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Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)
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Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

What gives you joy

What gives you joy? What does it mean to you?
No collaboration
No commenting in poem thread
No extreme contents
Two entry per Poet

Tyrant of Words
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such joy in the laughter
a tinkling bell of pure delight
where happiness abounds
a celestial muse sings
a melody to touch hearts
Joy, a radiant force that fills us
in our heart and soul
the ethereal symphony that echoes
in a world woven in tapestry of love

Joy a vibrant burst of colours
heard in the warbles of birds
and in my heart for you.

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Fire of Insight
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Sheer Joy.

Now, drinks the stuff that makes a lass
sillier than silliest ass,  
she'll not hear the breeze tune the trees  
to play music within the leaves,  
nor see a work of art can be found  
in clouds when eyes are on the ground,  
when stumbling to feel her way  
hear the birds chorusing the break of day.  
Drink frees a lass from mortal dread  
makes music in her empty head,  
then silence isn't quite as loud  
as that within some glass-clinking crowd,  
it loosens tongue but she can't think  
or use a pen, it's wasted ink,  
all true, and when drink is employed  
can't hear her cat purr, for sheer joy.
Written by Rew
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Fire of Insight
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To be among this dancing glee
of radiant life of flushing flesh,
those flowing locks those long lithe limbs
this suppleness it is to me
the only life of these so fresh
to rush me into big broad grins.

There's one, just there, her shrieking voice
is shattering cut crystal glass
on dusty shelves ten miles away,
and I, near deaf, I can rejoice
as ball hits bat of that young lass
and knocks me back to yesterdays.

A group of four handstand the wall
two or three hopscotch a fine dance
the greyness from the old concrete,
I pray to God to bless 'em all
and keep 'em from boy's haphazard glance
but just for now joy is, complete.
Written by Rew
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Lost Thinker
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Oh, to run

My brothers and I running through fields
of poppies and haybales.
dinner is ready in 5 minutes, my loves
never did we go on time, we let what we thought was
10 minutes go by and then we’d return.
Still, dinner had 15 minutes left to go.

We could have used those minutes
so wisely but instead we obeyed.
I think my mother wished we defied her sometimes
so, we can enjoy the beauties
of the open fields and endless greens.

Dinner was great but let’s run again,
this time we would climb up thick trees and skinny trees
and whatever was in sight.
Even if it was us, tangled in bushes.

I flew from the tree, Bradley caught me.
I paused for a second, so my body could
decide if I was hurt or not.
Harry licked my face and stared at me
with those puppy eyes, he waited for a reaction.
I sprang up then ran again.

Harry chased me back to the house
Bradley and Haydn followed.
My mother would stand at the patio door, smiling
3 cups of tea on a slab of wood
And biscuits to dunk.

She knew this too, shall end
And on my 13th birthday I would not jump on the haybales
And make mazes out of the grass.
But instead I would wait with her
For Haydn to return with a band aid and some tea
Written by superslooth
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Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Tyrant of Words
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The Seed of Joy

- The Seed of Joy -
A Poem of Christmas

There was a place in olden times, where children used to play,
In the forests of our land, where many a river wound its' way.
I recall where we skipped stones upon the water, hearts light,
And the rocks where we sat, watching the sky, as fell the night.
Innocent times for innocent hearts, every walk a noble quest...
For young fools whose hearts beat madly, when life was best.
The songs we sang, the games we played, the mess we made,
And yet I long for those days, as this age is cast in such shade!
Light is scarce, and I seek it where I may, even in bygone days,
When the world was simpler, and nobler were all human ways.
With the eyes of a child, I try to see the world as once I'd done,
And the light is still there, beckoning to me both fair and so fun!

