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RUNNERS-UP: PAR and LongTubiFree

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Poetry Contest

How do you say goodbye

How you would say goodbye to a loved one, a situation, time etc.
No collaborations
No adult contents
No chatting on comp thread
Two entries per poet
Any length but not a book
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AnDre James
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Farewell Overture

If you never cared, let your hand ascend,
Our love's trip, now a journey's end.
On point like an index, no disguise,
But all that's left is the parting ties.

Our love, a vacation, now history,
I'm ablaze, like a liar's legacy.
No plans to retire, yet love expires,
The admiration we shared, now in pyres.

Spazzin' out, these moments won't mend,
No more passing out, no more flyers to send.
What goes around, like a chainsaw's wrath,
Caught the flap, the end of our love's path.

Racks of memories, like Kid Ink with ease,
Now they call me alone, with my cheese.
Love was a cakewalk, now just cheesecake,
A player no more, too stingy for heartbreak.

Won't lend an ear, not pretending to care,
I told you I'd marry you, but now it's a tear.
Our love buried, a face on my memory's area,
No longer original, just echoes of an era.

Lyrics that never sat well, a lyrical chair,
Paraplegic love, a tale of despair.
Call it Harry Caray, carrying a dictionary,
But our love is now an obituary.

No more eye-to-eye, just a staring problem,
Love's shaft, steering column, a monstrous emblem.
Our love, a tale now in the past,
Farewell, a symphony, ending at last.
Written by Dre_k47 (AnDre James)
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Go, I'll follow

Young love so tender and new
boy kisses girl, she enjoys it too
inseparable pals full of adventure
youth gone too fast forcing their next venture.
Last night to show what needs to show
She whispers to him "Go, I'll follow."
Young man heading off to school
the next adventure starting to pull
his mind and heart into the dark.
Young man meets Young girl in the park
old love becomes revived
surprised it survived
Young man kisses Young girl again
taking their old adventure for a spin
until four years later, once more he has to go
She whispers once more "Go, I'll follow."
Young Man grows into his prime
making a name for himself in no time
education paying off but him hollow
until a chance meeting caught his eye
causing his heart to fly
Young Woman has reached her peak
making his knees weak
they rekindle their lost fire
until the day they stand before the choir
becoming united in name and love
adventuring to the heavens above
until one day Old Woman becomes sick
and her life begins to fade quick
and at last when it comes time for Her to go
with a sad smile He whispers "Go, I'll follow."
Written by LongTubiFree (JustinSizemore)
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Tyrant of Words
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LongTubiFree and Dre_k47, thank you for your entry

Thought Provoker
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On the Final Curtain Call


My skills in reason having come of age,
should I prefer to exit from the stage,
I wish to bow out quick sans any pain --
assisted by a pill and world humane.

Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank You Jordan for the poem

Fire of Insight
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How many memories, does one have left when the  
pickpockets are turned loose and the silence echoes  
the sounds of the Lionel trains and Mr. BoJangles?  
Now worn-out shoes have come back to haunt me,  
and my sister's Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep  
somewhere in the attic above. But the lunacy of it all  
is that no one cares until the pickpocket steals their  
smartphones and Big Mac...and then the caretaker  
dance is their own shadow growing old.  
Written by PaleSkies
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Dangerous Mind
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Saying Goodbye

How can I say goodbye to the guy who
Had my heart in the palm of his hand?
I wanted to follow him into the dark, but
I had to protect my happiness and light.

He was one of the few people who knew
Me inside and out. He always planned
Out our life like constellations, but I shut
Him out even when light faded to night

And I wanted to remember all the good
Memories. He is not my future and is not
The one who has my soul anymore. I tried
To forget him like a song on repeat. How

Can I forget someone who understood
My pain? I had to walk away with a knot
In my stomach. Although the tears dried
I could not forget how he broke his vow

To never break the sacred home we built.
That is why our history had to be erased.
There never goes a day when I stopped
Loving him, but I realized that was when

I lost myself. I had to let everything wilt
And die away like a flower. I misplaced
The hope with the love that dropped
And shattered like my heart. Other men

 Could not replace him, but I had to move
On even when it hurts to say goodbye.
I had to move on even with the pain in
My chest and tears in my eyes. I know

In my head and heart I had to remove
Him from my life with no fear of shying
Away from the truth that I have been
Better without him. Now I have a glow.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
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PaleSkies and eswaller, thank you for your entry.

Fire of Insight
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For Bro', and me

My bro' and me, age five or so,
tight snug abed warm sole to sole,  
chattering what might Santa bring,  
wriggling giggling screeching out hymns  
as hot sweet spice rose from below...  
Outside the window's feathery glow  
of Jack Frost hid fresh falls of snow  
but oh, how we bounced those bed springs,  
my bro' and me...  
Toys and games things to bang and blow,  
a selection box new clothes and oh,  
will it be sledging snow, such things  
we discussed, red cheeked, wreathed in grins  
giddy then, Christmas tomorrow,  
For Bro', and me...
Written by Rew
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Fire of Insight
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A Lad in Sleep

I called to speak some words last night
and found you still asleep,
although there might've been some fright,
such company you keep.

I walked the path to where you dream
but in your own grave way,
you might have urged me on to scream
the words I came to say.

But all around the fresh mown grass
calmed me, as if that June,
had laid her lightest cloak on a lad,
asleep, beneath the moon.
Written by Rew
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for your entry Rew.

Dangerous Mind
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the final gift

one day...
...when all my breaths have been spent
I will rest
...and for the first time since infancy...
...be without fear...depression...anxiety
I can only imagine...
...moving through the world
...either as wraith...or corporeal...
...unaffected by darkness
not studying every alley & shadow
assessing danger at every turn
what will that be like...

when my final exhalation releases my sacred being
into a diaphanous mist of hopefulness
free to spread & to grow
touching with love...
...all those I've cherished & known
I will cover them
in my indefatigable spirit
the essence of my unwavering devotion
when my energy is no longer divided
between taking care of them...
...and survival

I will become invincible
more alive than in life
they will feel me
...and know...
...they will never again
...be alone
Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Tyrant of Words
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WillowsWhimsies. thank you for your entry

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