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Painful Benignity

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Would You, having been hurt via a break-up, NO matter the reason, RE-connect & just curious WHY (the why is not compulsory)
No blatant erotic or blood and guts and mayhem

Old or New spills OK

Collabs OK

NO super looooooooooong spills
Let's limit to 100 lines

Any type of pain

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 26awards
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991 Days (lamenting)

just a

991 days

heart still
gathering  dust
on her shelf

is it

or is it
lost among

forgotten things

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Twisted Dreamer
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Either Blowing My Mind or On My Mind --

A Hard Act To Follow  
"Try wrapping your mind around this!"  
-- a dirty mind to a mind in the gutter  
Alas, I fear that no one even once broke up with me --    
yet countless hot desiring whoopee with a bel esprit.  
a dedication of Respect benign  
the deep, deep Pain of a hard-closed mind --  
(as well as for the hard pain of the soft-minded)  
a revolving helios couplet menippean satire on  
mindless sex  
april, 2023 -- no need to whine    
the mind divine  
still truly fine  
in every line  
(especially mine)  
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Fire of Insight
Portugal 8awards
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Fishing as a Means of Subsistence


When you catch me like this
half over
half underneath
in the wrong places
touch my body
as if it were yours
as if it were yours
like yours
was the body you touch

When you touch me like this
kinda scared
kinda rushed
scared of not
being whole
nonconformist of only
being half

Stay with me
as we were one
as if it were opportune
like a wet dream
like a shaky sleep
by hideous storm
by round calm
for all the slime
from the bottom of the rivers

Holiness and Martyrdom
Santaria and eye drops
silently momentary
licensed substitute
letter after letter after letter
pain after laughter after pain
loneliness and then suffering
after overcoming after...

Brushing your hair
feed the fish
feed the cats
and leave then come back
to ensure that the door
it's really closed

When you leave me like this
half seagull
half doormat
over you and underfoot
hot and humid like smoke
from the chimneys
like air passing through the cracks
of windows

So without the predicates
totally past imperfect
totally imperfect

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Tyrant of Words
Scotland 26awards
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Rotten Flowers

feeling crucified
heart pinned to ungiven
flowers ~ left to rot
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
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He’s Back

After thirty years, he’s back
Same man
More hurt
My love knows no bounds  
I still love you
Lazy smile, gentle eyes
No response
Breathtaking reunion
Glorious, wonderful
Prayers realized
Bubbling happiness
What did he find
My love knows no bounds
His wounds run deep
I still love him
Written by Her
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Dangerous Mind
United States 3awards
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Damn that Dream

Prolific it was
After all those years I worked to avoid you  
At the time how could I know
How much I would try to fit into your world  
How much I would cry  
How worldly you would become  
I struggled to understand your bruises  
Your scars proved our distance  
Not knowing until it was too late  
That you would categorize me  
The same way you did those after me  
My possibilities  
Not enough to save you  
I wondered about all the great what if’s  
What if I moved in  
What if we married  
What if our life was grand  
What if I didn’t lose my memories  
What if I didn’t succumb to darkness  
What if I had not failed us both  
What if I never had that dream  
How after traveling this far  
Could we be strangers
Written by Her
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Lost Thinker
Joined 19th Aug 2021
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And The Worst Part Was

I could have loved you.
I could have loved you so hard,
The oceans pulling your limbs apart would calm
I could have held you tight as the sandstorms pushed and pulled around you
I could have taken those broken shoulders, tired from holding up the expectations from others, and changed them out for mine

I could have loved you so much,
Your mountainous walls would crumble to a small step
So much the festering fires inside would quench their thirst with my single breath
So much the sun could never melt the glue on your wings

I could have loved you,
But I was too scared of my own vast oceans.
My own dancing sandstorms,
My own breaking shoulders.
I was scared of the walls that housed me, holding me in this prison of a mattress.
The fires in my head, that would be set ablaze by a single breath,
And the sun, burning my memories into infinite fragments on my back.

