.

Fire of Insight
United States 5awards
Joined 9th Jan 2020
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It was hard deciding cause everyone wrote a very excellent spill. Here are my 5 in order:


Great deep poetry work about mom's.

I chose Pittinixdesigns cause who doesn't want a mom as divine as like that. Almost perfect. But I also agree with CasketSharpe. Even though our mother may have a darkside and very cold, not a great mom, yet in the end she is still your mom. And we are who we are thanks to them. I am thankful she gave me opportunity to live this life even though the journey with her is very complicated to support and even though her words of hate and all she says to me that hurt to my shadow that stands next to me, I still love her and I know I'll be in misery the day I don't have her, so I just go with her ways of being and understand things are the way they are for a reason. God is good and only he knows why moms are the way they are, especially in their dark hearts.

Thank you all, enjoyed this event filled with much talent. Carry on with more inspiration to all DUP'S.

Tyrant of Words
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Congrats to the other participants, to Casketsharpe on standing on the podium and to Pittinixdesigns for taking the trophy.
Thank you Nancy for the honorable mention.

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