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Bugs and Rabbits and Storms, Oh My!

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Poetry Contest

Gardening challenges
late frost
wandering javelina
misplaced cattle
squash bugs
…some of the challenges in my garden.

Write about your garden challenges.
New poetry only. No sound or video.

Winner by popular vote.

Write on!

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Like Niobe, All Tears and Run to Seed

The blossoms in my garden plot sprang up to all turn weeds,    
my having seemingly sewn naught but hosts of rotten seeds,    
which tenderly I tended to in nursing at my breast,    
both mammaries and nipples proud the best once of the best,    
the twee alveoli producing magic in the milk,    
each fatty grapevine cluster of the transcendental ilk,    
the spider web of milk ducts by a sibyl sylphlike spun,    
swift done ere seven compasses quick coursed the mystic sun,    
the webbing honeyed silver silk slow bred by hallowed worms,    
comprising bacteroides plus the finest fungal germs,      
and dyed in pearl and caster sugar pure of maidens' hearts,    
by one true wizened wizard in the gastronomic arts --      
Imagine thus the endless unimagined full assaults    
on every swooning nerve when having lost its smelling salts    
it shocked is by the countless budding weeds struck dead by frost    
with countless more by javelinas wandering crude crossed    
and more than countless stomped to death by cattle dumb misplaced    
or laid to waste in brownies baked by druggie squash bugs spaced    
while legions from the garden by an act of hail cast out  
slow drowning in a flood from Heaven prior to a drought    
on being chewed by rabbits pulled from out some rhymester's hat    
straight swallowed whole are by a mole tsar's gopher autocrat    
till here in weeds of mourning weeps this salt of righteous tears --    
its babies slain, its lady parts long past the menstrual years . . .    
Contest: Bugs and Rabbits and Storms, Oh My!  
Sponsor: Kinkpoet  
Prompt: Write a poem about your gardening challenges.  Some of the challenges in my garden, for instance, include late frost, wandering javelina, misplaced cattle, hail, drought, squash bugs, rabbits, moles, and gophers.  
Form: Rhyme in Iambic Heptameter  
Major Literary Devices: Extended Metaphor, Symbolism, Imagery, Allusion, Personification, Synecdoche, Alliteration, Assonance, Inversion, Internal Rhyme, End Rhyme, Pun, and Irony  
Theme: The  Pestilent Plot of Procreation  
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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I won't be coy,
this isn't a hint,
currently all I grow is mint.

In the inner city,
gardens aren't pretty,
my neighbors don't like plants, just weed.
I want much more,
lush gardens by the score!
But fierce summer heat will always impede.

My sister grows a bounty on her porch,
but Oregon's heat isn't the Phoenix blowtorch.
Still, here in this desert apartment I know.
there are plenty more herbs I could currently grow.
like basil, rosemary, chives, cilantro

And do that I must,
if you know what I mean
i am happiest when I'm surrounded by green.

Written by Pinkdreams
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The Green Team

My garden is a small indoor one
it contains four green  plants
Of which I do not even know the names

Four, it seems,  is sufficient
They have found their own preferred place
And degree of water and light acceptance

I have many times tried to add a fifth
But it does not work
I think the other four team up and reject
My fifth choice

Not that I am scared that
The Supreme Four will one day
Gang up on me
If I dare add a fifth,
But I always keep a small light on at night

One just never knows.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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When It Rains

A prophet said
to watch the rains, for
where they fall, revival
shall follow.

I couldn't have been the only one, praying
that day,
was I, God?

I did as instructed, and
shouted down the enemy
as I waded from the driveway
to the door--

yet the demons
took what you meant for good, and
gnashed it into destruction,
tidal torrents from storm drains.

They receded and
so did my words.

The basement dried out,
the gardens stood upright
through it all--
yet I broke
and I am tired.

I'll take that revival, now.
Written by MadameLavender
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Wow! Some great works here!

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Tender Loving Care

Tilling the soil
is where I find my solace—

absolved hands plant seeds

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Fat hares sit on thrones
deep in burrows, holding court.
Snakes and foxes plot.

Invasive species
march, drinking the sprinklers dry
on the offensive.

A rabbit rampage.
Carrot shrapnel scattered like
coleslaw confetti.

Crowns and cottontails
litter an empty kingdom—

Above, no bounty
awaits; forsaken baskets
set aside, fruitless.
Written by Fizzle (Ammiture)
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Congratulations robert43041 (Viking)!

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Thank you for participating you amazing poets.
I would not have been able to choose a single winner, so thank for voting!

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