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The field of consciousness.......

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Poetry Contest

What is consciousness to you? How do you define it? Are you limited by consciousness? what lies beyond the field of your consciousnnes-cum-comprehension?
Verses in any form.   Up to 100 lines max preferred.

Tyrant of Words
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I would really like to know
If I am conscious

I know that I live and breathe

I am aware of my immediate surroundings

I think I am conscious because I show interest
In my small world
And in bits of the huge ball we live on

But is there a higher form of counsciousness?
And if so, where does it lead?
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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say what they say
conscience does not weigh
consciousness is a state
comatose and translucent
who does not suffer any
effect on the part of
gravitational pull

conscience is synonymous
to forgetfulness...

consciousness is absence
of a scapegoat
consciousness is a moment
of millimeters in opening
of the blinds

it's the face in the dark
the shadow behind the curtain
the unknown look
in the rays of light that tear
the trellises, the silk and the

metaphysical revolt
that is born painful
and violent
an awareness
of man's limitation
due to the presence
of death

conscience that makes
to experiment
impotence and frustration
and leads to the limits
of atheism

essential tragedy
that puts the absolute
in discussion
and brings the revolt
against the wicked gods
acceptance of precariousness
of the inevitable
of the irresolvable...

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Dangerous Mind
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Intent of Consciousness

soft words spoken
with reverent intention
become magnetized, powerful;
the body chants  
in quiet, rhythmic movement,
attesting to the sanctity
of this holy space within -
the place of knowing,  
where love is timeless;
the spirits and ancestors
gone before us
come forth with wisdom
and esoteric guidance;
each stands poised upon
every purposeful breath,
waiting for ego to slumber;
incense clears the air
and prepares the heart
for acceptance in grace
and with gratitude
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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poet Anonymous

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My guilt laughs at me haughtily.
A hubristic lecture by my inner child is building a void of my space.
I'm shaping my own dark matter from the leftovers of my remains, smudging them into wisdom.
Prudent is the speculation that my stoicism is able to be valued.
Nostalgia of my higher reason combats the odds that object on my worth and on the limits of my human nature.
Entitled creation...some water and dirt mingled with dysfunctional, electromagnetic force that anticipates its evolution and mastery of its true power..

Angelic thorns that pierce my veins infusing love, slaying my pain.
A female mage, a planar traveler, a soul that's sold...
Some tears blind me, my cheeks annoied with their burning alchemy...
Praying on the dead grass of a heavenly made hell ! Digging furiously underneath the plateau of my radiance to retrieve the coffin of my peace that was buried by Lust and Fear.
An eclipse of my consciousness...

Bipolar reactions, crying and laughing at the same time, existing simultaneously in lower and higher dimensions that sliver me in half.
A virtual hunt shuffles my material arousing a physical orgy.
My endless cup of divine nectar is craved by my ancient powerlessness...
My metamorphosis has a slight sent of cinnamon and toxins.
Knowledge echoes in the room in low frequencies, those that the human ear can't perceive..
I hear a unison of screaming sounds....What are they saying to me!?
The time has come...but there is no time..

Written by personanongrata (persona non grata)
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Consciousness Reduced

The Physical Reality behind the Metaphysical Rot  
"A rabbit poofs out of a magician's sleeve, not out of a magic hat."
-- a Brain well-informed sans a consciousness  
But solely quantum force bits pushing quantum matter bits
arranging countless neural combinations in the brain
each consciousness produce until the brain yet calls it quits
and dies still often slowly in a pattern known as pain --
the "I" of consciousness a quantum sequence and a trick,
a mere illusion, such as changing water into wine,
full gagged and bound before a kind of photoplay or flick,
observing on the screen an actor speaking every line --
though not in Spanish if the "I" no Latin lover knows,
the bits not able to effect the needed neural shapes,
and if the bits know not whose name compared is to a rose,
they need to straight exchange their neural network for an ape's --
while if the "I" a sparkling verse of skill and wit can pen,
perhaps deep underground one should commend it now and then.
a dedication of Respect
the neural Pain of mastering the physics of neurobiology --
as well as the neural process painless of poeticizing the proficiency
a revolving helios sonnet menippean satire on
the physics of consciousness yet commonly
april, 2023 -- each consciousness confounded
still the enemy of Clarity    
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Dangerous Mind
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Aesthetic Qualia:

