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Glo/NaPoWriMo 2023 Official Challenge

Dangerous Mind
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Dangerous Mind
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Untitled I

Age grasps hold with
pincher fingers, squeezing
hollow spaces between
skin and teeth.

It lengthens reactionary time:
one synapse fires to the next,
triggering slower response.

Herein lies cautionary tales of past
transgressions dousing
unsuspecting martyrs

playing tiny violins, sinewy
strings taught against
vertebral column.

How have they even survived.

Tyrant of Words
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[ NaPoWriMo - 2023 Collection ] Cosmologically Speaking

In The Beginning

There was a Universal Shroud of Turin
a Matrix of crumbed vertebrate
stained with light and debris:
webbed particles
multicellular life
a mycelium
of unsolved mystery
plaguing humankind with a gravity
they were determined to defy

13.8 billion years of expansion
trillions of galaxies and stars
beyond their comprehension
ungrounded contentment
and magnified desire

Bridges of technological design  
are manufactured—
fueled by resources
meant to sustain Life  

The deeper they pilfer
the faster engineers develop
fearing Earth will disintegrate
into ash and dust
with nothing left to take

They seek a new destination
for the survival of a species
fleeing a mass destruction
of their own making

Dangerous Mind
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Watershed I

Pearls of water
rising in beads on
our worlds brow
so necessary
and we fall the same

I am liquid
holding momentum
you can't see that
I know everything
how things move
is patterened
by me.

Merging faster
to engage a communal
you will all experience
each to an other
a motioning in transparency
becoming as one.

     53 uw

Lord Viddax
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Foolish Mortals

The Foolishness of Mortality
fleeing from absurdity
pitifully clinging to normality
when the truth is
Madness is divine
much better than
simply being fine,
Chaos is not so malign
it is a gift from the Gods
for none are beyond such a flaw
timeless enough to endure
yet something the weak abhor,
Sanctity for the chosen few
who embrace the path true
the harmatia is inevitable
ensorcelled in a fable
that hubris rejects and ignores
when fate will have it that
A foolish destiny will be yours.

(Unique words: 67)

Tyrant of Words
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Danae Reads The Marquis de Sade

Migration of moons -
Windows chiseled into stone,
Ornate weaving

Breaking into factories of refraction, over her dreams, twisting
turns into

broken beams.

How man has the need to control/to possess.  Perhaps

Wanting so
to bind you in an ever tightening

where the light is just right
to capture
the source or epicenter
at the center  

of this gnosis of hypnosis.

(Unique Words:54)

Thought Provoker
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1 of 30

Day 1 wanderings.

Sometimes the mind,
Lays blind.
And the body can't quite seem to find
Peace of a sense,
Of a kind.
And emotion, seemingly near,
Drawn from exertions, from, exhaustion.
Fatigued in a way,
With a touch of strength's desertion.
Yet still,
Beneath the gentle roll of high born clouds,
There's a glimmer in the gray.
The clamoring of wild geese,
Carried in their harried flight,
Upon the dark river waters.
Bringing to me the wake,
Where life and thought emerging,
Are washed upon the shingled shore,
With the lighter tides,
Of this evening's rise.

Fire of Insight
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boulders point like arrows
signaling my mind to
take the long way home
drifting farther from the
place i marked on atlas pages
so i hurt behind stone walls
inside my troubled mind
like them? i built them myself
shoveling memories in
like a tomb keeps the dead
and free to rot

safety waves it’s hand
the desert sand engulfs
my fossil eyes
and boulders start to
pile up, once more.

Tyrant of Words
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#2 of 30

Second Amendment Murders Children (Gun Lobby Terrorists)

they mever
hit prisons
only schoolyards
will do
media coverage
shock value
always sells
america loves killing
its forever enshrined
in an old document

gun laws are
changes too far
smoking barrells
heated debate
same rhetoric
playing worn out tunes
paremts heartbreak unheard
money grabs voices

bear arms slogans
wearing thin
as ancient tapestries
open season
bloody playgrounds
innocence pays face down
ivy league educaton
doesnt play those games

yet ...

Total Word Count 72
Unique Words 72

Guardian of Shadows
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inks on fire #1

(01 of 30—Official DUP NaPoWriMo2023)

inkblot 01:  April 01
inks on fire—the dawning

glorious, amazing God
it's napo again
how can i refrain
from this path that poet's have trod

with their dripping inks on fire
each page i must stain
each second contain
to appease my one desire:

finding answers in the dust
where humble souls cry
where broken hearts sigh
seeking refuge for their trust

if i fail to publish pain
how will the world know
what good seeds to sow
must life's ills forever reign?

© Copyright 2023 April 01
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC 65

poet Anonymous


Waiting While

I walk in shoes of concrete
The struggle of existence
Weighing me down
Reliance drowns me

Re-bar down my spine
As I try to hold the line
Just to hold on
To fight another day

Had to put my hand out
Got gear up to get by
Thermostat down low
In the cold to stretch

The fuel supply
Just a little further
Awaiting to be found
Deep enough in need

Days become months
The stress bogs me down
I can't do this anymore
I haven't a choice though

Stained red
Caught in the cogs
I bleed stress
Into the machine
Of bureaucracy

Waiting for calls
That I hope for
Help to come
In time

Garrett Asa Hughes
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Fool's Gold

An abundance of riches
Glittering in stupidity
Gold fools
Dancing in their misery

Find a name
Point finger
Start to blame

Hide the shame
Repeat again

A hoard of currency
Spent upon the empty
Stripped tunnels
Only full of self pity

Sunken mine
Dull without a glimmer
Hollow mind
Matte convinced of shimmer

Thoughts left thinner
Shallow and non-waded
A penny for your thoughts
Simpleton aggravated

Tunneled vision
On track
Given decision

Off the rails
Rusted trail
Abandoned stare

Dead canary
Still ventures further in
Light headed
Heavily convinced

You bought a fortune
Invested all you had
Led astray
Now there's no turning back

Dangerous Mind
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Like my 4th grader
This crowd's getting bored
It's time to change
The rules they say
Take away the space
Between the things
That we are watching for

Now I’m no hater
Nor feared hitter
Not an ace pitcher
Just one fan today
And I am feeling squeezed
Between the ads
No matter what the score

-50 unique words-

poet Anonymous



I love that BOOMWHACKA! moment
when a poem really connects.
The words dance off the page,
skip into startled eyes,
twist into the bloodstream,
tango through every artery
and move with flashing feet to beat
with the very rhythm of one's own heart

in much the same way as you've become
the very rhythm of my heart, Sarah,
ever since that BOOMWHACKA! moment
when you read me your poem

and charmed me, darling, entirely.

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry? Rant-ery, more like

To convince myself
your will be done.

I read the literature,
pray the prayers,
offer service
recite the slogans.

Continually, I wonder,
where and what,
my place is in this
vast world of

too negative?

Ho hum…

I read with wanton longing
of possessing poetic
talent I never craved~

only to exist on par
for you…                                    
with you…

Would this read lyrically enough?

I love thee with all my heart and soul


It feels as though nothing will ever be quite good enough.

51 unique words

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