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Hearts mouth

Strange Creature
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miarose7878 said:Write my dissertation, the task at hand,
A challenge to face, a demand to command.
To delve deep into the world of art,
And uncover the secrets of the human heart.

Kaye Redfield Jamison, a beacon of light,
Guiding us through the darkness of the night.
Touched With Fire, her book so bold,
A journey into the minds of the creative, we're told.

The struggle between art and mental health,
A battle fought by those of great wealth,
And those who scrape by with nothing but hope,
As they strive to create, to push and to cope.

The madness that fuels the artist's soul,
A double-edged sword, taking its toll.
The highs and lows, the ecstasy and pain,
The beauty that rises from the darkest of stains.

So write my dissertation, with pen in hand,
And explore the depths of this wondrous land.
Of art and madness, of beauty and pain,
And the struggle that drives us all insane.

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Dangerous Mind
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Life Into Prayer

...with cello strings in nature's woods  
in the silence of an unspoken tree  
to the edge of forever, I see  
drinking deep the inevitable  
the aroma of coffee and only me    
patience in living in nature free  
incorporating life into prayer and myths  
listening to windchimes yet unfed  
cleaning my soul with cedar and sage  
of nature's embryos and tall pines    
in the silence of an unspoken tree...  
Written by adagio
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Dangerous Mind
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How Do You Say?

My words usually come out wrong
My silence has ruined relationships
It’s much easier to write how I feel
I may act inappropriately
I don’t ever want to embarrass you
Someday I may embarrass you
Sometimes I care too much about what you think
I think too much
I can be too much
My leaving you is always better than you leaving me
Too many people have left
I can leave the house now
I forgot what it feels like to be feminine
Remembering has been very difficult
Sometimes I still feel the need to be validated
I’m still trying to clean up my mess
I used to pick the wrong men
I understand why you left
I’m sorry
Please come back
Written by Her
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Strange Creature
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Because life


The world wants to tell you
exactly how to be
what you should think
how you should feel,
it doesn't simply apply to age
by the way
you can teach the old
something new

what the world won't tell you
is that your body
will dance to a beat
that belongs
only to you,
it bends and breaks in ways
you will never be able
to encapsulate
into simple

because life,

can turn around
any moment
and say
you grew up
to believe
could possibly
be wrong

because life,

will always say to you
this world is
a dancefloor
waiting for
a new rhythm
a new hymn
a new beat.

Written by neves
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Tyrant of Words
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I count my breaths
and all the exhales without you
each breath gives me another chance to be near you
my soul breathes in deep with hope

I ache in the emptiness
there is a place reserved for you
a place where we come together
then go our separate ways
commingling on the aether
I need you like oxygen

one exhale
two exhale
three exhale
until my heart fails---------------

I will desire you

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Strange Creature
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A dream

I once saw A man selling his dream for one dollar. I bought it. The next day the man died.
Written by x_Goodie
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Twisted Dreamer
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Lying in bed 
At the end of the day
Entwined in each other's arms 
A connection so powerful
it washes the world away
Traumas forgotten
Years melt from your face
Your mask of pain fades
Peace resides in its place 
Radiates from your soul
Allowed a rare glimpse
The beauty of you 
Seldom do I behold
Never forgotten 
Purity and peace 
Forever etched in my soul 
an exquisite image of you 
Written by JOY (Joybell)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Deep Underground Poetry

Deep Underground, my haven of verse,
A place where my poetic soul can immerse.
Where words flow freely and emotions ignite,
And fellow poets share their inner light.

With every line, I feel more alive,
A community of poets who help me thrive.
A space where creativity knows no end,
And we can all be ourselves, our truest friend.

Deep Underground, I sing your praise,
For being a platform that never betrays.
A place where I can express and create,
And find inspiration, no matter my state.

Thank you, DU, for being my muse,
For letting my thoughts and feelings diffuse.
I'll keep on writing, with passion and might,
And share my poems with all my might.
Written by Dre_k47 (DreJames)
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Twisted Dreamer
Joined 21st May 2020
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A letter to my dearest    
Tears combined with ink      
Memories which i cheer in      
Nightmares in which i sink      
An endless fall to bottom      
Beyond the tears and soil      
Passing sights of sodom      
Sanity creaks in need of oil      
The time for healing passed
Awoken in a dream      
I found myself at last      
Without a voice i scream      
This poison seems to heal me      
My death will give me life      
No god succeeds to kneel me      
No demon cares to thrive      
Closure is upon me      
Success is what i bleed      
Opened with illicit keys      
Farewell for i am freed
Written by Drieks
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Chere R Sarver
Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 27th June 2022
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For your words and flow made my arms chill & my eyes water in the best of ways... Nice lines and thank you for the read !!!

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