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Fire of Insight
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the final insult

I stood condemned for choosing sanity over family
nevertheless I stood my ground
doing what's best for me
but you...you threw poisoned darts
guilt-laden barbs
ever the daggers at tender back
feeling sorry for yourself
for taking my power back

I actually hate that expression

what power - as a child - could I really call mine
when you were supposed to protect me
instead you were grooming me for the monster who molested me
take it back indeed
I have a better idea
you take it back
take back the pain & the tears
all the scars & the fears
the years lost to that little girl
who loved buttercups, kittens & dolls
but spent a lifetime in hell
give back her innocence
the woman she could have been
can you do that?
yeah, I didn't think so...

and that last call pleading with me
let bygones be bygones & move on
not one word of accountability for the damage done to me
never mind asking forgiveness
still my boundaries remained
and you went to your grave
without ever once taking responsibility
yet again...you left the clean-up to me
now I've got to find my own peace
if I ever want closure
like so many other things
you took that away from me

Copyright © 2023 Willow. All Rights Reserved
Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Fire of Insight
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Slightly Scorched, Still Coping

Glistening with sweat
by extreme heat exhausted
I approach the window
between hell and paradise.

Angel of mercy
peers through the triple panes.
I pick up the phone handsetÖ
she says "no need,
I hear your request"
Asking for my full name,
my date of birth,
petition validated

Angelic voice names the price.
Out from below the window
a heavenly portal opens.
Blessed cold air
caresses Sun-baked face and arms.
My debit card placed
in the silver drawer
pays my indulgence

With cherubic smile
and prayer of well wishes
My order is delivered.
The magic drawer slides out
bearing the medicine
that helps me endure
my infernal state.
Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
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Fire of Insight
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A Moment In The Abstract

call it what you want  
to me it's the unexplained..  
the manner in which you get in tune with your intuition  
the way a lost man can suddenly find himself at world's end †
swirling down your Calypso's abyss  
Davey Jonesin for your mysticism  
where worlds collide and words coincide as  


we meet somewhere in the middle  
showcasing artists in the nude  
riddled with antiquated aches and seismic pulsings †
deep diving into the inkwell..the pitch blaque of it  
spilling esoteric..spelling out spells through raw sentiment  
emotionally charged..waxing rhapsodic  
high glossed in poetically saturated melodies  
as we indulge fine dining here †
at the abstract cafe  

let me fill in your blanks  
pour you another serving perhaps?  
taste my nuances with no chaser..see if they're to your liking  
i'll keep writing as long as you remain open  
to the curvature of my verbiage  
be my one stop shopping  
cuz this is a non-stop thing for me  
the final destination is just one journey after the next  
that roams inside your labyrinth  
dedicated to pulling the muse from out your pores  
one molecule at a time..one letter at a time  
using countless strokes of the quill †
to nudge your nucleus  

to ART-iculate you  

to etch n sketch your quintessence †
until it fits the mold i have in mind for us  
displayed openly as an exhibition of exhibitionists  
pasted against the ambiance of a picturesque panorama  
highlighting my incubus. .your succubus  
smothered..simmering between sheets of opaqueness  
telling a tale of heat seekers rising up the Fahrenheit scale  
with yearnings burning ink as the midnight oil †
til nothing remains but the smoldering embers of †  
two trailblazers outlined in greyed chalk †
the obsidian dust  
that is the shape of our poetry  

Written by Naajir
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Tyrant of Words
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There are two seasons in my mind
Fall in Eden with a blue glow
Converging palette suicide
A sharp mnemonic overdose
Waves eternal crashing aloof
Surfing coasts of silent shores
But scars don't heal like they used to
They're plume, chlorophyll and course
Reaching out in eclipse of light
Wind shear whips in orange and blush
Painted faces, mute as midnight
Maybe this time won't hurt as much
Saccharin love in temples of ruin
But there will always be a piece that's gone.
Written by Fishmander
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Francisco J Vera
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Zero Thirty

Your picture is blurred

tucked into the spine
of a coffee-stained

your mouth
a graveyard
of poems.

Some nights
I trace the braille
of a vacant face

grieve you in pixels

notebook coffins.

