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Book Of Shadow

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Two six line, non erotic, verses of one's shadow,
Not for the comp.

The keeper of my shadow in escrow,  
presumptuous of my pen's epitome.    
No more bees, wildflowers, or words,  
now footprints of places forgotten.  
In the sand, washed away by the tides,  
between the metaphors and the shoals.  
In my solitude with a broken silk fan,  
of nature's Hope Chest, dreaming.    
Twilight's memorabilia, whispering    
beneath the glass of fading neon light.  
When we were discreetly ghosts,    
and felt the pulse of the living.

Guardian of Shadows
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Love and Greed

I erased my words
so I could see what yours, truly meant;
nothing but wantings, eager
to learn how I could benefit you,
masked and sugarcoated
with hearts and "I love you"-s.

I retreat, once more, behind
the warmth of my shadow--safe
like the dusty attics of estate sales
where someone else's box of happy snapshots
are easier to live in.
How do you sleep at night?  (traitor)
Written by MadameLavender
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Fire of Insight
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My shadow once was boldly black    
fathomless deep with its content    
keeping quiet, close, to my back.    
It would run and skip tight at heel    
and push me swift, towards the sun,    
it seemed, then, to be forever keen.    
But now its slothful halt and lame    
and thin and pale around the edge    
a shadow now... only, in name?    
Dim laugh's heralds coming gloom    
a silhouette of time's disdain,    
following my shade, to the tomb.
Written by Rew
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Thought Provoker
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A shadow paled by the blackest heart.
No games to play so why even start.
Left light behind me forever more.
Shadow before me blood on the floor.
Dances on the corpse so playfully.
Merging with a dark you cannot see.

It cast its darkness upon your skin.
Feeling so cold as you taste the sin.
The harbinger of the flesh to come.
Wielding the razor worshipped by some.
Spatters and screams, death now on display.
As the shadow slowly drifts away.
Written by Thor_Azine
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Thought Provoker
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Shadow Me

Never disconnected
always staying close to me
shadowing me like a child
born side by side
stuck to me like glue
as peanut butter to a spoon.

My shadow staying close
never leaving me behind
sharing in my life
following my every trail
tip toeing through life’s maze
this companion I know so well.
Written by jmcchesnie (Joylyn)
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Thought Provoker
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One Picture Is Worth Two Six-Line Stanzas in Iambic Pentameter

Carl, Edgar, Robert, and Oscar -- The Boys in Her Shadow  
Upon a dark and dreary windswept night,  
my evil shadow self, Edwina Hyde,  
desiring hard to get a wee bit tight,  
against my wishes took me for a ride,  
till speeding through a changing yellow light,  
she stopped at Starbucks on the wilder side.  
Then ordered she a coffee large sans cream  
to go with my small bagel toasted plain,  
and in what seemed a dream within a dream,  
we gorged on sin at each new Starbucks chain --  
while locked inside a room my picture queer  
     lost pounds around its hips and thighs and rear . . .  
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Tainted Windows

a latent day walker
hidden in plain sight
my shadow stalks beneath porous skin
gliding in and out of thought
omnipresent...ominous...haunting casual interactions
oozing through spaces of momentary distraction

causing side eyes and weird glances
taking in every oddity as it advances
noticing the movement oily spirits and familiars
lurking heavily under twitchy flesh
sneering behind smiles...shape-shifting body language as...
a masquerade of ifrit djinn
Written by Confluence
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Fire of Insight
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What is the point of living in this world
When everything we do is doomed to fade?
The memories we cherish, the words we hurled
The love we make, the wars we wage, the art we trade
All will be lost in the abyss of time
No trace of us will linger in the dust
The stars will die, the planets will align
The universe will end in a cosmic bust
But still we cling to our illusions of meaning
We seek for purpose in our fleeting lives
We hope for something beyond our dreaming
We strive for something that survives
But oblivion is the only truth we know
The final destination of our show
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Tyrant of Words
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Shadows on Dark Roads

Footsteps drag along roads
Wide in dreams
Ever so narrow in life
Lighted by the gangrenous moon
Silver stars away so far
Towards a light
A promise of home

Whispers of spectres
How goes the dark, stranger
The perpetual darkness
Are you comforted
by the nothingness
They whisper gleefully
Horror and sorrow reigns

What led me to this road
promises broken
or promises unfulfilled
a gift promised ungiven…
golden circle broken…
who led me to this path
where am I bound

haunted haunting
craving wanting
fingers clawing towards
the dawn of fulfilment
crawling on slimy ground
towards salvation
what is, will be….

Gentle gentle into the dawn
Repose I among the leaves
Soft, safe on hallowed ground
Where my beloved lives.
Written by Grace (Stardusts)
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AnDre James
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Shadows’ Light

Beneath the sun, my shadow trails,
Silhouette of untold tales.
In daylight's dance, it softly glides,
A companion in warmth that gently abides.
As dusk unveils its subtle sheen,
Long and lean, on twilight's screen.

In daylight's grasp, where secrets lie,
A silent partner, steps nearby.
As dusk descends, stretching tall,
A silhouette on the evening's wall.
In the dance of light and twilight's theme,
My shadow whispers, a silent dream.
Written by Dre_k47 (AnDre James)
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Tyrant of Words
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Shadow Love

Its deep within this dark creature
that I find beauty
Shes always moving about
gracefully yet swiftly
not a care in her world
She is my hero

This dark being holds those close to her
never letting go
she is humble and asks for nothing
if you are lucky to catch this whisper silent creature
her embrace will calm your heart forever
She is my Shadow, and I love her...

Tyrant of Words
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The Shadow

Without eyes he knows exactly where I’m going
Without intuition he understands my every move
At the first sight of light he’s there to trail me
Mimicking every single rhythm, every single groove
Clinging there tightly when I’m not even looking
Even whenever I am twisted, he is still smooth

Mindless in the darkness from another world
From a realm that dreams empty and hollow
The reflection without a face stands near me
Behind me, by me, eager and ready to follow
But I don’t pay much attention to the specter
Because I know one day I’ll become the shadow
Written by wallyroo92
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