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The cauldron of Winter

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Poetry Contest

The caudron of Winter
Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue is a writer, poet who blends his Irish roots with myth, the otherworldly, paganism and  the unseen worlds.

I will include a short passage of his writing for you to use as an inspiration
for a poem or text

At Samhain my Wild Queen comes dressed in white.
The hunter rises in the night sky across the milky way and the Bear sleeps
beneath the earth listening to dream songs of the trees. All October , Coyote bones and Datura blossoms bedecked her altar. Now she beckons me out beneath the stars and bids me set the dry petals aflame. Their scent is seductive like the hawthorn but carries none of its warmth. Its shimmer is not the shimmer of sunlight on water but of moonlight on snow. Narcotic in the crisp air. I bend over the burning flowers and breathe deeply.

from his book Courting the wild queen


Use the above text as inspiration or body for your entry
Make it a dark lovepoem, it may contain what ever you wish
NO erotica as I feel this category is already done\perhaps overdone
Minimum of 50 words
Title your work
One months
NEW writes only
your tale or poem will be set in winter
send gratitude to winter,



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Fire Wizard

In the dawn of the day,
when the sky is ablaze,
a fire wizard warrior rises,
his amazing power.

With flames in his eyes,
and magic in his hands,
he strides through the desert,
across the red sands.

His muscles are taut,
his spirit is strong,
he battles with honor,
and never does wrong.

The heat of the sun,
is no match for his fire,
he burns with a passion,
that never will tire.

So if you should see him,
in the dawn's early light,
remember this warrior,
and his power so bright.
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On Samhain --

The Absence of His Presence


Upon the autumn twilight o'er the fen
along the silent pond in grave repose
resound the scolds of each keen winter wren
while purple-loosestrifes frostbit waste in woes --
as yet a gaze enframed by pearl-laced snow
within a silver pool of brittle glass
reveals a cailín essences ago
ere forty springtides lone brief came to pass --
and round the eyes slow withered noonlit skin,
the damask of the cheek soft fading died,
a grimace fixed and wry cold-blooded grin
the golden time and brilliant hard belied --
before this aged bone hook long reached to grasp
in muddied death no ghost there be to clasp.


Contest: The Cauldron of Winter

Sponsor: Anne-Ri999

Form: English Sonnet on the Loss of Love

Major Poetic Technique: Visitation of Irony

Theme: Reality Unspiritual
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Watching as the host makes her entrance

We trees swill our auburn brandy
in glasses of cut crystal,
try to mingle as the party  
dies down colourful and cold.
the last turn of our heads
is lost in wet transparent transfers  
as she slides down her staircase
with open arms to face us.
Her eyes only see refracted light,
a smile that holds only white
swirling behind angry teeth,
she doesn't know of what she speaks.
As she sweeps through the room
so cold, the birds drop from our branches,
demanding the band keeps playing
as she dances on the hard earth of her lovers.
We can only watch our breath mix
with field mist as her hand silences the lake
and takes the sound away from our room,
we are statues for her jewels, adorned by her gifts,
forgotten chimney smoke lost on church steeple chimes.
The city lights have her attention now
as she moves the party into town.
Written by Razzerleaf
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AnDre James
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In Samhain's Embrace

'Neath Samhain's moon, my Wild Queen doth appear,
In white she's clad, dispelling mortal fear.
The hunter riseth in yon night's expanse,
Across the Milky Way, stars in their dance.

The Bear doth slumber deep beneath the earth,
Listening to trees' tales of ancient birth.
In October's grip, Coyote and Datura bloom,
Adorn her sacred altar, dispelling darksome gloom.

Now she beckoneth me 'neath starry night's sphere,
To join her dance, release earthly fear.
With dry petals aflame, their scent in the breeze,
My Wild Queen in white, 'neath ancient trees.

Like hawthorn, yet none of its earthly heat,
The petals shimmer 'neath the moon's gentle feat.
Not sunlight on water, but snow's radiant glow,
Narcotic in the crisp air, where dreams softly flow.

I bend close to the burning flowers' flame,
Inhaling deeply, my soul's never the same.
In her realm of white, where dreams are spun,
I'm captivated by winter's radiant sun.
Written by Dre_k47 (AnDre James)
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Winter Queen

Winter white of my Queen’s desire the hunter of the night has come. She nods to me to let him in, and I desire nothing more. Upon his back he carries the skins and bones of coyote hunted in the darkness of the forest pines, while the bear is left to sleep beneath the stones and roots, intertwined. He lays them upon the alter along with many dried, white petals of datura blossoms and sets them to flames of orange. Their calming scent so tenderly seductive but without any warmth in winter’s crisp, cool air. I breathe in deeply, hoping she is unaware of the dreams the smoke and flames whisper to me.
Written by jmcchesnie (Joylyn)
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Thank you all fellow poets so far for sending your wonderful entries, much gratitude for all these!

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I Watch the Night

As dawn approaches
The cold winter mountain air whispers
Everything else whether near or far is silent
Every living creature seem lost in their dreams until the break of day

The gloom of the night slowly fades away
As the dark sky begins to turn a different hue
The loneliness lurking in that stillness like a ghost
Rustles through the trees with a hum resonating through mind and time

The cold lingers with a harsh chill to the bones
While the lights from the stars languish in the distance
Soon the rest of the world will awake to welcome the new day
As I watch the night fade into the recesses of memories and echoes
Written by wallyroo92
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