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Silliest summer read

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Poetry Contest

Title or synopsis of the silliest summer read: your fiction only.
This is not to insult any book or its author. Your own imaginary fun.
Poems up to 50 lines.

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The Top Summer Read Topless! --

The Shocking Exposť of Saucy Lard Bard's A Rural Habitation and a Dame  
The Blurb Superb To Deep Perturb  
(plus Sleep Disturb)  
Yet But the Classiest of Columnists Cheeky --  
The Inimitable Laidi Lei Bare  


"Miss Summer and Miss Dawning early rise,  
accompanied by Fancy and her fays,  
as off for Hidden Treasure Pond Pint-Size  
all liltingly go waltzing long to laze --  

in elegant bikinis spun of air,  
a hue invisible of naught to rue,  
and gossamers of not a single care  
insured to never melt into a dew --  

the latest quick trick slick by punster Puck,  
who banished for a prank by Fancy's rule,  
squats dour a dunce elf-deep beneath a muck  
in mushroom cap upon a large toad stool --  

in fear he may a trickster troll corrupt,  
or lizards lounging in chaises longues straight taint,  
since ripping off bikinis might disrupt  
the Bard -- who treasures hid prefers to paint."  


a paean of Respect  
for †
the airily Ethical Principle of summery fairy flesh †

a revolving helios column quatrain me - nip - pean satirical on †
the "Clvin Kein" tricks of a rude mechanical's cockney imagination †

june, 2023 -- still the most popular midsummer read among children and changelings  
Fantastical Fays Antique on Antic Bottomless Asses
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Summery muse

When golden orbs of sunshine    
kiss your window sill † †  
and sunlight enters † †  
like divine floodlights † †  
and warms you up softly † †  
glinting upon your knick knacks † †  
and the decor then shines † †  
like glittery sequins † †  
you know † †  
it's time you stroll to the sunkissed beach † †  
and let sand and sun combine † †  
in olden golden shine † †  
for holidaying kodak moments!! † †  
Trees offer a background of tinsels † †  
A sunshiny backdrop for snaps[b]
† †  
But in tropical places † †  
the heat of the summer † †  
can also be a real big bummer![/b]
Swimming pools a lucky escape
from a scorching parched landscape.
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
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Strange disappearance

A Summer Mystery †
For a few weeks Lucy will occupy †
Her aunt's cottage by the beach, †
Glad to get away from the city's congestions †
She loves the setting †
Perfect for her type of paintings. †
It is while thus occupied, painbrush in hand, †
That she meets the handsome Bryan †
Yet a few days later his picture †
Is on the front page of the local newspaper †
Disappeared. †
Nobody knows what happened yet. †
But the ladies at the Black Swan lodge †
Seem to know a lot †
But are not saying much
Mostly silent and over a huge pot mixing brews
Lucy befriends Judy and becomes a member
Of this exclusive club
Where wizardry seems to prevail
Yet on one wall a Templar's Costume and sword
Strangely out of place
Among woshippers of the Devil.......
Will she be pleased to have been selected
To be part of this group?
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Stuck in Duluth

Of Madmen and Humpty Dumpty
sitting on a wall of broken embryos
with no time for the truth, but,
seeing Alice through the looking glass,
stuck in Duluth †

No time for recollection, but a tattoo fits.
Wondering if Jesus has a sleeve of art or
is that hypocrisy? † †

Hermaphrodites in my mind's candy store, †
dinosaurs and Cheetos playing the lotto
on a disconnected, not-so-smart cell phone,
masturbating to a picture of Dinah Shore †

No pen nor candle among sodomites, †
just a fleeting shadow of The Torah
lusting for Burma-Shave cryptic pencil
watching reruns of †Paladin, "Have Gun-
Will Travel." Still stuck in Duluth.

Written by PaleSkies
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Fire of Insight
England 15awards
Joined 30th Sep 2022
Forum Posts: 402

Fire of Insight
England 15awards
Joined 30th Sep 2022
Forum Posts: 402

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