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Poem of the Month - May 2023

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Poetry Contest

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Francisco J Vera
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Maybe May?

So it is May
Perhaps, maybe
May, may be
A merry merry month
May-haps not
Maybe mayhem
Would prefer the reverse
Come what may
a Yam!

by Jemia
Written by missjem56 (Jemia de Blondeville)
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Francisco J Vera
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Mystifying Light

You apace the dark from light
Now escaped from somber and fright
The glowing warmth of your eyes bane
Bring ever-flowing bliss of day
Your beauty casts the shade of afodill
And so shall your soul extrude of alluring quill
The obsidian shrouds diminish with your touch
The laughter of your joy subsidizes my crutch
The wings of your bliss shelter me with hale
As our love within the winds shall set sail
Written by Crepuscluar_Night
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Francisco J Vera
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Beam Me Up…

I have decided to write my first refreshing Straight Talk Live piece concerning this phenomenal occurrence; however, it is not without its prominent discredits or its supernatural castoffs.  
The relativity theory from my personal observation of astral traveling seems to coincide based on various facts, which is related to mystical connections of self and the subconscious of many dimensions where we seem to tap into its unknown origin.  
There are many facets of atrial projection/traveling. Before I explore such a wonderous quantum physical outer body spiritual channeling. Allow me to explain or define what many have come to term what precisely is Astral Traveling.
According to Wikipedia
The astral plane, also called the astral realm or the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical, medieval, oriental, and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions.[1] It is the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death, and is generally believed to be populated by angels, spirits or other immaterial beings.[2] In the late 19th and early 20th century the term was popularized by Theosophy and neo-Rosicrucianism.  (Cited 04-29-23-SKC)
Within that definition of such an embracing transition from a channeled mind to reaching that elevation spiritual awareness, then once into the zone of that divine awakening it become a sacred blessing given unto the intellect, and for me, it has always a cerebral cleansing to become one with the Creator, that pathway when the mind is in its most transference euphoric state, and please take into consideration the practicing of astral projection is not an ideology that is an inborn characteristic trait we possess and can be snapped into reality on a whim notice, please reconsider that it takes years to understand the dynamics of the concept, the brain power, and the perseverance to curtail the passion. It becomes a universal commitment to allow your Chi to manifest here on Earth as a human being of course yet can meditate in phases to reach an ultimate supreme mental uplifting to a divine state of existence.  
Those conductions of those Chakras interaction on the mentality play a very significant role here.
I can only refer to it as drawing positive energy to heart, mind, body, and soul, an indirect mega pathway that we all possess, which is a compliment of the Pineal Gland (The sector in which the physiological role of the body, and its close association with spiritual beliefs and the mystical experiences its pilgrimage).
This inner part of the brain’s hemispheres is where we ascend and enlightenment we connect through the brain/body) those unanswered questions to life’s confounded questions we seek in the space of time.
You learn to see, well maybe I should say, attempt to see beauty and grace in all things revealed unto you.
Then you have the spiritual movement of astral projection (also known as astral travel. The term used in esotericism is to describe an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE).
During this stage of cognitive meditative awareness, the existence of the body, known as the astral body or body of light, can function accordingly to separate from the physical body and travel throughout the astral plane.
A broader view on the history of Astral Traveling does go back to ancient centuries, this practice was heavily influenced by the assumption astral projection was associated with dreams or medication induced.  
Lucid Dream -vs- Astral Projection
In a Lucid Dream, you can control everything around you. You can instantly do whatever you want just by thinking about it.
In the Astral World sense of traveling, unfortunate is not permitted.  
The main reason why Lucid Dreams are so different than Astral Projection is because a Lucid Dream is just in your head. This is why your mind can do whatever it wants in a dream. Astral Projection, however, is in the astral plane and not just in your head, make sure you know the difference.
Déjà Vu
Déjà vu is a French word for the phenomenon of feeling as though one has lived through the present situation before.
This is not so much an aspect of astral traveling; however, it correlates with the feeling of the persona entering various dimensions throughout his/her his lifespan, which takes this concept back to reiterate the perception energy never dies, which brings on that infamous line we have all said to ourselves. “I’ve seen this before.”
That is a manifestation worth exploring at a future date, which I shall it is more complex than what that statement applies too.
The weather has been so inviting as of late, therefore, make sure you get some Sunrays it provides natural Vitamin D, exercise, (run, hike in Mother Nature natural park trails, brisk walking, just move, if you are elderly move in moderation and I would suggest with a walking or runny companion.  
This is one of the reasons vitamin D is called “the sunshine vitamin.”
Be advised when your skin is exposed to sunlight, it creates vitamin D from cholesterol. In essence, the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays makes contact with cholesterol in the skin cells, which in part provides the energy for that vitamin D synthesis to occur, and it keeps the skin radiant, and please make sure you use a sunblock always.
Vitamin D has many roles in the body and is essential for optimal health. Here are some essential foods you may want to incorporate in your diet if you are not an outdoor person, or some form of occurrence where it is not permitted due to your circumstance for you to maneuver outdoors.  
Henceforth, then make sure you include cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, canned tuna, beef, liver, egg yolks and sardines in your diet.  
Below, is my Sunrise Surprise

