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God’s Character

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There's something about a pair of pants
this blinding white's sheen and glow
the hidden softness beyond reach of hand
the arrousing mound so briefly shown.
'Tis such a little hill you know
but in mounting one, one can find
the wealth of ages hidden below
the mother of all humankind.
Those misogynistic old men sat in Rome,
properganderized Adam,
but I believe God gave great joyous moans
as She birthed the first, Woman!
Written by Rew
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Lost Thinker
New Zealand
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God is the guy you talk to    
when you are on the dunny    
clutching at your belly    
as the pain grips    
and the sweat drips    
and you pray for a swift recovery    
from the pangs of squeeze and misery  
generated from your own pile of shite  
God is the guy who tells you outright    
when you really messed something up  
but you are finding it hard to come clean    
You ask for redemption    
But you have royally fucked someone    
They didn’t deserve it  
And God decides you shouldn’t get away with it  
You need to face the consequence  
And drown in your own self-generated defence    
God is the boy in a wheel chair riding past you, envious of your freedom  
He is the girl in the book store overqualified and underpaid  
He is the child playing on the street outside doing skateboard tricks  
He is the homeless dude sleeping in newspapers at the bus stop  
And he’s the bruises on the girls face as she weeps silently in her bed    
God is watching you when you say:    
“Oh God here we go again”    
or “God only knows”    
or “Good God James, how is that even possible?”    
or “Oh my God”  
or “There but for the grace of God go I “  
God is love  
God is hate  
And God is imagined  
And God is war  
And God is suffering  
And God is a prophecy  
And a demon  
And a construct  
And bullshit  
And God  
Oh God  
Why did you fucking let those kids die in that God awful war?    
I don’t believe in you    
Go fuck yourself  
But when you meet your maker  
In the end  
You might meet God  
And when you turn in your grave  
I think God might be the one turning you over    
And when you lie awake at night  
Wondering if things will get better  
God might know the answer  
Question is, do you really want to know?
Written by Thesilverymoon
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Strange Creature
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The Hanging Gardens

Sat there in that garden, as a poet wrote,
at the cool of day when God to mortal spoke.

What would they hear, the mortal sat, as words
the lord conveyed, amid the garden's greenery,
midday heat allayed.

Would they know whence words had come, would they
mark the source, or would they idle in the cool,
watching insects chart their course.

I know not what they'd hear, as God himself would speak.
Save a garden’s soundings, of leafy blow and wooden creak.

Perhaps that's all there would be heard, to they and I both.
For gardens are such places where words inhere within
the growth.
Written by EvanescentSirius21
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Dangerous Mind
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I'm not entering the competition. This is just observation.

I figured God out some.

God is only about 16 years old, in "god" years.

God is extremely talented.  Obviously, because God is a god.
But, God doesn't do homework. God gets sidetracked and doesn't stay with the task. God doesn't pay attention after awhile, because of distractions.
Because God is still a teenager, in god years.  

I'm no more wrong than any other guess out there.

Strange Creature
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We all know god is spelt dog backwards


but at least the creature standing on four legs
can read how an owner is feeling
if life takes a dangerous turn.
Written by neves
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