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Boring and Trite

Lost Thinker
Joined 20th July 2022
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Carpet mat
Carpet on walls
Carpet under foot
Fibers dance

Soft on foot
Texture on foot
Plush on foot
Fibers move

Bumpy flat
Shaggy soft
Coarse picky
Fibers poke

Carpet wonder
Carpet good
Carpet useful
Fibers bend
Written by word_circus
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Fire of Insight
Canada 6awards
Joined 11th Mar 2015
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sitting right besides these lifeless clouds
again inside dilemma,
to get washed.

However insanity lacks virtue completely
doing against habits,
from the past.

nothing makes me a purging pure compiler
right besides intimacy,
humble old deeds.

perfect in the sense of gulf of new sorrow
beneath those fights,
when life was.
Written by mcjay
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Dangerous Mind
United States 13awards
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Twisted Dreamer
Joined 3rd Apr 2016
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souls are immortals, to heavens they fly
but.... without playing with bosoms, i dont wanna die  
why the fuck am alone when the path is still long  
i have reached the puberty still a virgin buffoon  
I wanna follow those curves, those lead to heart  
i have dreamed them in dreams i have dreamed them in churchs  
am ready to nod over my love's incessant thoughts  
as she brings the peace which lures me the most  
i would rather bend when she rage in fights  
that bullying isn't real soon she turns it to paradise  
its fun seeking a hide when she's dressed in towel  
only to catch a glimpse of her beautiful navel  
how to get ready a girl, to fight in love  
this site is virtual and i have deeper thirst....
Written by magichearts
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