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The Romantic era is not over!

Fire of Insight
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HANDS ON I want you
touch me
have me then if I can't have you wet
turn me on accept your willing subject
I want to share my body with you
No pressure take it if it fits
sit on my face if it's to big
No hands baby your body arouses me

I thank God for such an amazing creation
You are my angel let me give you wings
allow the touch of God between your legs
share your perfection with me princess
your tender Grace excites the God in me
I desire to please you in every way possible
hands off no more fuck me till I am satisfied
Cum for me say my name in that sexy accent
I am ready to share my life with you forever man.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (BiblicalBoredom777)
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Twisted Dreamer
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an earnest plea, the quotations of my soul,
it never led me to that beautiful doll,,
i didnt know the magic, i didnt know the art,
to ask that angel to live beside her heart,,
with every failure, with every fall,
she moved further and i lag behind all,,
slowly slowly as the blue moon waned,
i saw her fading in the monsoon rain,,
and a day came when she was no more,
the tears from my eyes were pouring forth,,
but to my surprise then happened the sunrise,
i wished her good luck in a singing voice,,
u see, here the love paths are †entangled,
some find it near some find it †distant,,
but love shines, it shows its existence,
when u come to live without ur love's presence..
Written by magichearts
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Twisted Dreamer
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Groping in dark like a body on pyre   † † † †
I was struggling to hold happiness in my vain † † † † † † † † † †
Suddenly phone flashed with a beeping clash † † † † † † † † †  
There, She introduced herself as "Naina", intrigued by my fame † †  
† † † † † † † †
Then the words flowed and the feelings rised † † † † † † † † † †
I did realize her presence hitting me inside
I don't know if it were words or her spell
But she became light and I felt again health † †  
† † † † † † † †
I felt attached, I felt attuned † † † † † † † † † †
A drowning bliss and a glimpse of truth †† That "love is the key for all broken twigs,
That Love is this potion", this all I could see † † † † † † † † † †
Yeah It wasn't that worth but not to let the gratitude unexpressed † † † † † † † † † †
I asked her whereabouts but she was too frivolous † † † † † † † † † †
Without any footprints, leaving any clue†† †
She vanished like she had appeared out of blue † † †
†† † † † † † †
Now i wonder if she was an angel of blues or a girl just homely † † † † † † † † † †
Ummm whoever she was, for me she was a true serendipity
Written by magichearts
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Lost Thinker
Joined 24th Mar 2023
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Warmth of Winter

You stand alone, scantily clad
Looking out of your window, glad
With lusty eyes, you know deep down
Of no further use of your satin gown.
Your wait is almost over,
Your embrace - my warm cover.
On red velvet lays my woman bare
Bathed in gold under a dim chandelier.
Your sweat in the winterís cold
A warmer story was never told
Your darkness, your wetness is mine to share
In I go, and Iím almost there.

(A crescendo.
Forte, fortissimo...
Fortississimo, pianissimo.)
Written by Bricoleur
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Tyrant of Words
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After All This Time

Like a long-lost love song that fill up you with nostalgia
When the melody captured the moment forever forward to no end
This emotion lingers in the depths of me
Reminiscent of sleepless nights and letters enthusiastically penned

Like engaging dreams dwelling in the back of my mind
They fuel a lasting passion thatís full of quixotic imagination
The feeling goes beyond visionary boundaries
Filling the heart with wonderful and extraordinary inspiration

Like an undying ember that burns feverishly, fervently
The eternal flame will always write your name within my heart
You and I took a chance on this epic romance
Because there was something so special right from the start

Through the highs and lows that not everyone knows
Destiny brought us together like it was part of a divine design
Weíve held on to each other tightly, rightly
Loving you more now than ever before after all this time
Written by wallyroo92
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Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Nov 2022
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I'm soft hearted but firm...

My hubby despite our marriage of 20 years
still loves me perfectly,  expertly
both verbally and physically  
Then had come on my scene again
an admirer who created as if a void  
and filled it with his love letters and love poetry.
But whenever an admirer  
creates love's vacuum in my lovelife
that was non existent before
I've always managed to brush it aside
with chastity's vacuum cleaner lol.
Or I sweep it under the rug ,
can't get stuck in the dirt of the flirt😉
Only marital love can sweep me off my feet.