So many eyes are dulled with time, but mine sparkle with mirth,
For why must we age ourselves so far beyond our mortal birth!
Surely the gods must laugh, for we deprive ourselves of glory...
Every time we forget a happy season, or a once-beloved story.
I remember every game I played, every book I have ever read,
For in golden memories we recall the taste of jams and bread...
Or cookies baked fresh upon the stove, one chilly autumn day.
Cast not aside your happiness nor what made it feel that way!
The touch of silk upon the skin, the sound of leaves that rustle,
Each can be soft and soothing to the soul, each a dear time...
When life was unhurried and yet we went about with a bustle,
Running with the energy of youth, never seeing it as sublime.

Too soon we grow old, and all too soon a mortal must perish...
But what defines a life is what we keep eternal: all we cherish!
So much living I must do, so many hours yet to fill with mad joy,
And I will love each hour as I did, as a child with a favorite toy.
Why do we no longer walk in the woods, or play in the leaves?
What makes those joys for childhood alone, nobody ever sees!
Because joy is for everybody, and no age can take it from you,
Unless you will it, so walk in joy my friends and laugh ever true!
Sadness will come in its' hour; seek it not, for no good lies thus,
In making of life a torment, and of every difficulty so much fuss.
Christmas is nigh; let your hearts unburden themselves anew...
Let us join hands like little children, so each dream comes true!

Glory, glory let us sing, each girl a queen and each boy a king...
Gather all around the tree, and count each and every blessing!
Soon we'll hear the sound of music, and the ringing of the bells,
Perhaps we'll forget the logic of the years, and believe in elves!
Oh gods to know such joy again, this world has so much need...
So let us mortals do our part, and in each heart plant this seed!
The seed of joy for Christmas time, from which new joys spring,
Glory, glory, let us sing, each girl a queen and each boy a king!
Dance and let loudly your voices proclaim the happiness within,
For which we have longed throughout the year, with such vigor.
In mad abandon, let us forget the darkness of sadness and sin…
That can ensnare the will like some terrible and ferocious tiger!

Outside, the trees may sway with the wind and cold may come,
But within each heart that is content, the chill may be undone...
Remember the angels we made in the snow in yet another age?
They are only gone when we forget, and fill our souls with rage.
Remember the pets we loved so much, the faithful dog, or cat?
Their spirits are still with us, and the memory of where they sat.
Even loved ones lost to time, can share with us in joys unborn,
So let us be joyful upon this season and have us a merry morn!
Somewhere elves are singing with us, and pegasi are flying high,
Somewhere beyond the northern lights, even beyond the sky...
That is where our dreams can soar; we need only let them go,
To gain the wings of angels, and fly where gentler winds blow!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)
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Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Tyrant of Words
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Nature’s Peace

- Nature’s Peace -

There is a park in a backwoods country town,
Where a mountain stream flows bubbling clear.
High rocks look out over the water as it goes…
And a sandy stretch runs, from rocks to forest.
The sound of that stream can erase any frown!
As a child I played on the sand, having no fear,
Skipping stones, often splashing with my toes…
I felt a sense of inner peace that I’ll not contest.

Beyond that place by an old forest trail’s way,
Was a tiny marsh: where frogs sat on lily pads.
Croaking in the twilight of a long summer day,
The sound was more to me, than passing fads.
Across a bridge of old logs thrown together…
There was a field, filled with many living trees.
Its’ grass grew tall no matter of the weather…
And flowers did bloom, in the gentlest breeze.

Amidst that splendor was a maze of hedges…
Made for adventure, for young and old alike!
Cut into a labyrinth, with many long passages,
Where you could lose time as off you’d strike.
To a young child, fond of adventurous stories…
Secure in the hand of your mother at your side,
You could pretend to be on a quest for glories.
You could adventure where wild dreams abide.

