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Death Bed

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

You're told you don't have long to live. Write a letter to your loved one(s) in the form of a poem.
- No free-verse or non-poem entries
- Old or new is fine
- Limit: 3 entries per poet
- Bonus: make it rhyme!

You've got 2 weeks

Dangerous Mind
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When you say ‘no free-form’ do you mean free verse? You want a formal poem. Correct?

Tyrant of Words
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It is sadly that I go
For no longer shall we have great feasts
And with excellent repasts at a vairety of restos
Where we had these meets

Three brothers, three musqueteers
One for cola, two for beers
So many good stories told
So many yet to tell, some repeated but never old
But sadly only two will remain
So make these memories great
So this death is not in vain.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Lost Thinker
United States 2awards
Joined 25th May 2020
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@DaisyGrace Yes, I meant no free verse. Sorry, I’ve updated the wording so it’s clearer.

Fire of Insight
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Weep Not for Me

Imminency is before us
as vitality begins to wane
lover I am bound to you
yet still, unable to remain

Time to leave this transient life
sensing the reaper as he nears
be brave my beloved husband
my need for solace, greater than your fears

For I have struggled far too long
fighting until I meet defeat
tired, fatigued, and weary
this sickness I cannot beat

You have watched me battle
far more than what is fair
your tears betray your eyes
I am witness to your despair

I have loved you so profoundly
hold my devotion in your heart
but we must prepare for death
as I am destined to depart

We have known true happiness
a genuine love so tender
my adoration and reverence
you must always remember

Forever I will be with you
remaining alive in memory
so, I beg of you my darling
please do not weep for me
Written by mel44
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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
United States
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Death is near

These day are precious,
Holy Spirit posses us,
please forgive for our sins

this life will pass,
but your love will last,
give peace to the next of kin

When the end is near
of one we love so dear
we pray to You for comfort

with mercy and grace,
 Jesus please embrace,
them, in their final slumber
Written by TIG
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Fire of Insight
United States
Joined 28th Mar 2018
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Her world is so small now the size of her bed    
Dots body, her tent, giving way to her death  
The ailments so many, her spirit still strong    
wants no water or food now, her time is not long    
We care and we pray, her moment at hand    
maybe hours or days, for her time in this land    
one of her four offspring, preceded her in death    
she cared for in sickness, until his final breath    
Her daughter (my wife) gives love and devotion    
leans into lord Jesus and not her emotion    
Dots siblings, there were 8, she made final 2    
Her life has been long, just turned ninety-two    
Her voice is so faint now, her eyes a soft stare    
open and closing, with a spiritual glare    
sometimes our tears, well up and they seize us    
asking for comfort and peace, in your name Lord JESUS    
Been with us 8 months, in the bed with infirmity    
Lord, let her be healed in your name, for eternity    
Written by TIG
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Strange Creature
United States
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Strange Creature
United States
Joined 10th Mar 2023
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Fire of Insight
Joined 13th May 2018
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Robin's Eggs

The nest upon my window sill
Has robin’s eggs, unhatched
This curse'd cancer rages still
I’ve fought it ‘till the last
The fucking food was tasteless crap
Until this weekend came
That’s how I know they’ve called it quits
And “hospice” is it’s name
I hold my family no ill will
‘Cause they’re as tired as me
But I regret they’ll get the bill
Long after I’m set free
I guess it's time that I give in
And push this little button
It must be morphine, makes me grin
First time since I was shut-in
I hear the little chicks hatch out—
My family’s not arrived
But I’m too tired to mill about
Those chicks can say “goodbye”
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Dangerous Mind
India 5awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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my last phase

ohh..beloved! this is my last letter
I hope you will not ignore it
just read it and remember me
forever and ever and ever.
You know as the time draws near
I am silent every day now in dark
closed rooms. I just write the feelings
of my heart on white papers
maybe sometimes even by mistake
you would read my pains. which
I write every day before sleeping.
Nobody is here around me
and now I don't feel like doing anything new
I wish to sleep in someone's lap and want
to find peace, and in this hope,
every day I look at the clouds
through the windows. The time has come
to leave the world at a young age,
there was a lot to do but now
time is running out,
I wish you could understand my feelings,
would not leave me after hearing about my illness.
Written by dimpy (dimpsmoon)
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Fire of Insight
Portugal 17awards
Joined 26th May 2022
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Death bed

why did you die in me?
why did you die before me?

why is everything so dry all of a sudden?
Why does it feel like I'm going to suffocate?
why didn't you warn me?

why can't I feel my legs?
why don't I feel anything?
why don't I know your name?

why is everything so wet all of a sudden?
why does it feel like i'm going to succumb?
why didn't you leave a message?

why is this body so still?
why such heavy breathing?
why do i hear laughter in the distance?

why did you die in your own way?
why did you die without me?

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