Itís the only funeral
weíll ever know.
Written by Goya
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Francisco J Vera
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And I sleep,
or contemplate sleep,
or lust after sleep,
as if it'd be
a benediction -
wake on a breath,
melt in
to the heroic lullaby
of deep, heavy rain
hitting the frames, hitting the roof,
that used to do it for me -
and when it still doesn't come
I have been known to fold
on other means
like reading,
like yawning,
like collapsing inward and closing,
it just isn't enough anymore,
the body slugs on
searching for hope in her waking hours,
so now one has to reach out
to pained levels of exhaustion
where eyes tick
and the clocks go dry.
Written by ImperfectedStone (The Gardener)
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
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Beyond The Clouds

When Superpowers Meet What Path Is There To Peace

I just witnessed Kim Jong Un meeting with Vladimir Putin, to discuss war heads, and the alliance of Russia and China, and neither one is affiliated with NATO Ö wow... this could be very crucial.

In addition, as I must mention, please do not place all your cash on those Cash Apps, banking at your fingertips, place it in the bank, sock drawer, under your mattress, just so you can have access to it.

If you do not know, we are moving into a one currency system. It is best you start investing in Gold, and Titanium, natural resources, gas, coal any natural resource the sale of the American dollar has no value, compared to other countries' currency.

Politics And Earthly Agenda

A question I have been pondering since the debacle of the coup attack on the State Capitol. Who really gives any country its peace.

While we are being mentally mesmerize by watered down politics and a feeble-minded president, there are other countries who are coming together to build its perimeters, military strongholds, and I say that with the humblest respect, and strategic measures to bring American to its knees.

If anyone has taken notice, this is the futuristic of humanity and the AI force, anytime you can implement robots into the very core we call life, and it becomes acceptable, that is the end of humanity as we know it.

There will be a when we come together, black, white, native races, whereas, we will be fighting for survival not among each other, but the longevity against man and the machine.

Remember this, if you never remember anything, that soap box, (the media) who are owned by the elite, have taken an oath to place the truth in front of eyes. In my research about the elite, they must display the truth, therefore, you can never say you were not forwarded. I have to say that is primary reached through numerology, signs, and symbols.

The Mental Brainwashing (The Music)

Letís talk about the casting spells of the music, the rap/hip hop ethos, back in the day, rap music used to tell resonate about the struggles we need to overcome as a thriving people.

As time has progressed, and the unorthodox Jews who is behind those lucrative contracts of the music industry, the banks, and patents of mass destruction; Covid, Ebola, SARS, manmade genocide agents that can annihilate humanity.

Look around my brothers and sisters, there is no other race the hip hop music has affected than the African American race.

You have hard core rap songs, telling you to kill, steal, build up empires of the dope, twisted sublime messages lowering the essence of the mentality and the ventures of the younger generation of Kings/Queens are becoming lost to the dire effects of what they hear.

You have teenagers all over the internet, twerking, fighting, disrespecting their elders in the name of vanity.

In my day, I look back, I had my mind so encased in those dusty Britannica Encyclopedia, I can tell you every word written, I did not understand, the meaning back then but I am so thankful now, and being home schooled and limited English under my grann was so difficult, tedious, and sore palms for not trying hard enough. †Here today, my English is still not quite there, but manageable.

In studying the English language here today, you string along several phrases together from the three translated Books Of The Dead, as I stated I do recommend you reading that book. You can do harm, double words that means more than what meets the eyes. I will elaborate more on that as time progress.

Breaking down that equation, of Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

Why is this so important, because the world is changing daily as we see it, not as it really is perceived. Occurrences that are sanctioned by the administration of the government are never about the people or for the people.

Mass Destruction Of The Mind

Brainwashing the mind with demonic forces that still today hinder the disunity of the African American race, and this is no disrespect to any other race, but the truth does become the light. For my ancestors to have survived, from being hanging, lynching, tar and feathered, then given us a false book with a blue-eye picture of a bearded man to worship for every race, every culture, it is unfair in a blind systematic that caters to its religion.

Heaven is within the heart; it is your emotional salvation, or it can be your emotional detriment when it begins it become zealous, a cult of some sort.
In this realm we call life, you must be steadfast, and open your third eye of discernment it is about being anointed. †

The fear tactics of submission to turn the other cheek, while babies, were raped, women, men tar and feathered, a history that is not open for discuss and under the laws of politics is becoming obliterate.

I did read in Florida; churches are starting to be awaken and teach the lost history of self.