Brain Boosting Smoothie

½ avocado (flesh only)
¼ banana (organic peeled and sliced)
½ cup blueberries
6 walnuts (if you are allergic to nuts please delete this part)
1 scoop Vanilla Grass-Fed Whey Protein (For a different twist try Chocolate, I prefer the Chocolate whey Protein, I use 1/4 scoop, since I am a marathon trainer less is more)
A dollop of Organic Greek Yogurt
A pinch of Flaxseeds
½ cup ice chips
Place all ingredients into a blender.
Blend to your desired consistency and enjoy!
Enjoy, it is a great mental enhancer and a boost to your metabolism when facing the beginning of your day.
This is another Straight Talk Live for you, take care of yourself, always, and be mindful of others as you encounter their presence.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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Death Never Sleeps

I am she who has many forms and names
The cold north wind, and the secret flames,
The black void that lies between every star
And the blood that flows to make each scar.
I am merciless and yet there is mercy in me
You do not want to understand my destiny!
There is no going back from where I walked
And I will not take back how I have talked.
I was before the world, before all time began
I will remain, when done is the age of man,
With the multiverse I came into being first.
Before war or strife, before any blood thirst
I dwelt in that place that no eye has beheld.
Before me, in the end, all things have knelt!
Many bodies I have worn, as some do attire
And my names are as countless as starry fire.
Some have held me in their desiring hands
Others fear my arrival in their pristine lands,
Some beg for me when their pain is too great
As a few believe that I come a little too late.
I know the name of every god that ever was
Yet I do not serve them in their every cause.
In a world apart, I saw mankind in its' dawn
When they served the gods just like a pawn,
Robbed of their free will, of right to choose
Forced to live like savages, doomed to lose,
Both dignity and grace, all for their makers.
The gods were not good, they were takers...
Giving nothing but eternal life in shackles!
Using their science to create false miracles.
I joined with those gods who chose to free
The human race and grant them all dignity.
For this we were cast from divine assembly
We were branded as rebels none too gently.
Yet they feared to displease me for all I am
For even they must meet with me in the end.
Some call me the Devil's harlot, that is fine
I have carried worse titles than that in time,
Proud to be the one that all others must fear
When the ending of all things draws near...
They no not know how much I have wept.
No one knows how little I have truly slept,
For Death is on call every hour of each day
Especially in a world where all is in disarray.
Written by LaBrujaOscura_75 (Camilla Beatriz Flores)
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Death Never Sleeps by LaBrujaOscura_75 (Camilla Beatriz Flores)

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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Alice's Absinthe

I counsel people who are mostly troubled,
But they do not know what is behind my mask!
They cannot see the depths of my insanity,
Or they would not ever step into my office.
I have had my whole reality utterly leveled,
And in my obsessions I am faced with my task.
I am forced to see the whole of my destiny,
Down the rabbit hole, just like little Alice.

