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Something erotic......

poet Anonymous

Affair with your Mind

I want to have an affair with your mind  
The secret places that fold into wetness  
I want to gaze into your eyes  
Your quiet reserve calling me home  
On fire with desire  
Until my combustion spills forth into ecstasy
poet Anonymous

Tiny truths... in glimpses

I want to shrink down    
slither deep inside    
warm myself    
until I'm dripping  
of your sweet mastery    
Smile through welcomed howls  
try to still  
as the sear burns    
into each cell  
to one    
Divinity and destiny    
beautifully procreate—  
birth a new life    
In understanding the needs of the flesh;    
The ying and yang    
of our power exchange  
How desire's rippled current electrifies!  
My knees wobble  
I'm a new babe    
that warm debauched thoughts  
Found existence created specifically    
to flare my senses    
into pure chaos,  
pillages... everywhere  
My lips moisten    
along with all the other places    
I love to have wet  
Seeking out cavernous depths  
mental calibrations  
Taboo is a misnomer    
Fledgling chemistry throbs  
second to second  
My soul's truest beckoning—    
needing you  
to have your way with me
Calls forth out of every pore  
from the surrealistic cellular level  
to the hardcore fashioning    
that you bury  
so very deep...inside    
The direness of that ache  
is overwhelming.  
Pain— pleasure  
dynamically dueling    
uncovering - discovering    
Letting go even tiniest concerns    
where self consciousness dictates    
I find myself,  
allowing each enjoyment heard—  
in begs  
Recognizing the amount of tangible lust  
I exude, demand and require  
speaking with my body  
what I cannot always rightly convey    
even with the cleverest of words    
Deliriously shrunken down  
feeling every single part of you    
infiltrate me    
marking delicious ownership    
again and again  
I become pure devotion  
fully aware    
the deep  
that is    
poet Anonymous

Hantise (Rev. 2)

.........it has
a powerful effect  
rattling one's olfactory  
inside cosmic echoes  
smelling, sounding like a big gun    
beyond anything  
Calvin could have imagined  
butter cream  
flowing from deep within.....  
…...  her lips made wet  
in all of their grandeur  
the rains stream down
along the landscape of her inner thighs  
laid out, I feel
her languished euphoria,  
her fire  
all captured before    
my eyes.......  
...my greatest obsession  
poet Anonymous

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

I caress her cheek
As my knees start to tremble
They begin to feel weak
Pull down pants, reveal thimble
She laughs at its size
Tears fill up my eyes
But not in embarrassment
In amusement of her clueless demise
I feed off her taunts
They help my tic tac grow
It begins to swell
To the length of big toe
Her laughing subsides
As it reaches mid-thighs
I begin to grin
As it reaches my shin
How did she not know
Had she not heard from other hoes
That mighty meat reaches capacity
When it brushes my toes
She is now officially dumbfounded
Before, expecting a thumb poundin
I insert into her cavity
She now gets the full gravity
Of the cum trap upon which she has fallen
She leaves my room eleven seconds later
Not walkin, but crawlin
poet Anonymous

Man, I Love Fruit

Some go for ripe, the fresh deemed selectable,
Ignoring the type that is truly delectable.
Engaging with the first healthy, reaching hand
They shy away from the aged, those ready where they stand,
Those who are blind to a mature melon’s taste,
Will leave it to rot.
But because of me, not to waste.

poet Anonymous

Betwixt Exultation And Love's Torment

Slowly lifts
We stagger to pinpoint focus
Are a harbinger
I bear hallowed witness
Wrapped up in the minutiae of sensation
Anticipating this epoch desire
Bewitched and utterly bespoke just for you
White static
Multiplies starved frenzy
Rumblings of archaic thunder
Stir my wickedness
Calling forth a sum of your whole
Everything you have to give
Becomes mine for the taking
Knowing your beast is restless
Revelation mingles upon a periphery
Twine shadows conjugate sweet lustre
Pacing each promise
betwixt exultation and love's torment
Overseeing a fierce cascading rhythm
Eye to Eye
Deep internal growls...
Can be heard rumbling wisely
In an animalistic choral 'come hither'
Flexing lean hard muscle
Tempting me—
{please.. tempt me}
I am the epitome of want
Encompassing for aye
Skins glisten rapturous evanescent need
You float me easily
Into a new existential realm
I wrap around you
Surround myself
Perfectly fit and famished
Grasping hold, we
Beating hearts regale
Your sandpapered whisper
Is erotic communion
Pleas to God
Find answers
In all the moments
Scorched breaths
Aching mews of
"Don't stop!"
Make me a woman—fulfilled

In every sense of the word.

poet Anonymous

Sappho probably said it better

But I cannot
simply dismiss  
the way they  
said about
how I wasn't
kidding about  
my towering
and I recall
how patience
grew thinner
than a single
hair strand,
heat rise
two columms
waiting for  
divine miracles
to descend on
their narrow  
I've always
been about
the waiting  
like having
enough time
in the day to
catch prey  
as soft faces
slowly smear
and blur into  
each other,
letting my
fingers draw  
intricate maps  
on their skin  
like sparklers
as I inhale  
every sigh  
they echo
down the  
long halls  
of my throat,
talks about
the chaos  
in waiting
how jaws
slowly fill
with water
to meet the  
rim of a cup,
their burning
gaze as they  
try desperately  
not to cave
in gifting  
me their
poet Anonymous


Like respect,
Like be in the arms of someone,
Like have two dicks in your pussy,
Like a sweet torture,
Like crying for that torture,
And find yourself in someone else arms,
Masturbating you, and kissing your pussy.

