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Your Spirit Animal

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Description of your favorite animal I guess in other words 😉
Mine is a secret 😁😹

poet Anonymous

When the Spirit Moves Me

A Sonnet of Love to Animal Magnetism
The beaver is the beast that I prefer,
though some suspect my choice a little queer,
still I adore its lustrous shiny fur,
as well as its resolve to persevere;
it holds its talents rare in high esteem,
it grinds sans interruption day and night,
it knows to work together as a team,
and best of all it has a goal in sight;
quite vocal it communicates with sounds,
each grunt and bark and moan uniquely cute,  
while oft we grunt and bark and moan in rounds,
if I should get the urge to follow suit;
and as we sing no matter what the key --
the beaver's tail yet keeps the beat with me . . .
poet Anonymous


In the pale light of a world gone cold,
only the light from the firefly foretold
that there was still beauty to be found,
all you had to do was look around.
The painful scars of mistakes she did bear
wearing them likes lights to share,
showing the world you can survive the fall
if only you choose to stand tall.
Pen to paper was her way of taking flight,
on her sacred mission to light the night,
never knowing just how far her words go
or who's heart she may show
how to light it's flame once again.
Oh sweet little firefly burning within,
fly high and true,
this darkened world needs you.
poet Anonymous

Ode to Jenny

Winter was in full blast when we met
but your warmth was something I can't forget.
The way you smiled at me and ran to me
like old friends reunited after an eternity.
If I knew then how short our time would be
i would have loved you more carefully.
I miss the greetings when I first came home
and the way your face lit up when I was near
oh how I wish for one more year!
But the passage of time is not always fair,
and now I have to release you from my snare.
Caught between lovers crashing like meteors,
the choice of my leaving was never yours.
The hardest thing to relinquish,
but always the flame that will never extinguish
I know someday soon, we will walk together
like old times, but better weather.
Your shadow in mine, you stole my heart
I do wish we never had to part
but it was for the best,
to finally give myself a rest.
A selfish choice I had to make
now the pain is more than I can take,
miss your silly smile and antics
loving you was more than pedantic,
it was my purpose in life,
but now you're free of the petty strife.
The turning of the page,
you were wise beyond you're years, a sage
I know you'll find you're way back to me,
My beautiful, sweet Jenny.
poet Anonymous

What does the Giraffe dream about?

The giraffe is a butterfly without wings,
the penguin is a sea butterfly
and the platypus is a strange butterfly...
and the stork, what does the stork dream about?
The stork dreams of clear skies
full of butterfly wings and giraffe spots,
she dreams of the Antarctic white and the backs of penguins,
She dreams of penguins' orange beaks
and beaks that are not non-beaks of platypuses.

The stork dreams of chimneys,
that do not release smoke to build their nest,
dreams of the iridescence of butterfly wings,
From the spots of giraffes, he dreams of platypus eggs.

The stork dreams that penguins can fly
and giraffes walk in the underwater savannas,
do storks dream of baby platypuses
sleeping in his mother's baby carrier...
the stork has nightmares about humans destroying nature,
polluting the air, land and water, setting everything on fire.

The stork dreams that the giraffe is a wingless butterfly
and the penguin is a black and white butterfly
and the platypus is a strange and beautiful butterfly,
even more beautiful for being strange, the stork dreams
and then wakes up to find herself surrounded by other beings
who dream that one day they will all be butterflies flying in infinity...
poet Anonymous

Mr. Blue

In the depths of the ocean, where giants roam free,
I am a creature, a blue whale, in the vast sea.
Massive and grand, with the largest heart to show,
I mirror the whale's majesty, both above and below.

With a presence like the ocean, endlessly wide,
In my aura, kindness and grace coincide.
In the vast expanse of my open heart's door,
I share the love I have, and I share even more.

My strength, like the whale's, is a marvel, it's true,
Endurance and power, I carry them through.
In the face of challenges, I stand strong and free,
Just like the whale's journey in the deep blue sea.

My voice, a melody, a sweet song in the air,
Singing through life, showing love and care.
In the echoes of my laughter and the words I use,
I create a world of beauty, love, and truth, no ruse.

And as we acknowledge, with respect and cheer,
The whale's uniqueness, let me be clear.
In the realm of nature's wonders, there's no disguise,
The whale's dimensions, indeed, take the prize.

