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Poetry Contest

pay homage to Nature

For this competition I would like you to watch the video of some of the stunning nature of the islands North of Bergen\Norway.

write an ode to nature inspired on what you see here
send gratitude and respect to Mother Earth, Pacha mama, JordMor, and all the names given to express the abundance of nature

Title your piece
new works only
one per poet
minimum 50 words, no maximum
no novels either, short story is allowed

my deepest respect

ps, I have been to this place many times


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For Nature its Naturally Natural

there are clearings in the woods
where crystal-clear streams meander through
fringed by wild blooms
heavy with nature's perfumes

the wind blows gently on falling leaves
gentle †enough to soothe deepest pain
while nature's orchestra plays
songs of the ancient on dappled forest floor

they gently coax the grass to grow
spraying goodness on dark soil
vines to sprout with trees so tall
flowers to nod pretty heads

nature will apply poultice
to ragged land
where man has gouged
its spirit from within

Nature will prevail
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Yet Selling Nature Hard --

Still at a Bargain-basement Price  

"Lovers of nature necessarily value pussytoes and corn cockles † † † †
somewhat more than the child worldwide who  
 onds †
-- a lover not of natural diseases or disasters  
(let alone human nature inhuman)  


A patron saint of flu and cancer bugs is Mother Earth --  
though worms beneath her robe she feels possess a bit more worth.  


a dedication of Respect  
the measureless Suffering of countless conscious, †
feeling beings in the wilderness  
daily yet ripped apart  
and eaten alive  

a revolving helios couplet menippean satire on  
full romanticizing nature at the expense of Horror in a waste of Pain  

september, 2023 -- romantics slow yet 'gin to droop and drowse  
as night's dark predators in norway rouse
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Ode to Nature

Used to be there was a dilapidated buiilding
Sitting on this corner
Vagrants, Obdachlos and drug users
Spent wasted time there until, miscue,
They set a part of it on fire

Dilapidated, yes, it was brought down
A piece of brick and some cement remain.

Then seasons chased each other away
Spring then giving way to Summer
And all sorts of weeds started growing
In the midst of the remains of wreckage

Don't even know the names
Poison sumac? †Crabgrass? Purslane?
Or just plain grass?

Whatever their names, those morcels
Of greenery have chosen to fight and regain
Their territory
Surrounded as they are in a sea
Of †skycrapers and other monstrosities.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Now A Memoir

Among turrets of towering trees
Seduced by the florals
Wearing nature's shoes
With the falling leaves haunting  
Where roses should grow  
Like skeletons leaving shadows †
Raining down like tallow  
Into an agreeable sunset
Echoing the imagery  
Now only a memoir
With the sounds of a cello
And echoing cricket
Written by PaleSkies
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Thank you Grace, Jordan, Robert and PaleSkies for your entries :)

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The Power of Winter

Winter Oh she comes
Is everything mixed in one
Covers the Earth in a blanket of white
Leaves the trees draped in light

I donít think you know of her might
Fury, †light
Is as harsh as the storm
Is as soft as the dawn

Slips and slides and twirls around
The tinkling of icicles Oh, the sound!
Winter just isnít a season
Itís joy itís a reason
Written by moroccanpoet
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Thank you for your entry, Moroccanpoet

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