Yet, the history of the Holocaust (Jewish), Cinco De Mayo (Hispanic Heritage) to celebrate their culture, Italian Festivals (Italian Heritage) Octoberfest (Germans) St. Patrick Day (Irish Heritage) Juneteenth (The Emancipation of African Americans from slavery) everyone culture/heritage are so very much important, and it must be celebrated.

Therefore, why should anyone voice be silenced the struggles of any race only bridges the gap of impartially and it fosters alliances among all. †

This world has moved beyond black and white, the unity is found in hearts, not so much the state of the mind, and blood only has one color when it seeps from the pores, and that is red, sickness only have one outcome and that is getting better, and it does not matter who is healing you.

Deterrence Of Empowering Healthy Heart Energy

Your body is the temple. The next time you look at your reflection in the mirror, you are a superpower within yourself. †

The Heart (Anahata Charka) That beating organ is vital to the longevity of life, it pumps the blood through the four chambers, received oxygenated blood.

The Death Merchants, that feeds our sacred temples, processed, foods, with additives for taste, sodium, saccharine, food coloring dyes, canned ham, dried and packaged food, drenched in preservatives.

Then no one can comprehend why they have high cholesterol, diabetes I and II, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

And men be advised medication for high blood tend to result in erective dysfunction. I would always recommend, baked over fried, brisk walking/running then sitting on a couch, being immobile.

Fresh organic and make sure it says certified vegetables if you do not garden your own, then eat frozen and non-canned vegetables.

The Mismanagement Of The Soul

This has always been my blessed mantra, and that goes to say, you never, and strongly mean never, allow your intellect to become stagnate in its growth, deterred by outside forces who have no bearing in your journey's path, or allow it to be compromised, unto others.

There is a Haitian Proverb my grann always says ďNever allow the sword tongue of the foolish who looks into the mirror and sees someone else's pilgrimage other than their own to lead you to your throne of glory, if so, it leads to a heartless and emptiness state of oneís existence,í unquote. †

And no matter how strong you think you are, you will never recover your lost self-esteem, ponder on that perception, please, if not and by designs, you begin to slowly lessen the value of YOUR own beautiful worth, and I was never raised to bow down or mentally accept the falsehood of someoneís else twisted ideology, what for?
  † † †
And allow my 5th year here on DUP to commence.

I will be bringing some medical researched information to the forefront, the whispers you do not see, but I hear. Starting with Bill Gates and his bioengineered food. I do not make these things up, but I will get to the bottom of this, I have been thoroughly researching as a medical profession I have to look at it from a scientific approach.

The billionaire couple, in less than a decade, have accumulated more than 269,000 acres of farmland across 18 states, more than the entire acreage of New York City. The farmland was purchased through a constellation of companies that all link back to the coupleís investment group, Cascade Investments, based in Kirkland, Washington.

Additional Soul Searching



Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Stiletto Meadow

At nine years old
The water ate my lungs
Turning me ice cold
In the year 1984 †

With my motherís heels on
Playing dress up
And hop scotch
Across the pond

Where the scent of
My ghost lives on
Gliding with the swans
Iím dead and gone

Butterfly broken wings
Reflect beside my
Fossilized teeth
Playing hide and seek

Sunflowers larger
Than the vintage sun
Gave rays of shade
To my antique bones

Itís now 2084
Iím dead and gone
But the scent of my
Ghost lives on

At Stiletto Meadow

Inside flowers that bloom
In butterfly cocoons
In shadows of the past
Alive in the grass

A hundred years have passed

Trying to reach you
From the other side
I see you watching casually
From across the way

I play hop scotch on lily pads
Darting across the pond
Wearing nothing but six inch heels
Made from red clover

Your stoic face lies
There are crinkled smiles
On the corner of your eyes
Cause you love me so

Sunflowers bloom larger
Than the florescence sun
Providing us shade
Where loveís not afraid

No rules to follow
You and I alone

At Stiletto Meadow
Written by Adelphina
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congratulations Adelphina it was well deserved 💕

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you so much Crimsin:)

Here's to Frankenstiens!!

Tyrant of Words
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Adelphina said:Thank you so much Crimsin:)

Here's to Frankenstiens!!

it really is a beautiful poem

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you. I wanted to try something different:)
I actually enjoy darker pieces. LOL

I truly appreciate your support.

Who knows - maybe I'll turn it into a series like The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netfix.
I'll call it The Haunting of Stiletto Meadow!  You never know:)

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