His poetic charm created in me love poetry's chasm
and I tried awhile to be a balm to his obsession's spasm .
Yet my wedlock is a high walled fortress
even if I'm no crowned regal princess
So while my hubby still bills and coos in love
this admirer inked me his billet doux
What a batter,† what a roux!
I'm softhearted but not towards soft porn
Thank God its over, phew!
Written by Lunaah
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Thought Provoker
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Unsullied Pages

I vow  
to pleasure
your spirit  
wholly wordless
A silent promise
by the hum  
of a music box
Lining the immediacy
Whirling through
the depths  
of impulse
raw incantations
the soothing cadence  
of a  
whisperers tongue
by the passional affinity
that seeps from his mouth
A masterful raving
Composed in song
Settling in
to the lore  
of unsullied
Idling awhile  
in your  
Written by Everavalon
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Dangerous Mind
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Reese ó that guy is an ass

† †
Iím leaned against †  
a vending machine, †  
arms crossed against † †
my chest, † †
toying with my hair, †  
peeking up at †  
you between my lashes, †  
† †
And youíre leaned in †  
one hand propped † †
against the machine, †  
while the other hand †  
offers me †  
† †
a peanut butter cup. †  
† †
I fumble with the plastic, †  
peel the paper off the cup, †  
hold one up for you † †
† †
and you take the whole †  
thing in one bite †  
† †
and I forget to breathe at †  
the feel of your † †
sensuous mouth †  
on my fingers. †  
† †
Swallowing hard, †  
I almost drop the †  
package as my †  
shaking hands † †
fish the second † †
Reeseís cup out †  
† †
head bowed to hide †  
stained cheeks †  
I push out the soft center †  
and joke about † †
the chocolate ring †  
being the perfect †  
size for your †  
cock. †  
† †
I look up. † †
Make eye contact. †  
† †
You jaw is tight † †
as you lean †  
in slow †
motion †
to write your †  
name in my mouth. †
And loveÖ †
your lips are so †  
sweet that †
my fingers † †
dig into your shirt ,
leaving the †
stain of my hand  
on the left side †
of your chest,  

as your free hand †  
drops the wrapper †  
† †
and gently † †
grabs †  
my † †
throat †  

Written by Betty
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Tyrant of Words
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The Weight of gravity≤

I can't sleep tonight † † †
so I write you.
I write to alleviate anxiety † † † †
from the day's events † † † †
{nothing more than usual}† † † †
and I write to you because † † † †
yours † † † †
is the voice I seek
to sootheó
your specialty,
which changes the trajectory
of a truly stressful day

oh how you love me to say

Writing you connects us
through merciful Gods † † † †
much smarter than myself
Maybe- if you're quiet enough † † † †
right now † † † †
you can hear my thoughts,
wispy little murmurs
that carry delicate desires
dispersed across the miles

Feel tiny smatterings
of hot singes
speckle against your skin
embers slow smoldering†
by the fire you stoke † † † †
deep inside me† † † †

An incremental burn
building intensity
bursts wide open my yearn
flashing bright
flickering that grows
to a blinding sight
sharing my passionate rage
I want to believe
you see it wage

How flames dangerously dance
in a sort of Morse Code
of long distance romance
branded secrets lighting up the sky
like messages from a time gone by †
realizing the space of separation
means little
once receiving the siren signal
ushering emergent information
upon prearranged fires
love's unstoppable notification

My insolent selfishness
is righteous
with it's want for you
you surprise me †
flexing strong measured control
I am captured by your pull † † † †
even in your absence† † † †
even with our distance † † † †† † † †
I feel your gravity † † †
I crave it's weight
like my body craves your complex touch † † † †
I can't get enough † † † †
of you

I know what our love means

Ferociously aching in between
longing fills my night's dark spaces †
from those very places
that only your enlightenment traces
I've found what answers my call
am entirely consumed
left in splayed wide open awe

I miss you
I've always missed you
If†that's possible,
{I whisper again}...

My body knows your it's meaning
my soul is mated to your reason
under the same moonlight
within the vociferous†page
jagged†in lights that slowly fade
across the desert's dusty heart
each night my hands†
impart a written art
curious about your happenings...

"What is he doing at this moment?" † † †
"Is he missing me like I miss him?" † † † †
"I wonder if he knows
his mouth is my heart's hope?" † † † †
(and my greedy cunt's number one†fan)
"Does he think of me
in all the seeking ways ways he can?"