I hate all of that.
But in the deepest depth,
Alone in my bed,
With the fear of death,

I think.
poet Anonymous

In my mind, there were two halves to the sky

i. Dawn
I demanded more—
somehow, you knew this,
paid penance for it on your knees
silent and starving, you never once
broke your gaze, pinned stark ribs
to bare cushions threading dark lust
through black chains of petrified stars
and there was no bread,
no wine that could nourish, only bones
laid out on the altar of communion
we devoured each other, the juice
of a feral kill coating tongues
in their savagery. Your fingers
blunt statues to which we prayed:
My God.  
Now, and at the hour
of our death.

ii. Dusk
Wherever I go, who ever I love
I am haunted by the shape of you
left barren by  
your form
by those black holes  
fucking me from the inside
poet Anonymous


The touch of a woman the smell of her pleasure dripping from your mouth sweet and intoxicating.  The quiver of her rosy red lips as she creeps closer and closer to ecstasy. Her ethereal beauty as she relinquishes control for a brief moment ,an act of pure adoration . The warmth of her breasts brushing yours . So tender is this embrace . As she is lulled into ecstasy she clings to you her lover
poet Anonymous

A hunger that never ends

Your electric eyes look through my soul, then look me up and down.  
I down another drink.  
Drinking to shed off any nervous feeling.  
Feelings of desire, lust, love, and infatuation.  
Infatuated by every single word that comes out of your mouth.  
Your mouth tastes of liquor and greed.  
Greedy for how you’re waiting for me in the darkness.  
Darkness is when there are no rules and boundaries.  
“Bound me”, I shakily say.  
“Say no more, my love.”  
Loving the fact that you are the one I crave.  
Craving every inch of your body.  
Your body language tells me you want more.  
More of you is what I’ve been longing for.
poet Anonymous

Sweet bitings

Will you lay on this
Comforter with me
And speak of sweet nothings
In my ear
May I gaze
Into your melodic eyes
And stroke your cheek
Of warmth
Wont you steal
A little taste
And further whisk
Us out to sea?

Could we float along
Wave after wave
Craving for
Stolen kisses after another
Might I delightfully
Take a delicious bite
And deepen such
Aching anticipation
How must I undress
To be so enticing
Hurriedly stripdown
Or must I behave?

I aim to please
Such beauty
Wont you grip
These hips
And end this tease
poet Anonymous

Coddle me at your Breast

Humbled deep down
Honored by worship offering
A Viper though
Can't help but to bite
Symbolism has no path here
A lonely rider
Out on the wing of solitude
Gentle breezes
Keep me at bay
I won't come for you
Just feed me at your breast
Coddle me to sleep
poet Anonymous

The Best Sensation

You've never had the best sensation
Until you've had the penetration
Of your lover's cock within your sweet abyss
Of the the thrusting of his penis
Into your lovely mound of Venus
Of lusting tongues consuming with a kiss

You've had your lover's best embrace
When your pussy's in his face
And his tongue and lips are traveling around
First he licks upon your clit
Until your booty has a fit
And you're moaning loudly with orgasmic sound

He's then moving moving north and south
Has your sweet “V” in his mouth
He's sucking and he's blowing in your cunt
Your breasts are in his hands
It's your nipples he demands
He is there to satisfy your every want

If you need a better feeling
And something else is more appealing
Don't lie there quietly upon the bed
Speak up and say what matters
Then a word or two that flatters
And maybe give your lover fucking head

Turn 'round and suck your lover's dick
While he lick's your pussy slick
You'll find that oral sex is mighty fine
Twirl your tongue around his girth
Show him what his cock is worth
There is pleasure to be found in where you dine

I you like the taste of cum
Stick your finger up his bum
As you're fondling and playing with his balls
Put your lips around his base
He'll be cumming in your face
As you are spraying from your hallowed halls

Your flow is covering his face
He takes a sip it's no disgrace
You're swallowing the load that he has flown
He dives deeper in your slot
To drink your juices nice and hot
Your sweet pussy is the best he's ever known

We are now back where I started
And your luscious legs are parted
To receive his swollen cock that is still hard
On his way to kiss your lips
He stops to suck on  standing nips
I'm imagining your lover is this bard

I hope I do not disappoint
As I'm feeding you my joint
Until our pubic bones are meshed up tight
Then I'm stroking in and out
That's what making love's about
With Viagra I'll be hard for most the night

It's not a shame to take an aid
To sharpen up my well worn blade
To satisfy you with this aging tool
To have it feel good in your cunt
Is something that I really want
Want to satisfy your needs, I'm not a fool
poet Anonymous

Webcam Romance

You in your black panties
No face
Nothing else
To identify you
But I know
What lies beneath
The wanton desire
The magical songbird
The butterfly in the sun
My lustful goddess
The woman who makes me
Stir with desire
For you
Lying and waiting
In your black panties
On the bed
With love in your heart
And fire in your veins
I found you
You were waiting for me
Tho not knowing I was coming
I’m here
At the beginning of the dawn
Arm around your waist
In a state of bliss…
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