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The Grim reaper

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Tyrant of Words
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The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper was having his midnight meal
At the greasiest of greasy spoons
Lousy meal and in a lousy mood
When he saw her coming it all improved
And her destiny was sealed.
For beyond her beauty he saw
All the nastiness concealed
All the horror she spread around
All the killings that filled her needs

It was time for her to go
Suddenly their eyes met
Determination in his
Fear and panic in hers
And though she tried to move
It was no longer possible
As her heart skipped a beat
Then more than a few
And her master she went to meet.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Fire of Insight
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Victory of death

† † †Life like bright morning
 † † †death is just a thicket
 † † †death does not listen to
 † † † anything, draggs even
 † † † through caves,
 † † † in the mist of evening
 † † † battered sun
 † † † red with shame
 † † † scared
 † † † blackness
 † † † of clouds immersed in
 † † † semi-transparent
 † † † wrapped
 † † † behind the mountains
 † † † hides and
 † † † finally settled
 † † † and the darkness of the night
 † † † the redness of the sky
 † † † swallowed up
 † † † dark black
 † † † cover with blanket
 † † † fearfully,
 † † † silent
 † † † trees & plants
 † † † mountains, valleys
 † † † standing silent
 † † † lose †color
 † † † black shapes
 † † † became,
 † † † and nature
 † † † hold your breath
 † † † was steady, erect.
 † † † some dogs
 † † † some time
 † † † must bark
 † † † shut up again
 † † † maybe alone
 † † † have fallen
 † † † and
 † † † of silence
 † † † deafeningly silent
 † † † in sound
 † † † their call
 † † † remained unheard
 † † † uncertain
 † † † twinkling stars
 † † † in the dark
 † † † protector and eater
 † † † to differentiate
 † † † unable
 † † † have become
 † † † and
 † † † in this darkness
 † † † the grim reaper comes,
 † † † slits throats with scythe and †
 † † † the blue sky
 † † † bleeds
 † † † body vanished
 † † † Death
 † † † Done!
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Buttercups and Sweet Peas Reaped

or † †
† †  
The Stages Set for Grief † †
† †  
"What you sow, I reap -- †
after I fuck it over." † †
-- a grossly obese Grim Reaper † †
yet of an appetite † †
greedy † †
† †  
* † †
† †  
Close listen to the tick-tock of thy biologic clock -- † †
Time ill at ease reminding thee to sow a teensy seed † †
ere withered tubes and ovaries upon your womb come knock † †
announcing to thy lady parts the chance hath passed to breed! † †
Imagine thou the Horror on the hearing of such news -- † †
the sudden shock inducing straight thy uterus to faint, † †
thy labia agape in disbelief to hit the booze, † †
thine angry vulva cracking up to need a belt restraint! † †
Plus picture thy vagina frantic in a drastic plea -- † †
soliciting but hosts of holy ghosts to hump it hard, † †
while off online yet in a funk still on a shopping spree † †
thy clitty hopped-up on endorphins maxes out its card! † †
Till last on the acceptance of thy crotch's tragic fate -- † †
that horny old Grim Reaper cancels one more dinner date . . . † †
† †  
* † †
† †  
a dedication of Respect † †
for † †  
the unsolicited Pain of each blossom † †
nipped in the bud † †
or withered on the vine † †
† †  
a revolving helios sonnet menippean satire on † †
the sowing of natalism -- † †
with its cycles grim of endless reapings † †
scythed † †
† †  
march, 2023 -- Death † †  
the braggart and brat † †
still the accomplishment of parents † †
prideful † †
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Fire of Insight
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In cloak of black, he comes to call
The Grim Reaper, death to us all
His scythe, a weapon sharp and cold
Cuts through the flesh, the young and old

He haunts our dreams and stalks our nights
A specter of doom, a bringer of fright
His eyes like pits, his face a skull
He takes the souls, the precious toll

No mercy in his heart, no pity in his soul
He cares not for the young, the weak or the old
For death is his only true desire
And none can escape his relentless ire

The Grim Reaper, the end of our days
He comes for us all in so many ways
So let us live our lives with care
For when he comes, we'll meet him there.

Tyrant of Words
United States 138awards
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Cold Dead Hand

He is the dark figure that always come calling  
His presence means that this is the end of the road  
His scythe cuts the thread of life, thereís no stalling  
He comes to collect everything he is owed  

He is the only thing that is assured in our lives  
A pre-determined arrangement nobody knows  
He is an unstoppable force that when he arrives  
Everything halts briefly just as he comes and goes  

You think you know your fate, your faith, his face?  
He can take any shape or form or whatever situation  
His cold dead hand can grab you from any place  
Whether young or old without any hesitation  

When destiny draws your number in its mystic scroll  
He always finds you no matter how far you run or crawl  
Creeping death will take your breath and claim your soul  
Beware the Grim Reaper because he comes for us all
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
Portugal 8awards
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Absent Reaper

The skinny grimace of those who
love us
trembling suspiciously in the
it's a crotch's rainbow
from one to the other
gold at the bottom of the pot
gold in the teeth of death
Mars retrograde transit
dry cut
God on the run...