Sliver'd thoughts dart and dash
adding to my secret'd cache
each reverie that doth embed
runs quietly through my head

I calm myself
slide down into the dark
let dreams of you infiltrate my heart
folding in your free spirit's soul
my submission honed
balanced weighted by control

My pen restsó
I wrote it all
to you

let sleep now come

right on cue

Written by Bluevelvete
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Twisted Dreamer
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We almost Kissed...

Your lips, we almost kissed,
A moment that I'll forever miss,
A fleeting chance that slipped away,
Leaving my heart in disarray.

I can still feel the warmth of your breath,
The electric tingle of a love that's left,
The anticipation of what could have been,
A love that was never meant to begin.

Your lips, we almost kissed,
A moment that I'll forever list,
A memory that will forever remain,
A love that's always on my brain.

I can still see the sparkle in your eyes,
The smile that played upon your lips,
The way you leaned in just a little bit,
And the way my heart skipped a beat.

Your lips, we almost kissed,
A moment that will forever persist,
A love that was never meant to be,
A memory that still haunts me.

I can still taste the sweetness of your lips,
The tenderness of a love that could have been,
The wonder of a moment that slipped away,
Leaving my heart in disarray.

Your lips, we almost kissed,
A love that was never meant to exist,
A moment that will forever be,
A memory that's etched in me.
Written by sukre
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Twisted Dreamer
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I want

I want to be the one , that makes you
Come undone , one button slipping through
My fingers , the one where you canít
Understand why , the one who lingers on
Your mind , long after I have gone , I want
Your body to yearn for mine in the pitch
Blackness of the blankets of the night when you canít sleep as your mind is in overdrive and you just need a distraction. I want to touch your †soul and make you unfold like the first time with gentle kisses from your face to your toes taking my time savouring every unique sinew of you . I want to be your safe haven and your whiskey and wine that slips past your lips staining a ruby red etched with my name as it loosens your tongue to be
Totally transparent without a care in the
World , I want all of you in every shape and form as I swallow you whole and I †take you to the edge of heaven while I wait ,
I think youíre got me , hung drawn and quartered and feeling like a love struck fool
encapsulating a stationary heart which
Wants to make haste .
Written by Maple666
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Twisted Dreamer
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A perfect fit .

Love really is an oxymoron .It can make your heart sing but also make your throat bone
dry and not one note can float by . Itís a million different things all at the same time. We donít feel whole without it but half of
us doubt it . Itís a shape shifter in different
versions and sizes and we wait for it to settle and be still . Hoping that my trousers match your shirt and the cut is divine, a perfect fit skimming us both in a eco cotton with golden threads that has fibres made for durability. A real classic piece that the years canít disagree on as it becomes your staple piece, your favourite despite the collaboration acquired in 1965 , itís been
Stretched to its very limits but still stands
The test of time with all fashion faux pas, I
mean this is love after all itís never all heaven or hell but sometimes something
In between.
Written by Maple666
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Tyrant of Words
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Betwixt Exultation And Love's Torment

Slowly lifts
We stagger to pinpoint focus
Are a harbinger
I bear hallowed witness
Wrapped up in the minutiae of sensation
Anticipating this epoch desire
Bewitched and utterly bespoke just for you
White static
Multiplies starved frenzy
Rumblings of archaic thunder
Stir my wickedness
Calling forth a sum of your whole
Everything you have to give
Becomes mine for the taking
Knowing your beast is restless
Revelation mingles upon a periphery
Twine shadows conjugate sweet lustre
Pacing each promise
betwixt exultation and love's torment
Overseeing a fierce cascading rhythm
Eye to Eye
Deep internal growls...
Can be heard rumbling wisely
In an animalistic choral 'come hither'
Flexing lean hard muscle
Tempting meó
{please.. tempt me}
I am the epitome of want
Encompassing for aye
Skins glisten rapturous evanescent need
You float me easily
Into a new existential realm
I wrap around you
Surround myself
Perfectly fit and famished
Grasping hold, we
Beating hearts regale
Your sandpapered whisper
Is erotic communion
Pleas to God
Find answers
In all the moments
Scorched breaths
Aching mews of
"Don't stop!"
Make me a womanófulfilled

In every sense of the word.

Written by Bluevelvete
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