That blend of sentience we seek
Is that beheld upon the thresh
Of wide awake, and dreams that speak
Their chaos into neuronic mesh.
And there within that motive snare
We seize a newfound bolt of thought
As if condensed from dewy air
Which by some unseen muse was brought.
But of course the muse is that within
Each and every melee moment
Of cortex linch and cerebral pin
For that fleeting verse bestowment,
Which we may call a conscious act
From matter gray...to matter of fact.  
Written by MidnightSonneteer
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Dangerous Mind
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I Am The Sculpture Made Of Clay

Grasping with desirous attachment  
Pretty illusions indeed
Spinning the wheel  
 today  fortunate son  
Perched on the world tree
Of a god realm
Gaze set in stone
As hungry ghosts  
Ghouls and all the hell spawn dance
Shiny trinkets distract one from the path
Spending too much time with self
The mirrors truth revealed  
Millions upon millions of possibilities  
Icy winds from some ancient  
long forgotten  
Dragons breath
Lingering from heroes of seldom spoken lore  
Sneezed into existence  
Little tear drops of creation  
Mere moments washed away in rain
Written by Carpe_Noctem
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Lost Thinker
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26 cents

Being conscious is having a hand on the controls
a finger on the trigger,
a penny for your thoughts,
a quarter for you to keep them tucked inside.

Having a firm hold on the reality that you are currently living
and aware that this state is only for a moment,
a moment that you were present for.

You probably won't remember all these fleeting seconds
as it feels like you have an eternity of them.
You might be so used to the sound of the ticking tock
That it now sounds like a sweet melody that follows you through life.

But when you are on the brink of death,
you will remember every second, moment, breath, pause, tick,
every agonizing instance of wasted time

And you will realize that consciousness is more a declaration than a scientific statement of one's development.

If you are conscious,

You are alive.
Written by Koulouri
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Dangerous Mind
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consciousness can arise!

Mirror... which informs
me of my outer reality,
but has lack of consciousness
to tell the inner reality....

Wonderful imaginations
which does not have
but makes us dive
in a sea full of
different emotions....

the cloud thunders,
drops of the joy fall
on the earth from the sky,
the sullen n thirsty land
hugs the sky and gives
fragrance to the world,
in that confluence of
the sky and the earth
there is consciousness....

A shadow hidden in
extreme darkness,
a shadow wandering
in the hot sun, which
does not have
otherwise it would not
have supported in
doing bad things....

A nest hanging on a
dry tree in the autumn
season, in which
there used to be a
dialogue of consciousness...

When a coconut tree
grows on the dreams
sown in the yellow sand
of the desert, n a bud of
consciousness on
an unfulfilled desire...

the lack of consciousness
and the weight of the breath  
decreases. When the body
floats on water...
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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Sing Song Consciousness

A deep topic
Not knowing
Where to begin
The topic is vast
Consisting of both
Conscious and subconscious
Endless streams
Moving so fast
And the past  
Oh man  
What a blast
When our minds
Like to rewind
Creating the memories
We hope will last
Through endless time
How fascinating it is so
Not simply a topic
One can just let go
Our consciousness
Such complex things they are
It can help us at times
Yet it can also hurt us  
If things go to far
In the depths of it all
Trance state is born
As some may call
Such topics can feel so
So ask me again
What is consciousness?
I would say "where would I begin?"
Because amongst all of this
The topic of consciousness
Can go on and on
In a constant state of hypnosis
State unwavering  
As we spit  
This conscious sing song
Written by KrystalG
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