In everyone's hands
the mark is put
as a souvenir
of the original clay.

Craft mold?
a basin or a lamp
one that sustains
another that shakes and illuminates
twilight between two sleeps
man under renovation
stuck light bulb
over a book
and body and snow and stone
uncertain flame.

And now this honey
gives meanings
to hidden beings
by the vessels
that shaped
by the flames...

In the mystery of waiting
immortal bread
eternal light
death comes out
behind the worn basin
of the lamp and
(pilgrim spirit)
brings the radiations of the whole
everything radiates
skinny smile
everything delights
and has love for the lamps
and basins
more than the source
more than clay.

All are vessels
moving away beyond
of age of reason
going to the last moment
to peer into the impossibility
the obscurity
traction of famines
immortal waiting
of the final pitch.

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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The Reaping Clock

Death walks in sync with the ticking of a clock
But this clock has no numbers, just a steady mock
Fangs bared, it stalks its prey in the eternal night
A crypt of shadows, where the living take flight

The key is turning, the lock about to break
As the sands of time sink, with each step it takes
A void of emptiness, where the soul is lost
In the eternal dance, at whatever cost

The ticking echoes through the hallways of the dead
A symphony of sorrow, in which we are wed
The clock has no numbers, but it marks our fate
A never-ending cycle, of life and death's debate

So let us embrace the darkness, and the end that draws near
For in the void of eternal night, death is always here
Written by ConsequentialChaos
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Thought Provoker
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Cleaning up at Home

It's true we've past the grief around
and down the years as well,
from the first two put underground
a never ending swell.
There is no myth or mystery
nor any favourites,
for, throughout our history,
we are groomed out just like nits.
It seems to me we are viewed as lice
infesting a planet,
but for all to be groomed out, now, that ain't nice,
I'm on the list! Damn it...
I can hear the nit-nurse curse
bustling round with her comb,
no grim-reaper just mother Earth
cleaning up at home...
Written by Rew
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Guardian of Shadows
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Death Takes a Vacation

So you see, it's like this--
Ol' Grimmy needs a little break
(once in a while)
from centuries of collecting souls....

You know, I get a bit fed up
at times
with all the whiners
trying to avoid their ride across the River Styx
"Nooooo! Please--it's not my time yet!"
(Um, yeah, it is-- get in the friggin' boat already
I'm on a schedule here)

So I said to myself
"Grimmy, you need a vacation"
and that's what I did--
hired me an Uber
so the souls can still get to their destination
and took off for a bit of sightseeing.

Funny thing is, about NYC--I fit right in....
especially in Times Square.
And the cash tips I made
from the photo ops with tourists
thinking I was just another costumed performer ..

Man, I earned way more than I get
from all the coins for ferry fee, I charge
for trips to the other side.
(and if the IRS makes me claim that
on my taxes, I can just take my sickle
to them, and....)

So yeah, I saw the world.
Went to all the cool places,
even saw Styx in concert
(just had to, since my river has the same name)
But the tickets cost an arm and a leg
(not mine, though)

It was worth it , and
I have a cool souvenir t-shirt
which I wear under my hooded robe.

But all good things, must come to an end,
(and I can't afford to keep the Uber forever)
so back to the grind, I went, though
not without reminiscing
about drinking coronas on the beach
with Snoop Dogg, and
the casinos in Vegas, and
that nice little baguette shop in Paris, and


I gotta start planning my next vacation,
but for now

"Git in my damn boat, fatso---you're next!

Written by MadameLavender
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Lost Thinker
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Mr. Reaper

I feel numb, and nothing helps me feel alive.  
I want to run away and not be traumatized.    
I bought a gun and a pack of hollows at the store. †  
But I just need one. Satan, I'll be at your door. †  
I'm not alone. I have my demons right beside me. †  
I'm coming home. Mr. Reaper, come and find me.
Written by tomgoonery (Tommy.)
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Tyrant of Words
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I Am Death

I am death
The spirit that eats the living
Reaping the souls
The last remaining breath
Of loved ones cherished ones

I am death
The one that spreads fear
Spreads dread into beating hearts
Darkness is my light
Silence my music

I am death
Feeding on the vulnerable
Choosing without discrimination
I donít care if you have lived 100 years
Or have never left the womb

I am death
The opposite of what is held dear
Like a dark cloud I hover above life
Like the rain that dampens the summer
I dampen existence

I am death
The whisper through time
The architect of sorrow
I take hope and destroy it
Itís my destiny to take who I want

I am death
I can turn a room cold
With my very presence
I create the void in every heart
Your fate is to know me
Written by AspergerPoet56
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