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The love letter that was never sent

Strange Creature
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I am not obsessed

I do not miss you Jane
Yeah, I know you're doing great in your lane
You Just bagged a deal with an author
I am now with Gwen Victor

Gwen is perfect for me
We do not hide things from each other.
We only do not talk about anything that matter

I do not stalk you online; I would never do that
I only check in your Facebook two or three times a day in total
And your Instagram, five times, if it matters
I try not to go through your tweets, but I turn on your tweet notifications.
I know you moved out of your apartment to a place farther

See Jane, I do not love you anymore, Gwen is more than you would ever be
Although your name still melt my heart and makes it skip beats

Jane, I do not think about our nights together anymore
I have Gwen rub my back all night long

I thrashed out the cologne you got me for my last birthday- afterall it is finished
But I collected the container back and I smell it every morning
Of course I know we are finished

You left your handkerchief here, I keep it just to present it to you if we cross paths again, over a dinner maybe.
Well kept and unwashed, so it would not lose your scent

Dear Jane, I am not obsessed with you
But I do long for the day you will come walking back into my heart.
Written by Sarmiephoenix
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