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I laugh, and dance throughout the atmosphere,
A spirit borne by light, and wind, and cloud!
I sing a song that men shall never hear,
performing for the universe, uncowed!

No form is fit to house the transmundane,
my essence is pure joy of life itself.  
A fickle sprite, I'm innocently vain,  
I fear no poverty, or covet wealth!  

This game, called love, that earth-bound mortals play
seems such a waste of time and energy!  
Their lives so short, then ending in decay,  
a stunning contrast to my reverie!  

This passing thought, of mankindís misery,  
dismissed without intentional disdain,  
as, like the wind, I have no history
to give me pause, or memories of pain!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
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floating memory

I don't follow anyone, I don't get angry with anyone, happiness comes on my lips only after take a puff of cigarette...

I don't dream of anyone, I don't wait for anyone, If I get a glass of "chai", I get wet even without rain...

I don't feel sad because of someone's absence, I don't feel jealous because of someone's presence, I make my gathering colorful with my own presence...

I don't want to be an important part of someone's life, I don't want to be someone's moon and sun, I want to be a floating memory of someone's life...

I don't ignore anyone, I don't become an obstacle in anyone's life, I know what loneliness is, that's why I don't create noise in anyone's life...
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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