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Where is the Bottom?

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Not the best title, but also the least important. Compose a poem 2-4 lines long speculating on something Donald J. Trump COULDN'T do in the middle of 5th Avenue NYC without losing a vote
Be funny, be brutal, be optimistic, apocalyptic... Whatever mood, attitude, analysis, assessment, school of philosophy, psychology, hard knocks, political theory.  Wherever you come from, whatever you think and feel now about the state of matters in respect of the question of "my god, what would it take to change one vote of a MAGAhead?" put it in a 2-4 line rhyming poem.  AABB or ABAB.

For some context and guidance, many of you may remember when some 30,000 news cycles back then candidate Trump stated, without a hint of either irony or concern about whether his foot was going to first plant firmly in a giant pile of shit before finding its way into his mouth :

"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?"

Incredibly, that was over 7 years ago. I believed his words then and I believe them now.

He hasn't shot anybody yet.  I guess.  So that guarantee has yet to be tested. Maybe he would lose a vote from blasting someone.

But let us assume that he wouldn't.  And let us also start with that act as the starting line:  Public, unashamed, premeditated murder.  

Surely there is something he could do, ON 5TH AVENUE, NYC, that would cost him a vote.  

My rules and guidelines are based on the honour system and good faith, and are these:

His action(s) cannot be something that would physically harm or kill any greater than 10 MAGAcult members all at once.

It must involve a physical act he either carries out himself, or has directed one or more persons to do with his publicly announcement that it is his idea and he has directed the person or persons doing the act. *Announcements unaccompanied by an act are not accepted.

I'll do an example and start tame

poet Anonymous


    This SayQuios competition requirement is:

" Compose a poem 2-4 lines long speculating on something Donald J. Trump COULDN'T do in the middle of 5th Avenue NYC without losing a vote "    
So, somewhere near 725 5th Ave NYC.     
" There's only one thing worse than a Rino "            
muttered tRump, sawing  through Ivvanka's tough throat,            
" and that's disloyal offsprings, I suppose,            
now, I've also lost Jarhead's, freeking vote? "
poet Anonymous


Trump could easily humiliate M.T. Green
Though she would not even notice,
The good looking but silly bitch
For being fucked by him she dreams

Not so could he do with Lauren Boebert
Who is always armed to the teeth
But she would not get hurt
While forced to get down and kiss his feet
poet Anonymous

I wrote this before reading the rules completely.
I’ll post a shorter version later.
(guess you could consider this the trumped up version)

tRumps Trip

oh the things you see when the DMT flows
former leader trump  on his mystical journey goes
he sees the world in a brand new light,
all of his worries they take flight

the walls start to dance, the colors they swirl
he's not in DC anymore, he's in another world
he sees the faces of those he thought he hated
but now he realizes they're all just human nothing fated

he sees the flaws in his own political stance
realizing that maybe just maybe he has gotten too much of a chance
as the visions fade he's left with a new sense of clarity
not just a rabble rouser but a human with charity

and though he may still disagree with some
he understands that unity is where humanity comes from

poet Anonymous

I Could…

“i could get high on LSD and they’d still vote for me”
he sucks the paper square so soon we’ll see
reality melts and he’s he’s at the mall
dancing with nancy hugging liberals loving all
poet Anonymous

Fire Rising Above American Ideals

“I could desecrate the flag,
Call General Lee a f*g,
Blow our war vets to smithereens,
And they’d still vote for me.”
poet Anonymous

The Bottom Line --

Yet Beginning at Trump Tower in the Heart of Midtown Manhattan  
and Stretching along the Eastern Side of Central Park  
till Winding through Harlem and the Upper East Side  
and Terminating at the Harlem River at 142nd Street     
"Generally speaking, Republicans are mean and dumb,        
whereas Democrats are meek and dumb."      
-- the Trump card      
played but once      
(thus far . . .)        
Up high above Fifth Avenue pumped up in bed plump Donald Trump      
hard humps bumped off Republicans and Democrats pumped dead with lead      
as all deep throating "Donnie" beg His Stable Genius harder hump --      
till countless spirit brains banged out proud hail The Do's swelled weeny head!      
Contest: Where Is the Bottom?      
Sponsor: JeremyK      
Prompt: Compose a poem 2-4 lines long speculating on something Donald J. Trump COULDN'T do in the middle of 5th Avenue NYC without losing a vote.      
Form: Rhyme in Iambic Octameter      
Major Literary Devices: Imagery, Allusion, Symbol, Pun, Enjambment, Internal Rhyme, End Rhyme, Irony      
Theme: Still Losing Not One Single Vote, The Donald All-Powerful -- At Least on High      
Feetnote to JeremyK: The theme of the piece is implicit, my speculating The Omnipotent Donald's actions committed in the Trump Tower on high perhaps effecting the loss of at least one rationally ethical American's vote, or if not a rationally ethical American's vote, possibly the vote of a representative from the political correctness community -- or even perchance the vote of a member of the Christian right. Sincerely, DOC -- "Document On Clarity"
poet Anonymous

Arraigned Again

He’s been arraigned again like the world’s worst businessman
Who the hell gets taken to court that many times in their career?
Criminals and grifters always get caught and popped, like blisters
He can’t seem to win a court case while everyone else cheers
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