I want a big girl 350, Iím a king,
In a world where challenges often bring.
Like the blue whale, my cockís a big prize
Like the blue whale, my confidence does rise.
poet Anonymous

My Wolf

In the night I like to play,
For hopes that they will run this way,
Howling while I hold on tight,
To free the wolf that's trapped this night,

In this body cursed and bound,
To suffer in this human gown,
Alone I cry and try to hide,
This wolf that's dwelling deep inside,

With the pack I long to run,
To chase and catch the evening sun,
To howl, to leap, to sleep in woods,
This dream of mine it feels so good.
poet Anonymous

My Spirit Familiar

I am a raven, ebony feathers
living in the realm of darkness
a messenger of secrets
the harbinger of death

I am a raven I gracefully soar
within the thoroughfare
between light and darkness
my onyx eyes penetrating

I am a Raven I live
where shadows reign,
a creature of mystique
a creature so grand

I am a Raven
poet Anonymous

Cetacean Reverie

with powerful fins and tail
he could easily oust
the trespasser

neither omnipresent
nor omnipotent
Orca holds space
within the depths

actively observing
constantly moving
for to ossify
means death

gazing upward
not yet aware
of the overture
to conflict

flash of sunlight
as an oar
shatters boundary
between sea and sky

cocksure ferryman

distant memories
of olive and oleander
languorous lovemaking
on sheltered shore

unaware of the
whale below
who in an instant
might cast him into oblivion
poet Anonymous

An Array of Hues and Colors

The shapeshifter, the trickster
The far-reaching long-winded tongue twister
I alter dispositions and can falter in different temperaments
With metaphors I metamorph
Assimilating between whatís mine and yours
Willing evolve and transform through these experiments

The Gemini in between him the I
Shifting personalities from eye to eye
When the feeling swings depending on the environment
If I catch the beat I also feel the heat
I may play it back and then just put it on repeat
In contrasting shades of truth, I try to find enlightenment

I go from serious to a comedian
Ever changing like the chameleon
I convert overt moods varying in an array of hues and colors
One minute deep in thought
To think in ink blot and plot
And the next have you laughing hard I can see your molars

poet Anonymous


as me, this one--
part one thing
and another,
from ruin
and still
for love,

there is
in mongrel blood,
a hybrid
behind eyes
as sky
but brown
as earth

but not spoken

a heart
to love
poet Anonymous

Crown Plumage

I dreamt an owl landed on my head
Before I awoke and wondered why
Fowl so mighty would thereby tread
When it might command an entire sky?

Has it fancied me as a totemist?

So brief was the dream, and its midnight touch;
Strange talons with which I must coexist
As now my psyche is within its clutch!

What is the purpose of this spirit bird
Past being a bird that I cannot flip?
Has it trounced my last discouraging word
Or just my scalp as a landing strip...
Where both of us might rest for a bit
To clean our quills and hone our wit?
poet Anonymous

Ode to Sea Otters

I am floating down the river-bend
And the water is my own kingdom.
Rocks are my tools and I have wisdom
In cracking shells. I swim with my friend
And companion with no worries. There
Is no destination in life. Just breathing air.
poet Anonymous

The Loss

The loss of a pet
hits harder than you expect
when that little soul departs
for the rainbow hill in the sky
you are left with an emptiness
a pain like nothing you have experienced.
An ache so intense
it creates a void in your heart.
But as the days pass
memories start to patch it up
and eventually the chasm becomes a hole.
Stuffed with beautiful comforting moments.
When you remember how intensely they loved you,
how they were a part of your family
as surely as humans are.
How lucky you was to have the devotion of a dog.
In memory of all the Rovers, Harrys, Millies and Lucys
poet Anonymous

Opus incarnated

Nameless one
your hymnal hooting
slices open
dark compendium
betrothed to silence
we enter this circle
bone mothers
viral echo
given grace
sylvan shade
we welcome you
as we enter Sagas hall †

I am Lilith winding winged one
wise word, space of prose and poesy †
I am the quill, the ink
the awakening eye
key of Hecate

the mead in the goblet †
the archer soars on the wind †
wind you are my mother †

you are the artisan\the art †
of poetry reincarnated †
in the here †
and †
the now †

Ⓒ copyrights owned by Rianne †
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