Today the maze no longer exists to be found…
But the memory of it brings peace to my spirit.
Nature’s wild glories still decorate that ground,
And children still will play there, drawn near it.
I like to go back there to walk the oldest trails,
To bask in the glory of the trees and flowers…
There is a peace in such places that never fails,
To enthrall my soul in the grasp of its’ powers!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)
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Thought Provoker
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Forgotten riches

Oh sweet peace, how we have forgotten
your riches in pursuit of things so rotten!
The simple once was so coveted,
so tender and beloved.
Now we try to keep pace,
forgetting to play fair in this human race.
Our unholy, unending pursuit of more
has at long last ushered peace from our door.
Not wishing to appear less than,
we choose to destroy fellow man,
raping and pillaging, we destroy our youth
all in the name of uncovering some new truth.
Never content with our meager lives,
we use words like knives,
cutting and stabbing the next guy
in order to steal his slice of the pie.
Peace is now a forgone ideology,
lost in time like a forgotten mythology,
no one remembers the simple,
so to the hurried pace we do build our temple.
Sunsets and long talks we do not have time for,
always, always in the pursuit of more.
Give yourself peace of mind,
and paradise you shall find.
'x' truly marks the spot,
where the good life we forgot.
Written by LongTubiFree (JustinSizemore)
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Rew, LongTubiFree, kara and superslooth thank you for participating.

Thought Provoker
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Each brain evolved to try to solve or soothe each pain it fears,
though if a pain is soothed or solved a new pain straight appears,
and some pains solved or soothed can move a woman still to tears --
like when I came in having not been laid in sixty years.

Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Fire of Insight
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Our Time

Garage roofs, were made for jumps,
when Mr Knievel did his own stunts.
Old shed doors were skateboard ramps.
and games were played under lamps.
Garden fences were made to hop,
Chinn and Chapman were kings of pop.
Chippers, Choppers, Tomahawks and Racers,
all ridden by kids with Mickey Mouse braces.
Stories of ghosts and shadows mistook,
terrified in tents, dark nights down the brook.
Den’s dug out, covered with a car bonnet,
shot at by an idiot with a two, two bullet.
Corner shops, sold huge elastic bands,
that soon became weapons in the wrong hands.
Trees stripped of berries and nest stripped of eggs,
missiles thrown conkering, watch out mind your heads.
White lines on grass, three pots and in,
play in the nets before the match begins.
Wet leather football, your skull it could crush,
seaside specials, popped on a rose bush.
When air riffles did the job of a cat,
night walks with torches, thud, a dead rat.
Time trials, on our own assault courses,
jumping obstacles as if we were horses.
Jewelweed pops open with the lightest of touch,
walk along pipes, jeans covered in slutch.
Abseil from windows, ropes tied to beds,
one word to parents and you are dead.
Saturday wrestling in homemade ring,
fingers bent back in a special move thing.
Two fingers poised for the Monster Mash,
stop before the talking bit or grave yard bash.
Sunday night the one hot bath of the week,
wrapped up tight in a flannelette sheet.
Summers lazed on, ever so slow,
and we did our best to try not to grow.
Exploring the day, never seeming to tire,
running through fields then setting them on fire.
When time, was our time.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Fire of Insight
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Counting digits

I placed a moment out of reach,
too young to explain the details
embroidered on its
white cotton sleeve.
I trusted it to mother,
she carried it behind closed eyes,
curved reflections pushing shapes  
into a wrapped tight blanket.
I watched the light as it entered open eyes,
then scattered into saucers,
settling like fish returning
to the deepest parts of the pool.
We lay there casting quiet,
as the battle tent raged above us.

I held that moments single note,
gripped by translucent fingernails
so small, so imperfectly real.
Inhaled your sweet and perfect pale
that deepened scent of skin revealed.

My breath spread incantations
that promised you my touch.
The kiss I forged on your forehead
would only let in dreams, tell stories
of the worlds we’d weave and all
the songs they’ll come to sing.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Tyrant of Words
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Seeing their smiles
Hearing their laughter
Cooking together
Game nights
Extended family as well
Cousins and their kids
Nieces an nephews
Kids boyfriends
Friends we call family
All of this brings me JOY

Tyrant of Words
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Jordan, Razzerleaf and mysterious lady, thank you for joining the competition

Fire of Insight
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The Thing That Gives Me Joy

You could
say that the
thing that
gives me joy is to
watch the Thanksgiving
Day Parade before
we eat
some turkey
and stuff.
Written by Green_Arrow
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