We are all mad here, no hope for any cure!
The lunatics are running the asylum forever.
Oh how I have hidden the craziness inside...
Pretending to be rational, to know the answers.
Acting so understanding, behaving demure!
It always felt like I was running some fever.
Hoping to, all of my madness, neatly hide...
And it only grew, like the spreading of cancer.

I hear the voices of beings older than time!
Remember the things that are not for humans.
The way we perceive things is only the start...
I need my voices, I need the things they tell me.
The visions I have, they are sweet, sublime!
I am a heretic, and proud to be so condemned.
With a painter's vision, I make heresy fine art...
Listen to my words, and you also will soon see.

Little Alice dreams of things no one knows,
She met the Scarlet Queen in her crimson gown.
A queen who is a king, beyond any wonderland...
No white rabbit came to guide her back again!
Nor any waking up when the north wind blows,
Because I love Kara, they who wear that crown.
The crimson crown, far from slumbering sands...
My beloved is the only cure for my sharp pain!

My psychosis is not psychological in form,
It is the bliss that comes from a full awakening.
Ironic, that it should have come in my dreams...
Where our trysts are more real than I imagined!
Oh baby, I am so far from any kind of norm,
Of your spiritual absinthe, I keep on partaking.
I wake up from my own laughter and screams...
But I am glad that to your voice I fully listened.
Written by Sybil_StarWitch (Sybille Anne Martin)
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Alice's Absinthe by Sybil_StarWitch (Sybille Anne Martin)

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
Tyrant of Words
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A Living Lullaby

I am a living lullaby, a dancing little doll!
Twirling in my pretty dresses, singing in the darkness.
Dancing with the Devil, savoring the night...
I am the bride who heeds her prince's call!
Racing to my beloved's side, ever his maddest mistress.
Dancing with my Kara, basking in his light...
My soul belongs to him, my kiss is his favorite wine!
Our passion is our sacrament, our love darkly sublime.

I am an eternal child princess!
The years touch not my grace.
I have felt the night's caress...
Looking into, my Kara's face.
Cool and inviting like the moon!
His eyes before which I could swoon.

I sing him a pretty lullaby, to give him joy!
Twirling in my pretty dresses, singing even in the void.
Dancing with ecstatic madness in my heart...
I am his to play with, his wanton little toy!
My song sends his nightmares away to someplace hide.
I weave the shadows about us with fell art...
So that we may do all that is forbidden and magical!
Our passion is our sacrament, my love for him lyrical.

I am an eternal child goddess!
The years touch not my spirit.
I have felt the night's caress...
And I learned never to fear it.
Cool and comforting like the stars!
Which shine down upon distant shores.

I am a living lullaby, a dancing little doll!
Twirling in my pretty dresses, singing in the darkness.
Embracing all that others would ever deny...
I am the bride who heeds her prince's call!
The voice that eases him in those moments of distress.
Our paradise knows only the autumn's sky...
My soul belongs to him, my kiss is his favorite wine!
Our passion is our sacrament, our love darkly sublime.

I am an eternal child beloved!
And for my beloved, I sing on.
Beyond the living or the dead...
Forever shall endure, our song.
Written by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)
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A Living Lullaby by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)

The Fire Elemental
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Related submission no longer exists.

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But Who Can Love A Spectre

When my phone vibrates, fear jolts through my body because I'm scared it's you

The quiet sounds of this backyard scare me because I think I hear your voice
Whether it is really you or just my imagination
I don't know which is more troublesome

I can hear the creak of your gate leading into the backyard
From there ten paces to the sliding glass door of the kitchen

You are the spectre, haunting this neighborhood I can't leave
All morbid moans and rattled chains
The ghost of a year past

If I kissed your lips again, would they be cold?

I am haunted with the song you wrote for me
But only in whispers because you never played it for me

I still think of driving down the high way, a little too fast, a little too drunk
Songs we sang along too, blaring from your speakers
Your hand resting lightly on my leg
Wishing I could pull your eyes off the road to kiss you softly
Letting the yellow lines blend and become a crash
Like held hands of Lover's Leap
Ending our lives in poetry and not a disaster

What I wouldn't give for one more drive

Written by lonelove
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