And the worst part was,
Written by Koulouri
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Twisted Dreamer
Joined 13th Mar 2023
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Thirty two


I feel you slowly
erasing from
every line

almost as
if you're living
half dead &
half alive,

all I wonder
about lately
is whether
or not you

half cried,

my only sin
is knowing
my feet


Written by neves
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persona non grata
Thought Provoker
Greece 5awards
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my star of everything

I'm not sure what I wanna write anymore  
Each inner dialogue alters my will  
So there's a canyon in front and a gorge right behind.  
I'm gonna stick for a while to decide  
I'm almost certain this is a delusion too  
but if you're my soul, you must be in pain too  
It's freaking rediculous how much I miss my heart  
The pieces that complete her  
that activate her
that make her strong  
Those that sung the lyrics of grace  
Licking our wounds through a scary night in a hunger game  
A discuss with a figure of sceptic discoveries..  
Balance invited herself as a priestess of Trueness  
clamoring there is no truth  
A second is for ever  
The future has already passed  
Universes are swirling in a homogeneous Mind  
like  electrons around their nucleus  
And what feels right...what feels pure..  
Don't confine it  
Disperse it  
The law of our attraction has strange legislation...  
I tried so hard that only my abdication is left  
We are compelled to be as if all were real  
But nothing is real except ALL  
With or without you  
I put no will on what I want  
Your angel eyes  
Your rainbow love..  
the things and words undone untold..  
I put no will  
I try no more  
The path in question is walked by the Soul  
What is unwritten may rise or may fall  
"My star of everything"..  
Your words that I won't forget  
That smile that blurred my world  
That love is now drop dead  
I kiss her on the lips  
I stroke her ideas  
True love shall never end  
but yet, nothing is real
Written by personanongrata (persona non grata)
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Twisted Dreamer
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I slowly watch  
your hair getting
grey by the day

eyes exploding  
into supernovas
everytime an  
outburst arrives
almost like  
it's on queue—
do you ever feel
exhausted being
wrapped up in  
your own kind
of sabotage
are you enjoying
this dark matter
under the guise  
of something else,
do you prefer  
how size six feet  
keep walking on  
crushed glass?
must be tiring
not bringing
yourself into  
the light
so you must
keep taking
what's left
of mine.
Written by neves
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Tyrant of Words
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Through the Debris

I masked the hurt with anger and looked for revenge in the most spiteful way,
Not knowing that from that day forward everything would completely change, 
And in some strange way I didn’t grasp the damage it would do to all of us, 
You grew angrier and I somehow found my strength buried under all the rubble. 
But first I had to dig through all the debris, the guilt, the everlasting shame, 
Taking all the blame because it didn’t really matter who set it off at first, 
Because your verse will always be different than mine, I know I did wrong, 
But as long as I had my baby boy, even though I was lost I still had hope. 
I didn’t want you back, 
How could I? I wouldn’t want myself back if I had done that to me, 
And no matter how you see it, I too was so hurt the way it all went down, 
Razed to the ground, we were a mess but those were the choices we made, 
Had I stayed, there was no telling how much worse it would have gotten. 
Maybe it was for the best, we had grown apart and my heart wasn’t in it, 
It was my fault, I never should have started, I should have been more honest, 
I broke all those promises when I strayed away and brought your wrath, 
It was a bloodbath, 
But you knew me, I was that type of guy to help you build it and then destroy it. 
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
England 29awards
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The Salt In The Wound

Drink was how it started. Then
his pale, bruised flesh hanging
like a slaughtered pig I once saw
in a butcher shop window.
No union in those shadows,
but a peeling back of skin.
No age. No time. No gaze  
fixing itself on foreign locks.
Just youth, and you
the remainder of a chaotic,
nameless thing.  
You died  
on a Thursday. Dead texts
lying in sweating hands. How I
couldn’t watch them burn a body
for the stench of old meat. How I  
sang forgiveness into grey winds.  
For me.  
All for me.  
Never you.

Written by Northern_Soul (-Missy-)
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Fire of Insight
India 2awards
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When he was in my life
there was hope,
and at death's door
there was despair.

I had accepted that
there was no joy in
my eyes at all those places
where he was not there.

The boat of glasses,
wine and colorful flowers
was faded,
where there was no smile
on his lips.

Although my eyes
used to be drunk,
but i didn't get
intoxicated in his absence  

I was drowned
in his love,
yet his soul
did not dissolve in me.

What should I pray
to God now?
When he is not present
in my life...
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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Tyrant of Words
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Bleed out in the Love Ghetto

I didn't want to believe in our love
Because I knew it would go down in flames
You fought really hard for my commitment
Until I gave it to you, then you discarded me
Translation: You threw me out
But kept my heart, my bones on the roadside
Fresh kill
Bleed out in the love ghetto

The joke's on you though babe
I always come back
With scars but smarter
Next time just prostitutes
Transactions consummated
No fault love loss
Everyone wins, no tumors, no malignancy
Written by PoetSpeak
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