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Grace (IDryad)
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Sweet-Scented Parallelogram

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Non erotic poem of nature, using the line, "roses of trellis and nightingales." No more than 20 lines.
Not for the competition.

From the currents floating air
so softly ardor for your hair
as widows of nature sigh
sweet-scented parallelogram  
of words in a cold November
roses of trellis and nightingales  
for no other tides to share  
the falling mist of dawn's kiss
in a fluted sensual equinox  
sweet-scented parallelogram  
from the currents floating air

Fire of Insight
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Scarlet Awaken

The sun sets on the horizon
and paints the sky orange and red.
The clouds light up like fire
reflecting the fading light.

In the desert, the sand shines
like a sea of gold and copper.
Cacti stand like sentinels
and keep the silence that surrounds them.

In the ocean, the waves dance
Like a ballet of blue and green.
Fish swim in unison harmony,
exploring the life that surprises them

In the forest, the trees whisper
like a metallic coral of
roses of trellis and nightingales
celebrating the beauty that crowns them.

These are the images I see
when I close my eyes and dream.
It's the colors of nature that I love
And the shapes that inspire me.
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Guardian of Shadows
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Little Deaths and First Snows

Last leaves of branches
let go, flutter to frosted grasses--

"We cannot hold on, any longer, and
so bid you, adieu!"

Downcast heads of roses of trellis, and nightingales pecking for seeds, mourn
as the sun turns its back
on December.

On cue, skies gray
and Earth holds its breath
closing eyes and mouths
of woodland life--

"Ah, to slumber, with blankets of moss;
we shall see you once again!"

Snowflakes like tears
from cold clouds
step out and tumble, slowly
in silence.
Written by MadameLavender
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Thought Provoker
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Nature Sings

Red roses of trellis and nightingales
mellow in yellow as they sing pretty songs
softly performing during mid mourning flings
as far off bells ring ding-a-ling-ling
echoing over mountains of emerald green
through vast skies a melody as if in a sweet dream
while butterflies flutter their beautiful wings
and bees buzz around large meadows of wild thistle weed
the hummingbirds fly high towards the heavens humming along
red roses of trellis and nightingales in yellow sing pretty songs.
Written by jmcchesnie (Joylyn)
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Thought Provoker
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A magpie pinched the last remembrances of roses  
of trellis  
and nightingales the bed forsook.
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Fire of Insight
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The Magic Cottage

Lodged between the city humps,  
Camel carried not spilling a drop  
I gulped and gasped for freshness,  
searching for ley lines with blind rabbits.  
The candles have been stealing light  
with knowledge of how short a life can be  
when wrinkles pool before they run.  
Imagine then on sunbaked stone  
sleeping soft inside the roses
of trellis and nightingales song,
a patch, thatched for a welcome nest,  
wattle daubs warmth  
south facing over its step.  
In this place there is light enough  
for all creatures to turn their faces.  
In this place there is enough.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Dangerous Mind
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Close by natures side

As the night its slumber breaks
dawns eyelids crack, day awakes
backdrop, breakfast spreads
come take a place

 Through the curtains, drawn away
draws the eye, its bold display
awake in shooting threads
 springs parallelogram arrays

Some are blinded to the sight
not hear the nightingales delight
my empathy cannot embed
perceiving not, the wonders bright

 Songbirds trill with wagging tail
 rhapsody, on air did sail
to conjure visions in my head
budding rose of trellis, nightingales

Beset the parallelogram
see its ever changing span
man and nature in conjunction wed
And gasp astounded at its WHAM

Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
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Scene from a Dream

The scent of vanilla enters the room
A wave that permeates the mind
Like roses of trellis and nightingales
The scene of a dream is one of kind
Amidst  the stunning and beautiful petals
The sun shines with warm rays of light
Bathing the garden in total smoothness
Like a scene from a dream taking flight
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
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Flowers on the River bed

she picked flowers on the river bed
fallen from the branches above
white flowers fallen on the water
and sinking to the pebbles below
how they shone in their last life's gasp

she sank to seek the companionship
of the drowning flower petals
she lie down with her face to the sky above
water flowed like liquid kisses on her breasts
she was tired of struggling
so sighing she closed her eyes

no more rushing in the morning
to the clothes factory, sewing
all day, and getting squeezed by the manager
no more going home to mama
with her mouth screaming, scented with gin
or her papa, just sitting dazed at the corner

her hair billowed behind her
her smile grew gentler
and she slept
hugged firmly with love by naiads....
to forever land
and the white flowers fell on her paleness.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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