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The story of what was done with the hammer

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Poetry Contest

Could be something so beautiful in something built..........or it could be something totally gruesome....
Poems to 50 lines
Or: short stories to max 2,000 words.

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Closer to The yaw

Deepest of the tides in ashen wave
like a hammer to my shallow grave  
dark's obsession with the crow claw
with no cuttlebone for my stone
as the cardiac lay waste to my nave    
away from the sun closer to the yaw
with no croutons of stale crumbs to clone
to hammer me deep into the unsaved
Written by PaleSkies
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Hammer Horror

like m.c.
hip hopping away

it hit like
a wrecking ball

he’s getting hammered
she's getting nailed

something romantic
about self-destruction

sabotaging a life
taking a hammer to it

maxwells silver
knocking in some sense

need a tool
hammer them down

walking road of rocks
keep on hammering

hammer in the morning
in the evening
hammer out danger
hammer out warnings

hammer out love
all over

once in the bell-tower
now you're gone

will hammer the bell

grew up tall and proud
in shadows of mushroom clouds

waiting for  hammer to fall
this be my testimony

eraser on drafting table
or sledge hammer on construction site

let me be the sledgehammer
rather be the hammer

anvil bears
when hammer strikes

always the anvil
breaks the hammer

if only i had a hammer
i’d be free

like m.c.
hip hopping away
Written by Kinkpoet
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Doulcemer Hammered  

Mine oboe ebon voiced sweet clear suspends  
a fixèd note of moonless dusk and air,  
till lipped by clarinets it warm descends  
to darkling tones of onyx black aflare;  
as chord progressions delved in reaches iron  
a smoke white longing ashen soft enfire,  
and embers hot obsidian environ  
the touchstone diamond blue mine earth-old lyre;  
my muse dismounting from his swank barouche  
in upturned collar, smoking vest, loose tie,  
his rakish beauty just this side of louche  
edged come to idle in my lap and die;  
one angled instrument run smooth on course --  
composed in skill and strength our tour de force.  
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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 In the aftermath..    
My self esteem is like a steam vaporizing..      
Before I speak I repeated the words to myself hesitating to say them out loud..      
Can't say clearly the kind of life I am living..      
Can't trace the path on which I am trading.. The sights on which I set my eyes are blurring..      
This viper living inside me, fed me it's poison..      
Sometimes earlier..    
My inner hunger made me a hunter..      
To kill this viper I need me revolver..      
But I dread this role of playing suicider..      
Hear me out loud this isn't a banter..      
I'd rather die from the edge of this dagger..      
Stuff I am snorting no longer make me higher..      
I hesitate in saying these words out louder.. So the venom on it remain on paper..      
I am praying, please God lift me higher..      
I am growing tired of this endless saga..     
If you never plead you are never gonna be a leader..      
Looking at my reflection in a makeup mirror..      
So suspenseful and tensed like a movie trailer..      
Wandering around with my clothes in tatters..      
I am some kind of monster risking the safety of others..      
Crucifix I wore is not making me feel any better..      
No one deserves such horror even the crucifier..      
Lord! Save me am a lucid dreamer..      
In my dream I am this evil trail blazer..      
There's this cult following me bumper to bumper..      
Who is the brain behind this cell of sleepers?      
Slow down the process some of them slow learners..      
All started after meeting up the grim reaper..      
Can't lower my gaze I am a dirty player..      
Outside it's raining heavily with thunder..      
Inside the room, it's gloomy and so much darker..      
Wore my mask like a serial killer..      
Put her to rest with struck by my simple hammer..      
Nailed her to the bed made of a wood fiber..      
I broke this dwelling only to stretch your pussy wider..      
This triumph made me burst into a roaring laughter..      
There was an alarm across the street by a police rider..      
Seems they planned to attack me on the counter..      
To escape this trap no time to ponder..      
Just falling down while they use the elevator..      
Surviving my free fall I leave you to wonder..        
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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Cap Gun Ammo

