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Painful Benignity

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 9awards
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Lost and Found

We were acquainted
a time long ago
thought we had it all
what did we know

Far too naive
in our ignorance
to care for what we had
existing in a trance

Thinking we would last
without effort applied
we began to fall apart
to ourselves we lied

When we separated
something profound, lost
the fire that burned
turned to frost

Years passed
a space remained
unspoken passion
fortuitously ingrained

As soulmates do
we reconnected
a second chance
was unexpected

Once abandoned
we resurrected
past is now present
our lives redirected

Wholehearted and grateful
for what we saved
walking together
a new path engraved
Written by mel44
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Lost Thinker
Joined 2nd June 2020
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Beautifully Broken

The eons we've spent,
the much we've learnt
  The love we've shown,
  the pains we've known
The hook in my heart,
 the line to your heart
    The iron in my finger
makes no one to linger

             I am lost in the sea,
and no compass with thee
If I wait a thousand year,
  will thy goal come near
        Will I be recognized
as thy dream is realized
Will I be your ex boo,
  as an angel say I do

The night comes soon,
dark and less of moon
      I'll cut thee off my heart,
though torn my heart apart
I'll leave this cage behind,
           and fly like my kind
    Though it may rain,
I'll cope with the pain
Written by Gentle
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Chere R Sarver
Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 27th June 2022
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Sweet & melancholy undertones of heartstrings that have started to unraveled...then the final let go. Penned beautifully with emotions of a broken heart...Good rtead

Dangerous Mind
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lake + moon + sky


a moon
with tired eyes
carrying the
burden of love

don't you think
a mind won't stop?

It's not the love
that's comforting
it's a broken heart
that’s attracting

but you will
never know that

the sky won't
kiss the horizon
on the edge of a lake
as the moon gathers
the pieces of a flower
whispering secretly

and the sky will wait
with the stars

Written by dejure (vick)
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Tyrant of Words
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An air of angst and ease— recycled

It's easy to breath              
   when you are gone            
The air is crisp and clear              
away, is the color  
of emerald darkness              
and unenviable congestion              
Sunshine is at it's apex              
perhaps in unspoken solidarity              
truth is boldly placed              
into the hands  
of the wearied righteous              
is this air             
It feels lighter              
  when you are gone              
Sweet circulations        
gusts, of those not yet born tomorrows        
cooling wisps    
blowing newfound freedom             
inspire a midas hope      
to adorn every sense       
a golden sheen, glistening    
upon every wind-kissed swirl        
Poignantly sieving  
all that was supposed         
but never              
and never      
Natural pressure ebbs            
allowing lungs to expand              
of leary recollection,           
dreamscapes untouched, preserved         
is how I feel that heartfelt, breathes              
cleansing and superbly virile
this air              
will truly be    
when you stay gone    
and when my soulful filtering              
never missing you              
it all away    
Written by Bluevelvete
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Dangerous Mind
United States 9awards
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A bus seat with my karma and your hoodie

On a city bus
in a hoodie that still
smells like you
after leaving my
credit card at
a jewelry store.
I really thought to get
myself something nice.
I passed over titanium
for a diamond pendant  
something pretty  
to keep
close to my
heart and all.
But I don’t
wear jewelry.  
It doesn’t sit right
with my kind of crazy.
I can feel it on my skin.
It chafes,
I walked out  
in the middle of
the sale.
Now I’m lost in a sea of people
squished together,
standing apart
on a city bus
to nowhere,
in your hoodie
and a short skirt.
The next song on the
mixtape comes on
and my listless body
jerks with every bump
we hit in the road
and I just  
ride on
I just ride on
alone and  

Written by Betty
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Dangerous Mind
Joined 17th Aug 2015
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...but I am a creep



stop feeding empty promises
as I crave your mysteriousness  
you've infested all my desires
and now you control my fires  
I've submitted into your abyss
lost my way stuck in the midst
wandered around chasing a myth
rambled across for you to notice
I would roam another million miles
to find the key hidden in your smile
open your heart to place a bullet
buried inside with my name on it
now speak your heart out and let it find me
splatter my head and end this masquerade

Written by dejure (vick)
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Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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Thank You all for making my Face wet
and for the winners, for causing me to FEEL more than (perhaps) i wanted to.

Chere R Sarver
Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 27th June 2022
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Very sad & moving...I love the intensity it proved...Loved it

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