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Poetry competition CLOSED 6th October 2023 4:05pm
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RUNNERS-UP: wallyroo92 and Bluevelvete

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Say it...without saying it

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for a great entry, drone!

Dangerous Mind
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One night...

my body organs
are tied with chords..

tease them..
hum with them..

they want to dance..
mould them in posture..

they want to surrender you..
bite them..strike on them..

they want to melt..
use your hot weapon on them...
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for a fabulous entry, dimpy!

Tyrant of Words
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Divine Perversion

Delectable, lovely souls
Beautifully adorned
Fixated and admired, it sets the heart afire to freely fantasize
Pulsing with every beat
Worshipped and discreet
Spoken with otherworldly tongues, ravished and romanticized

Soft and velvet like
Pressed against the core
Facing the heavens with everlasting impressions when taking flight
Sweet stunning agony
Is healed in the ecstasy
Imagination and adoration come together with quite the sprite

Exquisite arduous aching
Senses heightening and quaking
Permeates through with every enthusiastic kiss and caress
Served in every curve
Adored like they’re deserved
In the most perfect arc like fine art that one must simply obsess

Amidst undulating waves
Each touch softy pervades
As the undertows offer a palatable gourmet of dainties and delicacies
This tasty little diversion
Is a welcomed divine perversion
Thrust upon with lust shared in a fancy of picadilloes and elegancies
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for an incredible entry, wallyroo92!

Tyrant of Words
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in my maelstrom of pain
I lose the fight, drowning in my hurt
my lust builds and doesn't relent
I ache in agony for something that can not be
you and me
breaking inside I cry out for love
tender feelings turn ravenous
my outlook is bleak
I am a romantic
romanticizing your need of me
cutting the night with my want
I call to you
you hear me keening on the wind
answering with a growl
you turn and pierce me with a look
I gaze into your eyes
and we both know it's hopeless
we are drug below
where a tempest builds
temptation has take control
you desire me
I reach you down deep
your passion's under my spell
with a power play of seduction
you pull away then come in close
kissing me gently
then a bit rough
I sigh within
exhaling my truth
you take me to you
raptured faith
you penetrate my honesty
and give me what I crave  
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for a wonderful entry, crimsin!

Guardian of Shadows
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Words On A Paper

I took just one, and
held it in my hand--
your words
that came, silently
like ships on calm oceans.

I plucked another (word)--
I used to know such things
so I took them, and
touched them to my lips, and
the blood returned to dried up places.

So long--
I'd forgotten how it is to feel
(on purpose)
but you left more (words)
and I had to take each one
and smear them on my heart, things
you believe, and
want..... desire (me)

They stabbed and flowed
into dormant places, filling--
I smiled
(and cried a little)
and wrote my own words
and felt your heat, as
you devoured my thoughts
(my thighs.....)

Your waves of testosterone
came my way, and
I've opened a place for you
(the man, you are)
if you want it---

I think you do...
(and so do I)

Written by MadameLavender
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for a wonderful entry, MadameLavender!

Tyrant of Words
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Deeper shades of read

each word becomes home      
proven sanctuary      
moored upon warmth that is you      
call out to me— my other half      
I'm listening      
where meeting between the lines      
is bold discovery      
that heartily welcome      
arcs of pure incendiary imagination      
exposing mind, body and soul      
feel deep, in bold triumphant spirit      
revel amongst pleasurable panacea      
riding out as waves, crashing      
marvel each page's turn      
across a captivated yearn      
carving out hope and longing      
coil it,      
oh so slowly around us      
press into places      
brand hearts      
of verse and chapter      
awe at those heady sparks      
as they illuminate all the empty darkness      
lighting up pathways long forgotten      
colors not of this world      
beget our new alien luminescence      
how strangely perfect, this      
our magnificently foreign glow... glows      
painting everything      
a single shade of rhapsody      
Written by Bluevelvete
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you so much for an incredible entry, Bluevelvete!

Dangerous Mind
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Massage Parlor

he called ahead...said he'd be there by 8    
he sounded very stressed..his patience stretched to it's limits    
it must've been such a long hard day      
intuitively she knew his needs...she'd take care of him    
make sure to have bath water ready...the temperature just the way he liked it    
see...he was her most frequent visitor...her only visitor as of late    
there was a developed trust between he and she    
so she felt comfortable leaving the door unlocked just for him    
she left his bath water running while steam drifted about      
as he approached he would pause in the same place as he always did    
just to graze in the little patch of garden just outside her door    
then he'd enter in the same manner he always did      
slowly peeking his head in before fully entering    
there was something gentlemanly about that gesture she admired    
no matter how bad his day might have been he was never hurried in her presence    
the springs on her door were tight tho...very tight    
and remained so no matter how often she would lube them    
and he would always have to give a stern push    
to move them aside allowing himself to be fully accommodated    
immediately upon entering he felt weighted heat      
emanating from her running bath...draping all around him    
as beads of precipitation slickened his skin    
preparing him for her massage      
she welcomed him...felt him all over...felt how tense he was...    
there was so much turmoil pent up within      
she noticed his blood pressure had suddenly risen dramatically      
left him on was a long hard day indeed    
he definitely needed some space where he could stretch out      
and just be himself      
she led him down her narrow hall    
directly into her back room...guided him into her sunken tub    
he immersed himself....soaking in her hospitality    
as his presence filled her tub...making her waters rise to the brim    
splashing about...spilling over...soiling the floor      
streaming down the hall    
god.....he seemed to tense up even more    
taking up even more space...yet she was committed..convicted    
massaging his restless bod...clamping down on his muscles    
until he totally submitted to her sublime grip    
suddenly his bod lurched forward...shifting her tub    
she felt blooded pressure pulse throughout the entire length of he    
inducing waves above and waves below    
until he was completely emptied of all his worldly stress    
freed of contemplation and consternation    
as suds washed over her bud    
she took pride and pleasure in this moment    
smiling at the measure of his reaffirming aftermath    
a treasured memoir indeed knowing that her parlor will always be    
the place where her paramour will always come    
to lay his head to rest
Written by Naajir
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you so much for joining with this incredible entry, Naajir!

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you to everyone who showed up and made this comp so incredibly difficult to decide! I knew there was some amazing minds on this site and y’all didn’t disappoint! After much deliberating and recruiting a friend for help, here is how it worked out:

MadameLavender, your poem Words on a Paper was an incredible blend of almost revealing and still holding the mystery! For this reason, I tip my hat to you. Congratulations on a well-deserved trophy win!

Bleuvelvete, your poem Deeper Shades of Read was powerful in its elegance and subtlety. Beautiful piece!  For this reason, I’m awarding you the first runner-up position.

Wallyroo92, your poem Divine Perversion was sensual and playful. It made me smile and sigh repeatedly. For this reason, I’m awarding you the second runner-up position.

Honorable mentions go to:
Lunaschild8, you took desserts to another level! I will never think of caramel the same again…
HarleyQuinn, your Raspberries made my mouth water. Amazing use of just a few lines.
Neves, you said more in 4 short lines than I thought possible…
down2dirt, you took the reader in a direction I never expected. Great use of metaphor!
Crimsin, those last 2 lines were a brilliant punctuation on an incredible poem!
Naajir, if only we could all have a massage like that…

Thank you everyone for showing up and taking part in this competition. You all took me in directions I never would have thought of myself. Thank you for expanding my horizons!

Twisted Dreamer
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Congratulations MadameLavender!

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