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The Romantic era is not over!

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Give it your best shot. Romantic means a lot more than the usual incorrect and assumed view.
Poems only.   Up to 100 lines, no more.  New submissions only.

Fire of Insight
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Baseboards and Handrails

you make me nervous
in fringe.
you give me fevers
that do not heal!
I drink water looking for you,
I run rivers,
I swallow lakes,
soaked in your absence.
there are no truths
at all…
There are still moments
in time,
where sweets are enough
and huge cakes.
(with sugary toppings).

And kisses that don't
or feel chills.
Then chicken soup
I don't want to eat.
You say:
- "Eat, it's good for you!"
a spoon to the mouth
and spit.
And you: - "Eat it's good for you!"
Chewing, chewing...
Can not swallow.
It's all powder and gelatin.
I can not eat,
even if it makes me feel good!

And you don't say anything
in your defense
smiles only
With that mouth of yours
Full of teeth;
crowns, jackets…
the enamel to be eroded
for a nicotine tartar!
And you just smile.
The cat doesn't even notice you
Presence, absorbed
In licking the fur.
the nails dug
In the flesh, to tear
Curtains, making me
A pile of rags.

I gathered the remains
and moved country.
I walked against the sun
for endless nights.
Run away from your silences
and you smile
in the still of dawn.
My days swept away
on the ground of leaves,
stroked your hair,
to dream, to dream
and dreaming
with your liver in onion sauce.

The eyes didn't see
what time left
to count
to the ears
about the latest news
from the streets
from a suburban neighborhood…
only heard in the distance
the whisper of the blessed,
the voice of crazy people;
(insane in the heights).

the stained glass windows,
in vibration,
to break
in a thousand visions
and the saints
returning to dust...
(pictures covered in dust)
the burned saints
in vain bonfires.
the spiked saints
on the stone (riddled with arrows…)
and God smiles on high. (hosanna)

like a predator
from ambush.
God fell asleep in his cave.
God is just one
of wild animals
that inhabit your longing.
So, all this
finding of non-existence,
take me out
the desire to eat.

The fever no longer warms
but it's there
on the legs and temples.
like a kiss
that you don't forget!

Ten minutes later
your smile
went into sleep mode.
Your lips
to change color
to transmute
on bat wings.
Your lips
conjured (sorcery)
pouring the crying milk.
the change of tones
of exposed skin
it is irrefutable proof
(black magic)
the effect of gamma rays
on the daisies of the field.

You eat all the soup,
and the sound of your digestion
creeps me out,
gives me cravings.
Makes me blue...
(like bathroom walls)
and distracted
like a boy
that devours the television
and swallows superheroes.

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Dangerous Mind
Canada 21awards
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You Are My Sun

Darling, you are my other half
I’m now a being of two instead of just one
I know our love will always last
Because you are my sun.
I’m no longer weary of life
You point out the joys of every day
You’ve replenished the colors in my sight
Your smile shines brighter than the sun’s rays.
Oh, darling, how I love you so
The damage dealt to my soul has been undone
You’re the only person who can make me feel whole
Because you are my sun.
You are my sun
You bring light to my dark days
You’ve cleared the dust from my eyes to help me see through the haze.
My life’s just begun
You’ve helped me see that future
You lift my spirts with your joy and good humor.
Written by LunasChild8
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Dangerous Mind
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Random files

Sunrise and sunset
equally splendid  
as your hands  
on my body
(on my mind);
I understand  
Written by Betty
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Thought Provoker
Canada 2awards
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Crooning over stones

Many a night
we have dabbled in lustfulness
Sparing only
the mark
of the swoon
In songs, we lament
when they move on
our needs
left unmet
Our yearnings, clipped
Through gestures
we create
vessels of verdict
Bereft of poise
But not I
I’ve kept true love, undying
lain at the shores
of commitment
dip me into the liquid of life
bathe me in adoration
to enhance
the flow of emotions
Dissolving lonesomeness  
into streams of connection
churning amid
the coupled melody
of whirlpools
The filtering of absolution
grasping at the silken water
letting it drip through my fingers
across natures design
Capturing depth as I sway
Delving into the black
to maintain the light
Evocative impulse
the power of resolve
Live for the longing
survived by the union
Justified in these moments
Written by Everavalon
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Dangerous Mind
India 5awards
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I believe in loving you

there was a mystery
to that last nonverbal element
that was in your hands

your liquidity

your density

your cherished desire

everything..emerges from
the middle of that mystery

there was a stream of water
it was a dream come true
that my body's bloody
discharge was dear to you
and it was also the untold truth
that your body carving skills

 I loved
you used to open it with the
rule of control
which from my menstruation waist
bound as silver flakes

I used to watch
your bluish sweaty face
strict and generous
it enters my blood vessels
like a soft bunny
and that's when red flowers bloom
in my silky festive body.
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Mister Write
Fire of Insight
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You Don’t Have To Ask Me Why

I will lovingly hold your hand  
stand behind you when you are weak  
lifting you if you cannot stand  
treasuring every word you speak  
Give solace when you are hurting  
wipe away your tears If you’re sad  
I will jest with you when flirting  
apologize if you are mad  
Always kind when I speak to you  
respecting your body and your soul  
write you poems when you are blue  
try my very best to console  
I will listen to every word you say  
be your candle when you are lost  
kiss you and take your breath away  
write your name in the morning frost  
Attend when you can’t rise from bed  
hug you when life becomes too real  
I’ll cook for you your daily bread  
give you roses and the time to heal  
Slip love notes into your open hand  
savour your pleasures in the night  
seal our love with a golden band  
loving you with all of my might  
You always occupy my thoughts  
whether it be nighttime or the day  
you wrap my soul in lace love knots  
my dreams give colour to your grey
Written by Poetic_Quill (Mister Write)
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Twisted Dreamer
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The Shit We Do For Love


Sometimes an orifice so right
So tight
That you do things you ain’t never thought you’d do


I watched an entire season of Outlander cause I’m into Grandmas and that shit do the job

I wore sweaters to an ice cream Social

I paid the ENTIRE bill when I took her out at Ruby Tuesday’s

I could go on but you get the picture.
 There is a lot I am willing to do if it feels the way it feel. Cheddar gets better with age.

