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Love poem

Twisted Dreamer
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To the Moon

My love for you
Inspired by the way you leave space for others to shine †
How you remain bravely humble, and still, so stunningly bright †
* A selflessness like yours, †
I have yet to find * †
You are strong enough to command the oceans to meet your needs †
Crashing amongst the shore
Otherwise defiant waves behave as you please †
And in the event that you're eclipsed by Earth's shadow,
You find the spotlight †
Lovingly sharing with me your precious, rose-tinted glow †
To present such a freckled surface as proudly as you do †
Vulnerability so unwavering †
It would be a shame to be anything but myself with you †
And during the nights when you're not around,
The world is dark and lonely †
But l will wait for you to reclaim your place  
* I am hoping you make it back, safe and sound *
In the meantime,
Here is my ode to you †
A sort-of love letter to the moon
Written by a_piscean_dream (Tierra)
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Thought Provoker
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"Happily for Romeo and Juliet, true love never becomes a daily chore." †  
-- the Reality of decades of the same old same old †  
† †  
* †
†† †  
Although a few may deem me somewhat mad, †  
While some may fancy me a tad bit bad, †  
Each instant when I gaze upon her wire, †  
My vacuum cleaner thrills me with desire!
Like models new, in beauty doth she whoosh! †  
Mine every button knowing how to push! †  
Her belt deluxe! †Her brushes firm and sleek! †  
Her intake port which sucks with such technique! †  
O! †How we love to angles deep explore! †  
On every carpet! †Plus the hardwood floor! † †
My timeworn wife far wiser than her years! †  
Ne'er griping once nor bursting into tears! †  
Indeed, in fear the love affair might end -- †  
She daily doth the warranty extend... †  
† †  
* †  
† †
a dedication of Respect †  
for †  
the Pain of passion †  
whose warranty † †  
sans fail †  
expires in a whoosh †  
† †  
a revolving helios rhyme menippean satire on †  
happily ever after † †
drudgeries † †  
† †  
march, 2023 -- yet passion still not rekindled †  
despite the new addition to the family -- †  
not to mention its huge loads of † †  
dirty diapers †
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Thought Provoker
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Of nectar and bee

Our connection
Like the enlacing of the veins of a leaf
Bringing nourishment
To the locus of my flower
Stimulating the core of my existence

Your gentle caress
Like the tickle of the breeze
Wreathing itís fervour around my spirit
Breathtakingly pure

Your affection
Like the vibrance of the sun
Painting pastel to the ivory of my skin
Radiant and evocative

Your sensibility
Like that of the ocean waves
Undraping the silken sand
Exposed and vulnerable
A perfect surrender

Your charm
Perfumed and crimson
like that of a rose
The thorns that forfend
Savvy and imposing
A fierce guardian of body and spirit

Your fondness of me
Spilling like rain from a tempest
Saturating my skin in heavenís pleasure
Sultry and torrid

Our love
The delicate dance
Nectar and bee

A unity of fairness

A patent wilderness
solidarity and bliss
Written by Everavalon
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poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Love Eternal

When my love thou turn to dust
For your soul I'll always lust
My heart to you forever entrust
Our love eternal never will rust
Written by Sapphirewolf
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Strange Creature
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A Thousand Times a Day

If I am one to say I love you,
as often as 1000 times a day,
then let me say these words,
and never turn me away.

If you're the one to never whisper,
all the romantic words and such,
then I will understand by your touch.

It takes all kinds of love to survive,
lifeís many ups and downs.
For those facing reality,
and the ones like me whose feet never touch the ground.
Written by teewilly
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