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Poetry Contest

Write something positive
One poem per writer
Old writes are welcome

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"positive"?  What do you mean?  Could you explain a bit more?

Something more or less acknowledged as universally positive - overcoming great dds, breath-taking sunsets, that sort of thing?

Or is it a sliding scale allowing for relativity?

Is artistic expression inherently accepted as "positive" or must the poem say something positive, ie, cheery , optimistic encouraging?

Asking honestly.


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Illuminated Souls

Illuminated Souls
dejure (vick)
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hypno, tick
hypno, tick
So hyp...notic
Like time melting away
Minutes drip into hours
Don't come back
Don't come back
This time

Staring into nothing
Thoughts swim and swirl
Around your skull
Wondering if it's better
To let go
So, hypnotic

Teach me what
Life is and how to be
Like you in every way
Gears turning
Slowly changing into
The one they need
To keep the world


Beat into my head
The chants to keep
Going on and on
Till the rhythm crumbles
War cries echo
Smoke in the air
And thousands shake the earth
Till the street rumbles

So, hypnotic

No thorns, no crowns
No suits, no kings
Just a heart
Beating for life
I'll take, I'll give
I'll fight, I'll die
Till the life
Shines in your eyes

It's so hypnotic
Written by Results_May_Vary
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I Write My Own Destiny

The midnight sun is out again
The earth below baths in her soft light
The wind brings echoes of a timeless melody
Ancestral music to my heart.

Each star has a story to tell in their gleaming light
A story is told for you, and a story is told for me
Nothing else needs to be said
But if you must, write your thoughts down.

Words unlock the gates of my reserved soul
If you’re patient enough, you can catch a glimpse
Of who I was, who I am, and who I’ll become
Do you dare to venture further?

I often delve within myself
To better understand my purpose
This is what’s imprinted on my essence
“I write my own destiny.”
Written by LunasChild8
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Sodden shoes: I = I

The sky opened  
and turned me  
to a fae creature,  
thirsting for  
new realms.  
And it opened.  
All at once.  
Thick bulbs of  
tiny chinks of  
hail thwacking
against my body;  
blinding me  
with the
run of salt  
from my skin  
in my eyes.  
And it opened  
all at once  
on me  
alone in this  
primordial dimension,  
I couldn’t see  
the trail,  
the tree line.  
the lake,  
or the canals,  
except in the  
of the lightning.  
And the harder  
it crashed down on me
the more the worm  
of trepidation  
fell away  
and a crazed triumph  
sucked in the  
rot in my gut,  
As if this were my song.
As if this were my time.  
As if this were the  
way immortality felt,  
all cold drops on  
hot skin,  
the elements  
their rage
against me.
And I screamed back  
something primal and  
Then I ran.
at an  
I ran like it was the  
last time I’d ever  
step on the earth.  
I ran like a  
feral creature  
grabbing chaos  
the ether  
and wearing it as  
new skin.  
I ran shrieking  
into the lunacy of  
the darkness,  
And it opened  
all at once  
I am.  
It opened all at once.  
Written by Betty
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poet Anonymous

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Domicile of the Soul

Atop a Jet stream
You flew into me.
Crushing hands
excitedly held me
and in an instant
we were home.

I now know
Why I felt so displaced
‘though corded,
my soul’s home is with
& within Yours.

We both know …
Conscious &

Years of dust
beneath the sheets
hid only our wait.

We wait a wee bit
for You to hear me say:
“Honey, I’m home.”
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Fire of Insight
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This Past Future Forager.

September? I shall be a forager...     
as I ride Autumn's woodland's bridle paths,          
trailed by belladonna's sweet aroma          
and the shock of bright blue-flowered wild flax.          
I have marked sweet apple; crab-apple trees,    
blackberry, hazel tree's nuts, squirrel-like,          
and I shan't do battle with working bees          
for they guard their King, sleeping, in the hive...       
There is Shakespeare in woodland and hedgerows          
his bitter rue, the three witches hedge-pig,          
wild parsley, thyme, crabs to hiss in my bowl          
and Kate, slender, twinned with these hazel twigs.          
Such great wealth Will willed us, above, a few          
Winter, Macbeth and, Taming of the Shrew...          
Written by Rew
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One Percent

Can you imagine if we all gave away one percent
Of time, of wages, of kindness, how far could that go?
Would those with more to give make a big difference?
Or would the masses make the movement grow?

Can you imagine if you donated one percent of a week?
That is one hour and forty-one minutes of your time
Whether it’d be feeding the homeless or serving the elderly
Would the little things in our community help deter crime?

Can you imagine if everyone who has enough helped out
Provided assistance in whatever their field of expertise
Perhaps if kindness and love were spread throughout the year
Would societies come to true fulfillment of humanity and peace

May be like Lennon many of us are dreamers of a better world
Where those with something to give can spare and make a dent
Perhaps then the teachings of the enlightened ones will come true
If each and every one of us cared and gave at least one percent
Written by wallyroo92
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Etch-A-Sketch Your LIfe

not happy?
not content?
not satisfied
with your life?
why not
turn it upside down
shake it around
start drawing
a new picture?
why not
begin again
past mistakes
learned lessons?
often we
make our lives
unnecessarily complicated
under estimating that sense of direction
gained by taking a little time
to sit alone with ourselves
to sit in the quiet
to say  
i’m not accepting
ideas of a good life
external sources
to listen to that inner voice
to decide to be alive
to eliminate shit that
sucks life from my soul
is where passion lives
never about
your self
good you can do
in the world
your life with
more time
more meaningful relationships
more contentment
a life of passion
unencumbered by
trappings of the chaotic world
an intentional life
not perfect
not easy
but simple
© 2022
Written by Kinkpoet
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Be Positive!

How Best To Eliminate the Negative  
"While there's life, there's no hope."  
-- death positive,  
the happy ending of tics, cricks, and pricks  
Believe you can, my friend, and you are nearly halfway there,
despite the brain half gone, the bug but in its early days,
the bladder and the bowels in a state of laissez-faire,
the upchucked chunks and hunks from chemotherapy buffets,  
the bed sores pus infected plus the loss of pubic hair,  
the tripled morphine drips when somewhat long your mother stays,  
the worse-for-wear oncologist, a drunkard in despair,  
who dropping by from sec to sec gets on all fours and prays,  
the melanoma having left your bones a little bare,
and weeny bony weenie in a state of deep malaise --  
though hopeful rests the bone on every hopeless gasp for breath  
as each choke brings it closer to the halfway point of death.  
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Loose Memories

They told me hair had memory
So I cut it short
The strands hold DNA
Floating to the floor
Chopped and cut
You out my life
Till I was healthy
Split ends
Out of sight
Balanced and steady

A weight is off my shoulders
The memories that they held
Have fallen just like feathers
And I can’t help
Looking in the mirror
And seeing a brand new me
I’m glad I cut it off
Now part of me is free.
Written by anonymouszoe
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