We dug our toy rifles  
into the ground, twisting  
packing their barrels  
full with dirt and pebbles--  
it was a better spray  
and harder hit, than  
the caps.  
Gunpowder tape, got laid  
out across rocks  
and we took turns with the hammer  
pounding each dot--  
Our fingertips blackened  
and temporarily numb  
from the hits and flashes.  
Back to the rifles
for more dirt-filled blasts  
into each other's hair,  
filthy feet and faces, hot  
July sun.  
Kathy's shrill whistle  
called us for lunch, eat  
on the porch, gobbling  
Then back at our "war"....  
It's just how it was, in the '70's.  
Toy guns, fingers bleed,  
so did knees  
suck it up--  
the beauty of it all  
when we didn't come home  
until dark.
Written by MadameLavender
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Tales of Torture Vol. III

Leave your manners at home,
bring only your wrong doins.
Bring your hammers and stone.
Leave my scrotum in ruins.
Your dad's a carpenter right?
Be a good girl,
grab his toolbox.
I hope you sharpened your knife.
Make my wood hurl.
Stab this fool's cock.
For our morning-after brunch, I'm thinking bacon, eggs, and ham
But first, give my balls a crunch.
My Staples button needs a slam.
"That was easy" my bloodied sack growls,
as my balls release four to five gallon.
Nice and greasy, I send whore for more towels,
as I turn on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
Written by Girthquake
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Hammered into Shape

Life, a hammer pounding down
we negotiate its every blow
the hardships to avoid, prosperity aimed
our souls like forged steel endure

every strike shapes us anew
each pain pushes us to bear
more heartbreaks that hurt
and tear us apart

the fire's forge burns but shapes
our capacity to bear more sorrow
transformed by trials our fight resolute
to keep on fighting to survive

yet in the end the  blows
will find us fair and true
sending us to another stage
where other hammers beat us down.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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We had a thing in my country who used a hammer to murder thirteen women and also attempted to murder seven other women.

I cannot speak that thing's name but the newspapers dubbed it " the Yorkshire ripper " in some weird nod to that other thing of Victoria's day " jack the ripper " who used a knife to murder and mutilate women.

Thankfully that thing is dead. It died 2020

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Sadly hammers and crazies still exist..........

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Conversations with my hammers

Conversations with my hammers

Me - "High guys, got a busy day today"
They – all groan
Me- “no good adopting that attitude”
Them – lump hammer says` “what’s the job”
Me -"roofing today"
Toffee hammer squeaks –“you know I’ve got vertigo and a sweet tooth
I`m so skinny I’ll never be as big as the other hammers
Me-”stop whining toffee what good would you be in the roof”
I need claw and lump and perhaps sledge.
The three hammers complain “ its freezing out there, we only do roofing in the summer
Me-"its an emergency a young lady has had some tiles blown off in the storm"
Hammers collectively- a chorus of knowing chuckles
Me-“ I spoke to ladder earlier and he`s up for it”
Me - thinking nothing worse than recalcitrant tools
The bastards would misbehave hide themselves, hammers having the power to whack you on the hand, a torture in cold weather.
I did- have some sympathy with their dissatisfaction after all they on the whole were totally reliable
Saws lost their edge chisels got blunt; screwdrivers lost their point, only the most gross mistreatment would cause a hammer to fall ill
Splits which required major surgery, unstable heads the wobbly scenario to fly off the handle.
Me “-now we’ve all got to pull together we won’t be out long and its back in the warm van”
Ball pien and mallets all chorusing together “can we come, we never get out” ball pein (of mixed gender) said” all the oil and grease makes me sick”. the mallets chimed in with a chorus of sneezes complaining about “all the wood shavings and dust”
Me – is it hammers national wellbeing day? well OK if you all behave, we`ll finish early and watch.
Tim Allen`s Tool Time box set

Written by slipalong
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