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Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 7th Oct 2022
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Voiceless, Faceless, Lifeless

Silent steps, no one notices    
Echoes in a crowded place  
Voiceless, I blend in with the faces    
A ghost among the living, unnoticed  
In the throngs, I am invisible    
A stranger in my own skin    
No one sees me,    
no one is able to hear my thoughts,    
my cries within  
The weight of loneliness, a constant load
Days tie together, a monotonous blend  
I am invisible, unheard, alone    
Trapped in my own personal end  
I scream for help, for someone to see    
But the world keeps turning, indifferent
The ghost inside me, slowly fading    
Out of sight
Written by ConsequentialChaos
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 7th Oct 2022
Forum Posts: 19

Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 7th Oct 2022
Forum Posts: 19

The Ghostly Craven

Once upon a midnight dreary,
I felt a presence, cold and eerie,    
Watching from every corner, leery,      
In the dark, where nothing's cheery      
Silent shadows, creeping, crawling,      
Whispering secrets, dark and appalling,    
Stalking me, my fear enthralling,      
Their dark embrace, forever calling      
Every creak, every groan,      
Makes me shiver to the bone,      
Feeling lost and all alone,      
In this haunted house I call my home      
I try to flee, to no avail,      
Their gaze follows, without fail,      
Their laughter, like a mournful wail,      
Echoes through my mind, an endless trail      
Now, every night, I close my eyes,      
And dread the moment, when I'll rise,      
To face those lurking in the guise,      
Of nightmares, in a thousand lies      
The darkness comes, and with it, fear,      
As I feel their presence, drawing near,    
Watching me, with eyes austere,      
And I know, that they'll always be here
Written by ConsequentialChaos
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Fire of Insight
India 2awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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Longing for you !

HEY  there!!
The darkness doesn't scare me
but everyday it comes
and brings me a hope
the moon and the stars are
bear witness to my wild feelings
every day it gives light breeze
to my weary mind
But do you know?
I am incomplete without you
literally I yearn without you
I need you and
I want your warmth
I have so many fantasies
about you
I want to love you
let me love you
I want to feel you
not to your shadow
I have a great desire
to merge only in you.
I want to measure
your heart rate
I want to lick your sweat
I want my boobs
to excite you and
I want that you find
heaven between my blonde thighs
I want every décor  of  the room
to hear our erotic love scream
but today....
the moon hid in secret
the stars are broken
but your glimpse
remained imprinted
in the image of my eyes
in the depths of the moon
in the height of the stars
what kind of silence is this
in the mirror of the heart
clarinet is ringing
echoing noises
without any reason
can't sleep can't hear
should have thought
but restless longing
even the moon didn't
break on my bed
and the stars remained unbroken
but only broken...only broken
but only my HEART is broken.
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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Twisted Dreamer
Joined 3rd Apr 2016
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an earnest plea, the quotations of my soul,
it never led me to that beautiful doll,,
i didnt know the magic, i didnt know the art,
to ask that angel to live beside her heart,,
with every failure, with every fall,
she moved further and i lag behind all,,
slowly slowly as the blue moon waned,
i saw her fading in the monsoon rain,,
and a day came when she was no more,
the tears from my eyes were pouring forth,,
but to my surprise then happened the sunrise,
i wished her good luck in a singing voice,,
u see, here the love paths are  entangled,
some find it near some find it  distant,,
but love shines, it shows its existence,
when u come to live without ur love's presence..
Written by magichearts
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Tyrant of Words
United States 66awards
Joined 21st July 2020
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The hidden language weeping willows speak

The hidden language weeping willows speak
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Guardian of Shadows
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Yesterday's dying Light

yesterday's dying light  
a lonely meander  
in misty memories  

raucous laughter    
of people with their barking dogs  
excited woofs  
at passing angered felines  
that hisses and yowls  
a sight worth sighing for  
wishing to return to days  
without the screaming silence  
longing again for  bubbling brooks  
the call and buzzes of cicadas  
the tolls and clanging of bells  
in the distant church  
now mere existing in twilight memory  
in yesterday's fading light  
the rain rattled on zinc roof  
 the grating rattling  
sounds of tree branches  
rubbing together  
accompanied my thoughts  
how I wished I could hear  
the sound of your laughter  
--(Not an Entry)
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Guardian of Shadows
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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A Suicide's moment of Clarity  

The darkest hour before the dawn  
when spectres, ghosts, spirits and ghouls  
walk the grey thin line, moaning
Eyes can see from deepest self  
within the sense the third eye  
perceive all things, light or darkness

Eyes gazing longingly, lights up high  
Hoping for escape from such agony  
tortured mind heart body and soul
Drink to invigorate, enjoy the taste  
Savour each sip, like butterfly kisses  
Love the warmth, like lover's embrace.

Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Lost Thinker
Romania 1awards
Joined 21st Jan 2017
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dear love,

what if I see you no more
my dried up tears preparing for a futile war
with your face blurred into the background
a faint echo of what meant to be safe and sound
yet here I am for you
pixel perfect skin
no blemishes
from within
eden of all wishes

what if I hear you no more
your empty promises I used to abhor
your words a whirlpool of nonsense
distant murmur of the past
yet here I am for you
an other empty vessel of pleasure
of hope
of dreams
of life
your treasure

what if I feel you no more
I'm but a pile of dead receptors washed ashore
a temple for your abominable lust
nourishing a well concealed disgust
yet I'm here for you
answering your call
wet and ready to screw
I'm gonna take it all

what if I am no more
but a puppet you adore
bearing gifts galore
forever your whore
Written by Daevileyes
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Tyrant of Words
United States 66awards
Joined 21st July 2020
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The dark art of a sometimes girlygirl, submissive, expunk-goth and almost poet with a penchant for self hatred...

...(and other stories)  

It's taken years
[hard fought and battle torn]  
from first memories— to this very exhale  
with pen in hand  
to find even small-ish comfort
inside a skin
that should have always been  
my safe home of harbored self security,  
abundant in it's wellspring of healthy current  
"Oh to dream dreams as that once, little girl"  
Honest as these thoughts are  
and as I will the words to be,  
sort of scouring clean
my humanity en prose,  
it's not the whole truth of it  
when haunted cringes
worthy of the finest self-hatred  
still randomly  
plague and poke  
their particular echoed torment
piercing hard  
rebreaking brittle bones
Even now, I crack open so easily  
shame and embarrassment spilling forth  
finding way
bubbling to the surface
through red angry scars
that even thousands of written words,  
seem to never fully heal
Leaks of boiling blood and marrow  
are an end result of 'a mother's love'  
Disoriented, losing myself  
hearing faint sounds- recognizing rot  
memories of awful name calling
slaps in the face, thighs, belly  
or any jiggly bit  
- to purposely tattoo reminder -  
Instantly changes me  
I watch as my inherited black blood
slowly escapes each tiny fissure
of tainted acid ache,  
burning a sad trail of total disappointment infused by inferior-ugly  
Oozing obsidian outrage  
breathing in pants  
like the rage dearly loves
as it breeds, growing  
taking control  
"I feel my chemical composition rapidly altering"  
At least I tell myself  
I have that super power.  
Skills learned in captivity, I muse  
Creating and recreating  
forcing, by will  
scabs to form and bones to heal
Etching hope into willed reality  
with each gloss, shade and contour  
colors dawn from blackest night  
born bursting the daylight  
a spectrum that opened  
the vastness of possibility
and the proof to makeover a dark identity  
In a full array of beauty that always laid beneath  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Tyrant of Words
United States 138awards
Joined 11th July 2012
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Dark Dreams

She breaks his heart,
For each night they spend apart,
Feeling the weight of loss and despair,
Sobbing in the pages,
That now seem lost in ages,
The lovely dream seems like a nightmare.
Now he writes in vain,
Sitting and writhing in pain,
Thinking his letters somehow will get to her,
But the ache is so deep,
As each night he loses sleep,
The sight of his beloved is becoming a blur.
He takes all the blame,
As the ink bleeds her name,
Pouring all his emotion on every leaf,
With each tear he drops,
He sighs and briefly stops,
Trying to breathe unable to find relief.
He cries out for mercy,
Feeling drawn and unworthy,
Of the love he has but cannot get back,
So he sits there sleepless,
In total and utter bleakness,
Wide awake as the night goes pitch black.
His poor tortured soul
Has been left out in the cold,
Creeping in the gloom with stark screams,
But he does not care,
As long as her spirit is there,
Weeping in the room of his dark dreams.
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
United States 66awards
Joined 21st July 2020
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lost in the loudness of solitude


It mystifies  
marking indelibly  
a stoney heart, stonier  
left beating  
forgotten beats  
is the echo of silence  
tears roll of quietude  
where once,  
a smile did shine  
so loudly.  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Twisted Dreamer
United States 1awards
Joined 12th Oct 2020
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Mable: A Coy Dutchess

Two buns and some meat
A burger or some anal
Two drums of some skeet
The synagogue or the cradle
I have chosen the crib
The results could be fatal
This baby needs a bib
Some cream cheese for its bagel
It wants to reason with me
It’s age makes it unable
I’d ignore it if it could
Some would call me unstable
We sit at opposite ends
Of the mahogany table
I think “slip the tip in”
I want my hog in ye, Mable
But before I throatpie the infant
I gift my sack with a staple
My cock oozes sweet syrup
I’m not talking about maple
Written by Girthquake
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Strange Creature
Joined 6th Apr 2023
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"Thrice Scorned and Scarred"

The love of my life?
Who could that be?
Is it the same woman who scorned me so?
Thus creating such a blow to my ever tormented soul.
Per chance to touch or kiss those lips and place my hands upon those hips is to open my thrice scarred over heart to the possibility of another blow to my ever tortured soul.
It cries out for mercy as my mind and body betray it once more?

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