But DO NOT ask me to write you a love poem. I am nobody’s slave. Poetry ain’t something I do. It’s my calling. And I don’t care what you able to do after you remove them dentures- THIS shit is sacred. It’s my church, bitch. Check yo damn self.

Also: Deep Underground Poetry is still racist

Written by Jermainesplain
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Thought Provoker
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After She Heard the Fly Buzz -- When She Died

"The romanticist is generally characterized by a deepened appreciation of the beauties of nature --  
at times an appreciation so deepened it hits bone."
-- a Realist of an appreciation rather reserved
The window being open wide at twilight in the spring,
a scent of rotting meat with yet a fruity undertone
a fly had full enticed to land upon a signet ring
and eat the flesh decaying round a little finger's bone.
a dedication of Respect
not telling the Truth
a revolving helios rhyme menippean satire on
Nature's cordiality
march, 2023 -- yet hosts untold of maggots
crapulous on the cordial of countless corpses and carcasses
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Thought Provoker
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Alluring Eyes

alluring eyes speaking of passion,
painted hair crowning in luscious fashion,
ravishing ruby lips, so soft and blossom red,
Turn every head where'er they smilingly tread.

smiles that's born of pure desire,
stoking flames that burn like fire,
every heart that's caught her gaze,
And leaves them in a lustful blaze.

broad hips sway in a sultry dance,
inviting me to take a wild chance,
to feel her curves against my rough skin,
Oh yes! let our bodies revel in carnal sin.

your voice, a seductive melody,
whispering secrets only meant for me,
Baby! let me lose myself in your embrace,
let me taste the sweetness of your moist space.

With every touch, my senses reel,
pulsating electricity that I can feel,
let our bodies move in perfect sync,
lust is a passion, making this a kink.

darling, ohh let us revel in this desire,
And stoke the flames just like a burning spitfire,
there is nothing more exquisitely sublime,
two souls losing themselves in a passionate climb.

don’t let the night come to a close,
don’t let passion fade like the sunset's glow,
let’s keep basking in an embrace of  afterglows,
losing our minds in memories of sensual mistletoes.

forever is the moment, we have found,
a connection that will forever be bound,
in the heat of the night, and the sensation we shared,
a lustful experience that will forever be had.

let us always part with a smile and a kiss,
yet in each other's hearts, we'll surely exist,
as for the nights to come, we'll remember this night,
when passion ruled with alluring eyes that was shining so fucking bright.
Written by XiaoLong
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Fire of Insight
England 15awards
Joined 30th Sep 2022
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My Mirror.

My Mirror faithfully reflects  
then, having pondered shows aspects  
of self unseen in other's eyes  
ah, but then, my glass never lies.  
I gaze into that scene within  
with me without and looking in  
wondering what might come to pass  
it two were there seen, lad and lass.  
I angle for another look  
and find not self but Eastern Suq  
no painting this, but moving frame  
of Eastern Delight, of worldly fame.  
At first in two dimensions seen  
then glass, like water dripping clean  
away, till all surrounds my sight  
ear and nose with Eastern delight.  
What magic this has my glass done  
to place me under Eastern sun  
my pallid features, winter clothes  
amusing now, an Eastern beau?  
Sound and clamour surround us both  
buyers, sellers, bargainers loath  
to pay full price, all uncouth joy  
but dimly heard by girl, by boy.  
Neither as yet far into teens  
unburdened by unfulfilled dreams,  
and each from each took proffered hand  
in that far away, romantic land.  
And I in thick knit trews and brogues      
amid ten thousand folk in robes  
flowing cloaks and sandaled feet  
many miles from Regent Street.  
But I can feel the quickening blood  
in calm acceptance where we stood  
acknowledgment that each had found,  
a twin soul on common ground.  
We wandered quietly, hand in hand  
at peace with each on desert sand,  
and of the many stalls passed by  
here, in frames, glass, for all to eye.  
And there I saw its blackened back  
hanging, twisting slow, that same crack  
it slowly turns to show my face,  
framed in frigid room, not market place.  
In an instant it is all gone!  
the torrid heat, the wail of song,  
and at my back a freezing room,  
reflecting silence to this loon.  
With leaden heart but quick hand  
I pack a bag for desert land  
my only spur a reddened brow,  
and eyes that mirrored, mirrored vows...
Written by Rew
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Fire of Insight
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Thought Provoker
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Cupid's Bow Is but a Stone's Throw

Your sight makes my body like spring  
Butterflies scatter in me frantically  
My blood courses like a raging river
Mine eyes bloom in your countenance
inhaling your locks insues ecstasy  
The brush of silken skin, enticing  
Your breath though warm, chills me  
Two souls collide and then intwine  
Compared to yours, an angel's voice is coarse
The sun shines with a jealous glow when you appear  
And ravens flee as though a becon of kindness illuminates
When we embrace, I wish to bond us with lock and key
When I'm with you, the test of time is not but a tale
How can one be alive, yet enter heavens gates?
For that is where I am, in the land of milk and honey
I am your promise, and I shall never break  
What you see in me, I will never know  
I'm infatuated by your design  
Somehow, you and I are perfectly misaligned  
I pray to God that you will forever be mine  
My bones may break, and I may bleed
But my love for you will hold fast and make safe my soul
You are my life
Written by ConsequentialChaos
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