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Østavind \The Wind from the East

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The Sound of the Wind

Your shadow
(immune to wind)
pass by me
and remains unharmed
in slow step.

Your quiet shadow
(no colors)
on the stones
of this floor!

Your shadow
(deep gray)
is the flag
from an unknown country
fluttering in the wind!

I scream
(mouth wide open)
at the top of the ravine
your most intimate name
and the wind
does not recognize
the sound of my voice.

I run
(with eyes closed)
the labyrinth
of your overwrought thoughts
by objects of oblivion
and what the memory keeps of you
and from the ground you trod.

I chase your shadow
(discrete projection)
for all the places where I imagine you
to hide and emit the echoes
that the wind steals from me.
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Det Er Aldri Så Galt At Det Ikke Er Godt for Noe!

"I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is from the east,    
I know a hack from a handsaw."  
-- a melancholy poet in being not of Norway    
though still of a madness with method in't  
His singing handsaws of glissandos sound a soulful schmaltz  
of tones ethereal which Nordic moose entice to waltz  
while plop the falling hails to but a touch of fingernails  
along the harp to hot beguile the Sperm and Humpback whales  
as hollowed, willow-banded Viking lurs of silver firs  
make stand on end the furs of farmers' livestock, sheep, and curs  
till scoops ascend to yet the onset of celestial notes  
with still each embouchure achieved to thrill Norwegian goats!  
O, Kjell!  Such riddled mazes full of winds the world inspire --  
and when thine own wind eastern blows, it sets my lyre afire!  
a dedication of Respect  
Respect Earned  
a revolving helios rhyme menippean satire on  
relevant ancient instruments  
and novel puns  
may, 2023 -- yet also of major worldwide significance    
an intoxicating renascence of the tongs and the bones --  
along with the musical spoon
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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