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Poetry Contest

Don Quixote had fights with his windmills. What is yours? Humour welcome of course
Poems to 50 lines preferred.

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Quixotic and the Art of Imagination

Impossible dreams are never too far to attain
It is not lunacy to imagine or envision
But it is madness to give up on them
For the heart is filled with adventure
Each of us has an epic journey
To reach the far ends of the earth
Beyond the limits of our imagination
To fight for what is right and true
Perhaps it is on these travels
We will find love and courage
We will have chivalry and honor
When facing adversity
Look! Just beyond the horizon
Monsters in the distance
Giants with large extending arms
Threatening sprawling behemoths
Menacing and ominous creatures
Looking to bring us harm
Prepare to fight!
For their end is here
With lance, sword and armor
We will never surrender
Written by wallyroo92
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She was sooooooo tired of all the constant
Woooooozing and wooooooshing from those
Giant windmills around

Producing electricity?  My ass
Producing noise pollution, more like
And, as per some articles,
Producing cancer

So she put together a team
Of old Special Forces buddies
They got all the necessary materiel together
And got ready to go on a blow-up fest

She  could remember with glee the kicks
It gave them as they worked together overseas,
As they teamed up to reduce bridges to scrap metal

Never enough,

But on this day the blasts were going on much too early.
Something must be very wrong
She woke up in a cold sweat
After a long night of boozing it up

The bang-banging was at the door
There was a fire
The emergency crew was there to get her out
Of the apartment building

Move your ass, dear,

Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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King Wind

I bring some news to the lone coyote
out on the prairie seeking kith and kin,
I tilt at windmills like Don Quixote
but my royal command sets sails to spin.
And in Autumn's august lusty breezes
I strew my carpets with silver and gold,
and lift some skirts to gain my due curtsies
as I strip heads bare to show, don't be bold.
Here in my realm of brisk April showers
weathervanes point but they all point in vain,
from all directions I'll make you cower
and bow your head low to my royal rain.
I rule my lonely kingdom from on high
You'll never see me but, you'll hear me cry...
Written by Rew
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Can't Fix Stupid

Eyes turned to sky
Slip your watch from your wrist
Then close my fist, blow a kiss, say
"Oh dear how time does fly"
And while you see the white space on your skin where your time briefly occupied,
While the cogs of your brain slowly grind
I help myself to a slice or four of your pie
Right from out under your nose
As to why I say why what what why,
you're high and  that's a liberal lie,
say the same thing, in repeated moans
Til I spill untold millions of my spawn
 In your girl's "for chirch only" panty hose.
Don't believe your lying eyes,
Abide and await the new dawn,
here's a sign for your lawn,
Be the king you are, but for now play the pawn.
Here's a link to deposit your power,
To bring us nigh upon the hour.
Got the time? Never mind I forgot I have this new watch,
oh lookie here how the ticks have tiocked,
Give it ten then check your crotch,
It's the feminists bruh that ripped off your cock.

I never listened to a single thing my elders ever said,
But I guess that I did after all
Cuz I remember this,
It was directed at me from my ancestors to my daddy's lips,
It was "Son, I can fix your bike but I can't fix stupid"

While you march with your signs,
Forming lines
dispensing goodie grab bags of threats,
Conjured from unholy union of toxic air in your minds and cherry-picked religious text,
Somehow descrating a thing never holy.

Come now and see this denuding, flaying, neutering, spaying, strip-mining , pocket lining,
regarding whole mountains of both rock and of words,
as so much interfering cock-blocking waste,
While cooking up schemes to make a half from a third,
and lush valleys serve as convenient latrines, making haste to extract a few glittering flakes, then seeking out plots of flesh for your stakes.
The questions only of efficiency of ways cheapness of means

Decadently dining on all the things that crawleth, creepeth and flyeth and swimeth
 and writheth, slitherith, climbeth, boumdeth and any and everything  that might be a witness,

To put the lie to your claims you're guiltless and sinless, that your acts with your knives are for national fitness
Of your defleshing of ducks,
(As you do with the mountains and valleys and Rivers)
Discarding as yoir lifelong shadowy nemisis
 everything of it and the the last dying twitching of your final two fucks
"Raze dance halls, raze libraries, raze theatres,
Bury the bodies, move out the trucks!"

The momster is brown is gay, is black, is weird, is queer,
The foe is an emasculatimg dick rottng cultural defect
it's neo-pedo-marxists hosting Pedo-masochist parties on pedo-particular private pinko jets,
It's good old Jews it's good old commies good old fashioned faggy fairies, God's rejects,
It's curricula that teach our children to shit in boxes in our classrooms and bark and purr and hiss, giving new meaning to  teacher's pet.

It's eagle murdering, tumor causing, terrifying hypnotizing legions of windmills, Woke with Wanting
Whirring and whirring whooshing and whooshing.

What do your literary scholars think of that Quickphonic Don now, not so crazy now huh?

To the fields friends,
let's show those freedom hating bastards how to make windmills do the tilting,

First we take the windfarms,
Then we take the sun.

And removing his Stetson, wiping his brow,
The father regards the horizon,
Beholds a gathered- no - gathering spreading mass of vibrating blackness,
squints in an effort to identify its nature, its movement, direction, pace.
And double takes for a moment : "huh... Are those windmills getting tipped over?"

Now regards his son, rests a hand on the boy's bony shoulder,
Turns himself and the child back to the busted out rear window,  the rock lying on the top of the rear bench seat,.
The rock there, the window busted, the father and son there,
The heavy hand, gentle and warm,
The voice coming from the depths of a well, from the edges of space,
From the essence of a mortal wound:

"Son, I can fix that window.  But I can't fix stupid."

Written by SayQuois (JeremyK)
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Sancho Panza

while you were sleeping  
and you dreamed a dream  
from distant or absent places  
and from other lands, perhaps...  
I spoke your name in soft whispers.  
I want to know,  
If you heard...  
If you know the taste  
that your voice put in my soul.  
Maybe we even dream  
the same dream...  
Maybe you call me from above  
from the mountains of your dream...  
Maybe I, in the distance,  
in the midst of fights,  
hear your voice calling me...  
Tearing apart the web of clouds.  
I will hear your call.  
I will hear your voice...  
I will run over the waters...  
I will fight the wind...  
I will face the windmills.  
I will not hesitate  
whenever you call me  
I will never be too far  
that I cannot feel that you  
call me and I will not hesitate...  
I will leave the windows open  
for your voice to enter freely.  
Calling me for you...  
I will never be too far away.  
I will never be too asleep.  
I will always be the one  
that will break your fall  
whenever you call.  
Whenever you call.  
Whenever you call.  
Whenever you call.  

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robert43041 said:Poems to 50 lines preferred.

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An excellent result if I may say so and incidentally about 4 + 2 years late. So, thank you kindly to whomsoever voted. Many thanks.

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