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The Grim reaper

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Dangerous Mind
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Lost In Tequila

Paying dues to the fortuneteller
listening to your breath  
from speakers in my mind    
like whispers in a teacup  
taking refuge inside your dreams
"Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood!"
behind the shadow takers  
with your personalized keychain
in everything that is talcum dark
no glory in braiding my lost heart
come sundown on the horizon
lost in tequila among saguaros
Written by adagio
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Lost Thinker
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I know it'll have an end
my angel of death
all the comfort, all the warmth
the safety of your arms
will fade into oblivion
I know you'll kiss my life away
so dance with me today
shadows of the dark
ignite a dying spark
I know I have my demons to feed
yet I let my passion bleed
memories of you
in blue
I followed you into the ocean's depth
sought to touch your last breath
I know a ghost's pursue
would kill me before you
danced with me at long last
empty spirits of a forgotten past
I know my feelings would rot
before I woke up
still life's pulsing through my veins
and I let slip I'm in chains
I know this waltz would crumble
there's no light at the end of the tunnel
yet beneath the sounds of anguish
there's a wish
to dance with me veiled within screams
silhouettes of shredded dreams
dance with me till the end
my angel of death
Written by Daevileyes
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Guardian of Shadows
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Death Gods Arise

Froth on waters crimson
Bubbling up to realdom
signs of impending doom
Death gods risen to claim
Souls of man yet to die

Xibalba's gates open
Mictlantecuhtli's minion
rise up among the people
Adorned in bones
Of captured souls

walk them upon the earth
Briefly before the end
when men would bend
their knees to the eternal
might of the lords of death

No man can say no
to them, the gods of death
when they harvest
the sheaves will be tied
to feed their might.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Fire of Insight
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Congratulations to the Winner PAR
N runners up too
Including me 😉

Fire of Insight
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Thank you all so much! 🐞 🌻

Dangerous Mind
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Thanks for hosting Mrblack.  Congrats to Par and the 2 runner ups.


Strange Creature
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